300+ TOP ACT WORKKEYS Interview Questions and Answers

1. What Is Workkeys?

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring “real-world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success.

2. What Skills Does Workkeys Measure?

There are eight foundational skill assessments

Applied Mathematics
Applied Technology
Business Writing
Listening for Understanding
Locating Information
Workplace Observation
Reading for Information
There are three soft skill assessments:

3. Are Workkeys Tests Valid And Reliable?

Yes. You may purchase technical manuals online. ACT is guided by the technical and ethical information provided by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing when developing the WorkKeys system.

4. How Easy Are The Workkeys Soft Skills Assessments To Use?

Delivered on a web-based platform, this new system provides safe, secure, 24/7 access. Easy-to-use individual or list reports can be generated electronically. Any of these assessments may be used with any other WorkKeys Foundational Skills assessment or WorkKeys Soft Skills assessment.

5. Can Someone “cheat” On The Workkeys Soft Skills Assessments?

In general, one cannot “cheat” on these types of tests since there are no clear right or wrong answers. However, individuals may attempt to respond to items in a more socially desirable manner, which may not reflect their true attitudes. However, the WorkKeys Soft Skills Assessments are still able to predict individual behaviors in the workplace.

6. Why Use Workkeys Soft Skills Assessments For Employee Selection?

ACT is well known for its ability to develop and deliver world-class assessments. ACT is one of the best known and most respected organizations in the field of education assessment, and its workforce solutions are increasingly penetrating the employee selection and training markets.

7. Will Workkeys Soft Skills Assessments Turn Off Prospective Applicants?

Research from opinion surveys of job applicants shows that the majority of respondents perceive this type of testing as an appropriate selection procedure.

8. Are The Occupational Titles To Answer What Is Your Current Occupation?

Yes, occupational titles used on the Performance, Fit, and Talent assessments are available to view prior to testing. You will also be able to access this list from within each assessment.

9. When Is The Workkeys Testing Window?

The WorkKeys testing window is February 1 – March 31, 2014.

10. Which Sentences Includes A Comma Splice?

We detested the assignment, the supervisor gave it to us as a punishment.