1. State different types of Digital modulation techniques?

2. What is shift keying?

3. What is a binary modulation technique?

4. Define ASK?

5. Define PSK?

6. Define FSK?

&. Define ‘%S! and D%S!? (. Why ‘%S! is called quadrature shift keying? ). Define *D+? 1,. What are applications of shift keying? 11. Define #D+? 12. State the applications of multiple-ing?

13. State the principle of %?

14. State coherent detection? 1″. State non/coherent detection? 1$. Differentiate bet0een D%S! and ‘%S!? 1&. What is an +/rray data transmission? 1(. What is a standing 0ae? 1). Define reflection and transmission co/efficient? 2,. State different types of losses in transmission lines 21. Define modes? 22. What is the range of micro0aes? 23. What is the adantage of 0aeguides? 24. Define SW? 2″. Define solator? 2$. What is the principle of Directional coupler? 2&. State different types of Directional couplers? 2(. What is a !lystron? 2). State the classification of micro0ae tubes? 3,. What are 5/type and +/type tubes? 31. State application of klystron?

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