30 TOP CONTROL SYSTEMS LAB VIVA Questions and Answers


Control Systems VIVA Questions and Answers :-

1.What is Order of the system?

2.What is Time response of the control system?

3.How Time response of the system is divided?

4.What are Test signals and their significance?

5.What is Pole of the system?

6.What is Zero of the system?

7.Electrical Question: What is Signal Flow Graph?

8.Electrical Question: What is S-domain and its significance?

9.Electrical Question: What are the basic properties of Signal Flow Graph?

10.Electrical Question: What is mathematical model of a control system?

11.Electrical Question: Explain Mechanical Translational System?

12.What is Servo motor?

13.What are the features does Servo Motors possess?

14.What is the difference between AC servomotor and two phase induction motors?

15.Compare AC servo motor and DC servo motors?

16.Some Applications where Servo motors are used?

17.What is Synchro?

18.What is Synchro pair?

19.What are the applications of Synchro pair?

20.What is Proportional Controller? Advantages and Disadvantages?

21.What is Integral Controller? Advantages and Disadvantages?

22.Why Derivative Controller is not used in isolation like Proportional and Integral?

23.For reducing Steady State error which type of controller is used?

24.What is Reset rate?

25.Which type of controller anticipates the error?

26.Explain the behaviour of the system when PID controller is used?

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