300+ [LATEST] Adobe Lightroom Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. To Access Full Screen Mode In Lightroom?

Press F key or go to window/screen mode/full screen.

Q2. How Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Was Developed?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was developed in order to streamline photo editing workflow.

Q3. What Is Tab Use In Grid View?

In Grid view Tab is used to hide side panels.

Q4. What Is Catalogue?

The database of photo locations and edits called by lightroom is Catalogue.

Q5. When Rating Photos In Lightroom, How Are Star Ratings Cleared?

“0” to star ratings cleared, When rating photos in Lightroom.

Q6. Which Shortcuts Is Used To Bring Up The Import Window?

Command-Shift-I (PC: Ctrl-Shift-I) is used to bring up the Import window.

Q7. Which Tools Automatically Tries To Balance The Colors In An Image For You?

Automatic Toning tools automatically tries to balance the colors in an image for you.

Q8. What File Formats Are Recognized By Lightroom?


Q9. What Is Metadata?

In Lightroom Edits photos via Metadata.

Q10. Histogram Is?

The histogram is what your image looks like if you charted the exposure on a graph.

Q11. Third Party Software Is Needed To Shoot Tethered (shooting Straight From Your Camera, Right Into Lightroom)?

No, there is no third party sofrware is needed to shoot tethered.

Q12. What Does Tat Stand For?

Targeted adjustment tool.

Q13. Virtual Copies Create A Physical Copy Of The Image On Your Hard Drive?

No, Virtual Copies not create a physical copy of the image on your hard drive.

Q14. What Is Image Noise?

Extraneous visible artifacts that degrade image quality is called Image noise.

Q15. What Is Vignetting?

The lens defect that causes the edges, especially the corners, of an image to be darker than the center is called Vignetting.

Q16. What Does Hsl Stand For?

Hue, Saturation, Luminance

Q17. What Kind Of Photo Editing Software Is Lightroom?

Lightroom is Non-destructive photo editing software.

Q18. What Is The Use Of Develop Module?

To edit a photo in Lightroom you would use Develop module.

Q19. While In Both The Library And Develop Modules Hitting The Letter C Does What?

Opens Compare View.

Q20. Where Can You Control The Lights Out Mode In Lightroom?

On the Interface tab in Lightroom’s preferences.

Q21. Which Affects Dull Colors The Most And Already Saturated Colors The Least?

Vibrance slider affects dull colors the most and already saturated colors the least.

Q22. What Does The Solo Mode Do In The Panel Section?

It allows you to use one panel at a time (useful on smaller screens).

Q23. Where Can You Find The 2 Auto Conversion Methods Used To Convert Your Images From Color To Black And White?

The Basic panel and the HSL/Color/B&W panel.

Q24. Is Linux Is Available In Lightroom?

No, Lightroom is not available for Linux operating systems.

Q25. What Is Histogram?

The representation of the number of pixels in a photo at each luminance percentage is called histogram.

Q26. What Tiff Files Supports Lightroom 5?

Lightroom 5 supports 32-bit TIFF files.

Q27. What Is The Keyboard Shortcut To Open The Selected Photo In The Develop Module?

“D” is used to open the selected photo in the Develop module.

Q28. What Does The Little Exclamation Point Icon That Appears Above The Top Right Of A Thumbnail Indicate?

Lightroom can’t find the original photo when the little exclamation point icon that appears above the top right of a thumbnail indicate.

Q29. How To Edit Video?

Lightroom 4 can edit video.

Q30. It Is Possible To Create Web Pages From Within Lightroom?

Yes, we can create web pages from within Lightroom.