Top 300 West Bengal General Knowledge GK Questions

West Bengal GK Questions and Answers

1 From the below Which state did not shares its border with West bengal?

Answer: Meghalaya

2 Who was the first Chief Minister of west bengal?

Answer: Prafulla Chandra ghosh

3 The kharagpur indian institute of technology was established in the year?

Answer: 1951

4 Who is the known as the father of Bengali renaissance?

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan roy

5 Which viceroy of India declared the Bengal partitions in 1905?

Answer:Lord Curzon

6 The construction of Victoria memorial was completed in the year?

Answer: 1921

7 In which year the capital of India is shifted from Kolkata to Delhi?


8 In India west bengal is the largest producer of?

Answer: Rice

9 The novel parineeta was written by?

Answer: Sarat chandra chattopadhyay

10 The famous novel of devdas was written by sarat chandra chattopadhyay in the year?

Answer: 1917

Q11 How many total district in West bengal?

Answer: 20

Q12 Who is known as the last independent nawab of bengal?

Answer:Siraj ud – daulah

Q13 The Kolkata metro services was start from the year?

Answer: 1984

Q14 How many worlds heritage sites are in west bengal?

Answer: Two

Q15 What is the official language of West bengal?

Answer:Bengali and English

Q16 What is the State Flower of West bengal?

Answer: Night Flowering Jasmine

Q17 What rank does west bengal holds in the list the largest area in India?

Answer: 14th

Q18 What is the area of wesr bengal?

Answer: 88,752 km square

Q19 What is the State tree of west bengal?

Answer: Chatim tree

Q20 What is the capital of west bengal?


Q21 Who was the first governor of West bengal?

Answer:Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari

Q22 Who is the longest serving chief minister of West bengal?

Answer: Jyoti basu ( 23 year 137 days)

Q23 How many seats are in the Legislature of west bengal?

Answer:294 seats

Q24 Which political party is in power in west bengal?

Answer: AITC

Q25 How many seats are in lok sabha in west bengal?

Answer: 42 seats

Q26 How many Rajya Sabha seats in west bengal?

Answer: 16 seats

Q27 What is the State fish of West bengal?

Answer: Ilish

Q28 What is the State Bird of west bengal?

Answer:White throated Kingfisher

Q29 what is the state mammals of west bengal?

Answer:Fishing cat

Q30 When did the battle of buxar take place?


Q31 which river is known as the sorrow of Bengal?

Answer: Damodar river

Q32 Which river flows under the howrah bridge?

Answer:Hooghly River

Q33 Who is the first female chief minister of west bengal?

Answer:Mamta benarjii

Q34 How many commercial airports in west bengal?

Answer: Three

Q35 How many significant days in durga puja celebrated?

Answer:7 days

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