Alternating Current and Voltage Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. In both induction and synchronous ac motors


2. A single-phase induction motor


3. A half-cycle average voltage of 12 V is equal to what rms voltage?


4. What is the average voltage when a rectangular wave’s base line voltage is 20 V, its peak-to-peak voltage is 50 V, and its duty cycle is 20%?


5. What is the fourth harmonic of a fundamental frequency of 400 Hz?


6. Most practical alternators generate electricity from


7. What is the instantaneous peak voltage at 250° on a 6 V peak sine wave?


8. A pulse waveform has a high time of 8 ms and a pulse width of 32 ms. The duty cycle is


9. A rectangular wave that has a duty cycle of 50% could be called a


10. The effective value of a sine wave is equal to


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