Management of a small restaurant or cafe

You have a small restaurant or cafe? You are exploring ideas for starting a restaurant business? In our article you will find ideas and tips for running a small restaurant.

Every restaurant owner knows that the success of a restaurant business depends on many factors. Availability of finance, knowledge of economics, experience, correct organization of work and, above all, a desire to advance in the restaurant business.

These are the most important aspects on which the success of your establishment depends. We decided to write about important practical tips for establishments with a staff of 10 to 15 people.

Small restaurant business concept

It is difficult to start any business, but especially when it comes to catering. Its specificity is based on hospitality, which, in turn, leads to satisfied customers and constant profit. To make other people happy, your employees must be happy, right? Of course, this is facilitated by the correct organization of work, your positive impact and mutual respect.

Restaurant personnel management

Small restaurants employ 10-15 people, usually in two shifts. This means that in the first work shift there are from 5-7 people at work. Depending on the size of your establishment, you must define jobs for employees.

The easiest way to organize work is to make a list of tasks and distribute them according to the responsibilities of employees. And of course, distribute tasks for the whole working day in a restaurant & # 8211; from its opening until the end of the shift.

Here is a list of tasks that need to be done in a restaurant / cafe during the working day:

  • Restaurant opening, table preparation, final cleaning before opening
  • Purchase of essential food and other ingredients
  • Preparing meals, preparing drinks
  • Serving and taking out food and drinks
  • Customer service
  • Cleaning tables
  • Cleaning the kitchen and toilet. Dishwashing
  • Invoicing
  • Control of supplies and inventory for the bar and kitchen
  • Daily report
  • Cleaning the restaurant at the end of the work shift
  • Waste disposal and transportation
  • Closing the restaurant

Once you have familiarized yourself with all the responsibilities of the restaurant within one business day, you will be able to organize your staff. It is convenient to divide it into groups: cooks, helpers in the kitchen, waiters, bartenders, dishwashers (cleaners), hostesses, accountants and administrators.

For each group separately, make a list of tasks and discuss it. Clarify which responsibilities should be performed at the beginning and which at the end of the working day. Make sure staff understand their tasks. Be sure to indicate that if you have any questions, people will be able to contact you to clarify the details.

Job responsibilities of employees in a restaurant

Working in a restaurant or cafe can be divided into two main groups, the kitchen and what is outside of it. Together they form a system that functions as a single organism and makes your restaurant special and successful. To learn how to manage the team of a cafe / restaurant and organize good service, you need to select the right staff and secure jobs.

Chef in a restaurant

Chefs are the pulse of your restaurant. Even if you have excellent service, pleasant interior and atmosphere, clients will not come to you again if the food was not tasty. Teamwork is very important for a chef. He must not only demonstrate culinary skills, but also have experience working with staff in the kitchen. It is recommended to hire a certified person.

If you have one chef in the kitchen, then he will distribute the secondary tasks among the kitchen workers. But if you have two or more cooks, a clear separation of duties when preparing dishes is recommended. One should get the position of "Chief Chef" (for main courses) and "Sous-Chef" (for making desserts, etc.).d.)

The communication between the kitchen staff and the hall staff should be simple and streamlined. An excellent solution & # 8211; cafe automation software. With her, you will be able to organize the work of accepting orders and kitchens. When installing a display for receiving orders in the kitchen, waiters can easily check the readiness of the dish, the order of preparation and leave notes for the chef if the guest had individual wishes. This mode of operation greatly simplifies the process of transferring an order, reduces the number of errors in cooking and speeds up work. Installing software for a restaurant improves the quality of service and allows you to get satisfied customers.

Restaurant management: waiters and bartenders

How many waiters do you really need in a small restaurant? The answer to this question will depend on the number of tables and the concept of the establishment. If you have two waiters in one shift, be sure to instruct them on situations when you need to help each other. After all, if one waiter with a full tray is trying to deliver the order to the desired table, and the other decided at that moment to take a break, this is unacceptable.

To ensure the stability of the establishment during a period when the flow of customers is increasing, it is desirable to have a couple of extra waiters and bartenders. Similar rules must exist for the bar to work correctly. Pay attention here to the movements of the bartenders so that they do not interfere with each other preparing drinks and do not push behind the bar counter.

Mistakes when hiring restaurant staff are not uncommon. The main criteria for the selection of waiters and bartenders are dexterity, quick wit, friendliness and positive. Experience in a similar position matters, however, it is not a decisive factor when recruiting employees. Many inexperienced workers have now become highly qualified employees in demand. Don't be afraid to hire new ones. Perhaps it is you who will reveal their talents.

Dishwashers in a restaurant

This is usually the job that starts a career in a restaurant. Many respected chefs started their journey this way. This is a very important part of the restaurant's work. Dishes should always be perfectly clean. Restaurant hygiene is a decisive factor for reputation. No one wants to come back to you if they bring him drinks in a poorly rinsed glass.

Waiter assistants

This is the perfect job for students. Their job is to clean tables and help other employees & # 8211; serving desserts, for example. This is a great option for a small income & # 8211; just for students or graduates. Do not neglect the opportunity to recruit waitress assistants - they will significantly speed up the work, which will allow you to get a good profit. It is also a great job to start a career in a restaurant. Young and energetic helpers will have a good influence on the atmosphere of the restaurant, and you can be sure that your guests will feel it!

Restaurant manager

Most often, this position is taken on by the owners of restaurants and cafes. But in addition to organizational skills, they must have the following abilities:

  • A culture of speech
  • Respect for your team
  • Be able to make the right business solutions
  • Encouraging employees for their achievements or ideas for a restaurant
  • Understand that the main task of the administrator is to regulate relations (both among employees and among visitors)

Quality and well-coordinated teamwork directly depends on the flow of customers, so you must earn the authority among your subordinates and be able to behave at any situation in the restaurant.

Restaurant management tips:

  1. Passion

You must challenge the idea and what you do, otherwise nothing will happen. You need to love your work and then you can inspire your employees. As you are the owner of the restaurant, you have a big impact on the mood and quality of work of employees.

No business will last long if its owners want only profits. First of all, see satisfied faces of people who come to you again and again. The desire to leave a good impression, surprise guests with novelties in the menu and T.D. - What you need to be guided when working in the restaurant business. Positive attitude "transmitted" by air-droplet. Show support and enthusiasm in solutions of problems, try to delve into the details of your employees and then you can enjoy your business.

  1. Competition - Engine Success

The desire to be better than others is always moving. Competition has to improve, development. Create a dish tastier, the atmosphere is more pleasant than that of competitors - the goal of the restaurant. Competition activates creative potential and is a powerful driving force of any business.

Show creativity. No need a huge menu. Most studies have revealed that a small menu improves sales. This does not mean that it needs to be able to change. If there is a need to change the menu, leave the best-selling dishes and add a couple of new products.

  1. Work with employees

Forget catering success if you're not prepared to spend a lot of time in a restaurant with your employees. To do this, you need to stock up on a lot of positive energy. Stressful situations are possible every day, but if you find the right way out of them, it will be highly appreciated by your staff. If you get frustrated over and over again, you will eventually lose your will to work. Be considerate of staff and guests.

  1. The customer is always right

Regardless of how tasty you are or how well you serve customers, if the guests are not happy, then you are wrong somewhere. The whole concept of the restaurant business is based on meeting the needs of visitors. You must remember that a satisfied customer is the most important thing. And your employees do their best to keep the guests happy.

Focus on positive work organization, your employees will feel it, and customers will want to return to your cozy restaurant for more.

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