Strength of Materials Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. The value of Poisson’s ratio always remains


2. The moment diagram for a cantilever carrying linearly varying load from zero at its free end and to maximum at the fixed end will be a


3. The effect of arching a beam, is


4. Hooke’s law states that stress and strain are


5. A cast iron T section beam is subjected to pure bending. For maximum compressive stress to be three times the maximum tensile stress, centre of gravity of the section from flange side is


6. For a beam, if fundamental equations of statics are not sufficient to determine all the reactive forces at the supports, the structure is said to be


7. If the length of a cantilever carrying an isolated load at its free end is doubled, the deflection of the free end will increase by


8. Strain energy of any member may be defined as work done on it


9. If the depth of a simply supported beam carrying an isolated load at its centre, is doubled, the deflection of the beam at the centre will be changed by a factor of


10. The rise of a parabolic arch at quarter points, is equal to


11. For the same height, the bottom width for no tension


12. The stress necessary to initiate yielding, is considerably


13. Ties are load carrying members of a frame, which are subjected to


14. For a beam having fixed ends, the unknown element of the reactions, is


15. A column is said to be of medium size if its slenderness ratio is between


16. The bending moment is maximum on a section where shearing force


17. When two plates butt together and are riveted with two cover plates with two rows of rivets, the joint is known as


18. The areas of cross-section of a square beam and a circular beam subjected to equal bending moments, are same


19. The phenomenon of slow growth of strain under a steady tensile stress, is called


20. The moment diagram for a cantilever which is subjected to a uniformly distributed load will be a


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