300+ TOP 16 Mahajanapadas Quiz Questions and Answers

16 Mahajanapadas Quiz Questions MCQs GK (History, Location and Capitals)

1. How many Mahajanapadas were there in 600 BC ?

Answer: 16

2. List out the 16 Mahajanapadas of 600 BC.

Answer: Below are the 16 Mahajanapadas:-

  • Kuru
  • Panchala
  • Kosala
  • Malla
  • Vrijji
  • Anga
  • Magadha
  • Kashi
  • Chetiya
  • Avanti
  • Assaka
  • Matsya
  • Shurasena
  • Kamboja
  • Gandhara
  • Vatsa

3. How many Mahajanapadas were near Ganga Valley Region ?

Answer: 10

4. How many Mahajanapadas are there in Present day Uttar Pradesh ?

Answer: 7

5. Which was the Most Powerful Mahajanapada ?

Answer: Magadha

6. Which Mahajanapada people were highly trained in War ?

Answer: Gandhara

7. Which of the Mahajanapadas are mentioned in the Atharva Veda ?

Answer: Gandhara , Magadha and Anga

8. Where was Vatsa located in Present Day ?

Answer: It was located around Present Day Allahabad.

9. What was the Capital of Saurasena ?

Answer: Mathura

10. What was the Capital of Matsya Mahajanapada ?

Answer: Viratanagar

16 Mahajanapadas Quiz Questions

11. Which Mahajanapada was mentioned in Rigveda ?

Answer: Chedi

12. What was the Capital of Chedi ?

Answer: Sothivati

13. How many Mahajanapadas are there in Present Day Bihar ?

Answer: 3

14. What was the Capital of Anga ?

Answer: Champa

15. Which Mahajanapada followed monarchical form of governance ?

Answer: Vatsa

16. What was the Capital of Kosala ?

Answer: Sravasti

17. What was the Capital of Panchala ?

Answer: Ahichchatra and Kampliya

18. Which Mahajanapada Capital was located on the Bank of Godavari ?

Answer: Ashmaka or Assaka

19. How Mahajanapadas were formed ?

Answer: Janas(Tribal Clan)->Janapadas->Mahajanapadas

20. How many Kingdoms survived by the mid 6th Century BC out of 16 Mahajanapadas ?

Answer: Only 4 Kingdoms managed to survive out of 16 by the mid 6th Century BC. They are Vatsa , Avanti , Kosala and Magadha

21. Which of the Ancient Mahajanapadas was located on the Banks of River Yamuna ?

Answer: Vatsa

22. Which Kingdom became too powerful and finally survived out of remaining four Mahajanapadas ?

Answer: Magadha

23. What are the factors due to which Magadha became so powerful of all the major Kingdoms ?

Answer: Below are few of the factors:-

  1. It lies between the upper and lower part of the Gangetic Valley Region.
  2. Its fertile plain provided a vast amount of agricultural surplus which was very much essential for raising Large Standing Army.
  3. It had huge Iron Reserves near the hills of Rajgir in South Bihar which enabled them to manufacture superior weapons.
  4. It also had huge deposits of Copper and Iron near the region of Gaya.
  5. Its early Capital Girivraja or Rajgir was surrounded by hill from all the sides which provided Natural Fortification.
  6. It was also located in the Centre of Highways of Trade which added in its wealth.
  7. Forests in the Southern part of the region provided timber and elephant.

24. Which Ruler was contemporary of both Buddha and Mahavira ?

Answer: Bimbisara

25. Which Inscription shows the Conquest of Kalinga by Nandas ?

Answer: Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharavela of Kalinga

26. Which of the Powerful Kingdoms ruled in Magadh before Maurya Empire ?

Answer: Below are the list of Powerful Kingdoms who ruled Magadh before Mauryan Empire

  • Haryanka Dynasty(Bimbisara, Ajatsatru)
  • Shishunaga Dynasty(Shishunaga, Pradyota)
  • Nanda Dynasty(Mahapadma Nanda, Dhana Nanda)

27. Who gave Kasi as dowry to Magadh ?

Answer: Kosala Ruler Prasenjit

28. Whose Sister was married to Bimbisara ?

Answer: Kosala Ruler Prasenjit

29. Who founded the Haryanka Dynasty ?

Answer: Bhattiya(Father of Bimbisara)

30. Who was the main rival of Magadh during the reign of Ajatashatru ?

Answer: Vaishali

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