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What are the advantages of Hydropower?

• A renewable source of energy – saves scarce fuel reserves.
• Non-polluting and hence environment friendly.
• Long life – The first hydro project of India completed in 1897 is still in operation at Darjeeling.
• Cost of generation, operation and maintenance is lower than the other sources of energy.
• Ability to start and stop quickly and instantaneous load acceptance/rejection makes it suitable to meet peak demand and for enhancing system reliability and stability.
• Has higher efficiency (over 90%) compared to thermal (35%) and gas (around 50%).
• Cost of generation is free from inflationary effects after the initial installation.
• Storage based hydro schemes often provide benefits of irrigation, flood control, drinking water supply, navigation, recreation, tourism, pisciculture etc.
• Being located in remote regions leads to development of interior backward areas (education, medical, road communication, telecommunication etc.)

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