40 TOP BASIC OP-AMP CIRCUITS Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. A two-pole high-pass active filter would have a roll-off rate of


2. The ramp voltage at the output of an op-amp integrator


3. A digital-to-analog converter is an application of the


4. A basic series regulator has


5. In an averaging amplifier, the input resistances are


6. A zero-level detector is a


7. The center frequency of a band-pass filter is always equal to the


8. A triangular-wave oscillator can consist of an op-amp comparator, followed by a(n)


9. A comparator is an example of a(n)


10. If the value of resistor Rf in an averaging amplifier circuit is equal to the value of one input resistor divided by the number of inputs, the output will be equal to


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