Series-Parallel Circuits Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


1. When a Wheatstone bridge is in a balanced condition, the center voltmeter in the bridge will read:


2. The first goal to accomplish in analyzing a complex series-parallel circuit is to


3. With 21 V applied, if R1 = 5 ohms, R2 = 35 ohms, and R3 = 14 ohms, what is the current of R2 if R1 is series connected with parallel circuit R2 and R3?


4. In a series–parallel circuit consisting of R1 and R2 in series and connected in parallel with R3, if R1 opens, then R2‘s voltage will:


5. The current flowing through an unloaded voltage divider is called the:


6. If R1 is in series with parallel connected to R2 and R3, what happens to total current if R2 opens?


7. In a series–parallel circuit, individual component power dissipations are calculated using:


8. A device able to supply electrical energy is a ________


9. A Wheatstone bridge can be used to determine an unknown


10. The positve (+) and negative (-) ends of the battery are called ______


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