70 TOP C PROGRAMMING UNIT WISE Important Questions and Answers

C PROGRAMMING UNIT WISE Important Questions and Answers :-

1.define algoritm?
2.what is the use of flow chart?
3.what are the different steps followed in the program development?
4.write about space requirement for variables of different data types?
5.what is an operator? Describe the different types of opearator that are included wit in the ‘c’ language with the example for each?
6.what are the logical operator used in c
7.what are uniary operator?

In what way ‘if statement is different from switch statement? Write a program using switch statement to manipulate students grade system?
2.explain about the concept of multiway selection and the different ways of implementing with examples
4.what are logical oprators are used in c?illustrate with examples
5.explain about shift oprator?

1.list and explain with examples the common applications for loops?
2.Difference between break and continue statement with examples?
3.suppose a break statement is included with in the innermost of several nested control statement what happens when break ststement is ececuted?
4.what is the purpose of break statement?
5.what is meant by looping?
6.why ‘while statement is called repetation structure?
7.explain briefly about string classifications?

1.what is the advantage of using arrays?
Different types of arrays?
3.how arre multidimensions array defined?
4.how multidimensions array is passed to functions how are the formal arguments declarations written?compare ith one dimensional array?

1.what is a function?what are the different types of functions?explain functions with no arguments and no returns type with an example?
2.explain about call-by value with an example?
3.differeiante between userdefined and built function?
4.what are the facilities provided by the preprocessor statement?explian with a program/
5.write aprogram to generate fibbacci series?
6.write arecrucive function power that when involved returns base exponent?
7.write a c program that uses a function to sort an array of integers?

1.write a short notes on pointere?
2.write a c program that uses a pointer as a function argumeny?
3.if m and n have been declared as integers and p1 and p2 as pointer to integers then find out the errors if any of the following statements?
4.state wheather each of the following state is true or false give reasons
a.an integer can be addede to a pointer
b.a pointer can never be subtracted from anoth er pointer.
c.when an array is passed as an argument to afunction apointer is passed
d.pointer cannot be used as formal parameters in headers to function definition

1.define structure?write rule for declaring structure and accesing with a program?
2.how structure is different form an array?explain
3.explian the concept of nesting of structure and accessing structure numbers with a program?
4.Write a short notes on array of structure?
5.how an array be included as a member of a structure?
6.how bits are manipulated using bit fields in ‘c’ explain?
7.how to compare structure variables?give examples?
8.how an array be included as a member of a structure

1.write the syntax for opening a file with various modes and closing a file?>
2.distinguish between text mode and binary mode operations of a file?
3.explian about file handling functions?
4.write a program to read a textfile and to commit
b.number of words
c.number of sentences and write in an output file.
5.write a program to open a preemisting file and add information at the end of the file .display the contents of the file before and after appending?

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