Blue Gene Seminar PPT & PDF Report

Blue Gene Seminar :-

Why the name “Blue Gene”?

  • “Blue”: The corporate color of IBM
  • Gene”: The intended use of the Blue Gene clusters – Computational biology, specifically, protein folding

Blue Gene Projects

Four Blue Gene projects :

  1. Blue Gene/L
  2. Blue Gene/C
  3. Blue Gene/P
  4. Blue Gene/Q

Blue Gene Advantages :

  • Scalable
  • Less space (half of the tennis court)
  • Heat problems most supercomputers face
  • Speed

Blue Gene Limitations :

  1. Memory Limitation (512 MB/node)
  2. Simple node kernel (does not support forks, threads)

Applications :

  • IBM and Ecol Poly technique Federal de Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland to study the behavior of the brain and model it.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Blue Gene :

  • What is Blue Gene
  • Why the name “Blue Gene”?
  • History
  • Results
  • Blue Gene Projects
  • References

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