50 TOP MOST Operating Systems VIVA Questions and Answers – CSE

Operating Systems VIVA Questions and Answers :-

1.What is an operating system?

2.What are the various components of a computer system?

3.What is purpose of different operating systems?

4.What are the different operating systems?

6.What is a boot-strap program?

7.What is BIOS?

8.Explain the concept of the batched operating systems?

9.Explain the concept of the multi-programmed operating systems?

10.Explain the concept of the time sharing operating systems?

11.Explain the concept of the multi-processor systems or parallel systems?

12.Explain the concept of the Distributed systems?

13.Explain the concept of Real-time operating systems?

14.Define MULTICS?

15.What is SCSI?

16.What is a sector?

17.What is cache-coherency?

18.What are residence monitors?

19.What is dual-mode operation?

20.What are the operating system components?

21.What are operating system services?

22.What are system calls?

23.What is a layered approach and what is its advantage?

24.What is micro kernel approach and site its advantages?

25.What are a virtual machines and site their advantages?

Operating Systems VIVA Questions and Answers :-

26.What is a process?

27.What are the states of a process?

28.What are various scheduling queues?

29.What is a job queue?

30.What is a ready queue?

31.What is a device queue?

32.What is a long term scheduler & short term schedulers?

33.What is context switching?

34.What are the disadvantages of context switching?

35.What are co-operating processes?

36.What is a thread?

37.What are the benefits of multithreaded programming?

38.What are types of threads?

39.Which category the java thread do fall in?

40.What are multithreading models?

41.What is a P-thread?

42.What are java threads?

43.What is process synchronization?

44.What is critical section problem?

45.What is a semaphore?

46.What is bounded-buffer problem?

47.What is readers-writers problem?

48.What is dining philosophers’ problem?

49.What is a deadlock?

50.What are necessary conditions for dead lock?

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