300+ TOP ABO Blood Group System MCQs and Answers GK Quiz

ABO Blood Group System Multiple Choice Questions

1. Red blood cells that do not contain either A or B antigens on their surface are normally found in the person with blood type

A. O
B. B
C. A

2. Whole blood of type O may be safely given to people with which types of blood?

A. A, B, AB, and O
B. A and B only
C. O and B only
D. AB and A only

3. Antibodies for ABO blood group are present

A. On WBCs
B. On RBCs
C. In Plasma
D. On Platelets

4. The serum of an individual with B blood group contains

A. Anti-A Antibodies
B. Anti-B Antibodies
C. Anti-D Antibodies
D. Anti-A & Anti-B Antibodies

5. The blood group systems is discovered by scientist

A. Ernst Haeckel
B. Karl Landsteiner
C. Camillo Golgi
D. Thomas Cooley

6. Name the three genes responsible for the production of Rh antigens.

A. RHD, RHCE, and RHce
B. RHAG, RH1, and RH2
D. RHD, RHCc, and RHEe

7. If the blood group of a person is A then the antibodies present in that person’s blood is

A. anti-OA antibodies
B. anti-B antibodies
C. anti-A antibodies
D. anti-O antibodies

8. Which of the following is TRUE about Anti-D?

A. It is primarily the IgG isotype rather than IgM
B. It causes hemolysis with prominent schistocyte formation
C. It does not react with D positive cells treated with ficin
D. It does not react with D positive cells treated with dithiothreitol (DTT)

9. Which of the following blood group is referred to as the universal recipient?

A. A
B. B
C. O

10. Which blood type can be transfused to an individual whose blood type is unknown?

A. O+
B. O-
C. AB+
D. AB-

11. The person having antigen B on surface of RBCs has

A. Blood group AB
B. Blood group O
C. Blood group A
D. blood group B

12. The most sensitive method for blood grouping is

A. Microplate method
B. Tube method
C. Gel Card method
D. Slide method

13. The antigens for ABO and Rh blood groups are present

A. in Plasma
B. on RBCs
C. on WBCs
D. on Platelets

14. When typing blood, a positive reaction

A. shows clumping
B. shows which antigens are present
C. helps you deduce what blood type the sample is
D. all of the above

15. Which of the following blood group is called the universal donor?

B. B
C. A
D. O

16. The Rh-blood group system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in

A. 1930s
B. 1940s
C. 1950s
D. 1960s

17. Under which circumstances will an antigen-antibody reaction occur?

A. A person with type AB blood is given type O blood
B. A person with type A blood is given type O blood
C. A person with type AB blood is given type B blood
D. A person with type O blood is given type A blood

18. Bombay blood group is characterized by absence of

A. H gene
B. B gene
C. A gene
D. Both A and B gene

19. Human blood types in the ABO blood group is based on

A. a series of enzyme controlled reactions
B. antigen-antibody reactions
C. microscopic examination of white blood cells
D. clotting factors in the plasma

20. The blood group in ABO system, that lacks antigen on the RBC membrane is

A. A
B. O
C. B

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