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1. When was Abraham Lincoln first sworn in as President of USA?

  1. 20 January 1869
  2. 4 March 1861
  3. 20 January 1873
  4. 4 March 1849

2. When was Abraham Lincoln born?

  1. 26 January 1800
  2. 1 March 1805
  3. 12 February 1809
  4. 9 September 1816

3. Where was Abraham Lincoln born?

  1. Libreville
  2. New York
  3. Hodgenville
  4. Austin

4. In which war was Abraham Lincoln a captain?

  1. Panama
  2. Black Hawk
  3. Mexican
  4. Balkan War II

5. To which political party did Abraham Lincoln belong when he became President?

  1. Democratic
  2. Republican
  3. Green
  4. Conservative

6. Who was Abraham Lincoln’s running mate for Presidential Election 1860?

  1. Andrew Johnson
  2. John Bell
  3. Hannibal Hamlin
  4. Stephen a. Douglas

7. When did Emancipation Proclamation come into effect?

  1. 1 January 1861
  2. 1 January 1863
  3. 4 July 1861
  4. 25 December 1862

8. Which famous address did Abraham Lincoln give on 19 November 1863?

  1. New York
  2. Washington
  3. Gettysburg
  4. Philadelphia

9. Abraham Lincoln was shot on 14 April 1865. What was the significance of that day?

  1. Ash Wednesday
  2. Maundy Thursday
  3. Good Friday
  4. Easter Sunday

10. How is Abraham Lincoln’s life described?

  1. From dog house to pent house
  2. From log house to White House
  3. From Green House to Red House
  4. From here to eternityAbraham Lincoln MCQs

11. What state was Lincoln born in?

12. To what city did Lincoln take two trips on a flatboat during his late teens?

13. In what war did Lincoln serve as the captain of his volunteer company?

14. In what year did Lincoln first run for public office?

15. Who was Lincoln rumored to have had a passionate romance with?

16. Which of the following jobs did Lincoln NOT hold during the early 1830s?

17. What party did Lincoln belong to during his first years in politics?

18. How old was Lincoln when he got married?

19. Lincoln only owned one house in his entire life. What city was this house in?

20. How many children did the Lincolns have?

21. Of the following, who was thought to be an illegitimate child?

22. What Kentucky senator did Lincoln greatly admire?

23. In what year was Lincoln elected to the House of Representatives?

24. What Democratic senator emerged as Lincoln’s main political rival in the 1850s?

25. What was the name of the controversial policy outlined in the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

26. What was the name of the group opposed to slavery in all forms?

27. What important
Supreme Court decision declared slaves to be property, not citizens?

28. In 1858, which state hosted a series of debates between Lincoln and Douglas?

29. Where did Lincoln deliver an influential speech in February of 1860?

30. What party nominated Lincoln for president in 1860?

31. In the 1860 presidential election, Lincoln won what percentage of the popular vote?

32. Who was Lincoln’s vice president from 1861-1865?

33. What was the first state to secede from the Union, on December 20, 1860?

34. Which senator made an unsuccessful compromise proposal in December 1860?

35. Who directly preceded Lincoln as president of the United States?

36. Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?

37. Where did the Union army suffer its first major defeat?

38. What incident caused tensions between the Union and Great Britain in November 1861?

39. Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?

40. Which of the following states did the Emancipation Proclamation apply to?

41. Which of the following was NOT a nickname bestowed upon Lincoln?

42. Which of the following bills was NOT signed into law by Lincoln?

43. Where did major rioting occur against the Conscription Act in the summer of 1863?

44. What Union victory prompted Lincoln to remark, “the father of waters again goes unvexed to the sea”?

45. How long did Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address take to deliver?

46. Who did Lincoln name as commander of all Union forces in March 1864?

47. What country led a hostile takeover of Mexico in the spring of 1864?

48. Who did Lincoln have a falling out with in 1864, only to nominate as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court later that same year?

49. Who ran against Lincoln for president in 1864?

50. What state was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864, in hopes of boosting Lincoln’s results in the electoral college?

51. In what speech did Lincoln utter the famous expression “With malice toward none;
With charity toward all”?

52. What city did Sherman burn in November 1864?

53. Which state’s re-application to the Union did Lincoln speak hopefully of in his final public address?

54. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

55. How old was Lincoln when he died?

56. Where is Lincoln buried?

57. Who succeeded Lincoln as president of the United States?

58. Which of the following amendments abolished slavery?

59. Which of Lincoln’s sons went on to become a successful lawyer and politician in his own right?

60. Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?

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