300+ TOP Adrian V Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

(Adrian V is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope.)

Adrian V Quiz Questions

1. Where was Ottobano Fieschi born?
A. Genoa
B. Athens
C. Skopje
D. Belgrade

2. Where was Ottobano Fieschi appointed archdeacon in 1250?
A. Cologne
B. Munich
C. Rheims
D. Bratislava

3. Where was Ottobano Fieschi legate?
A. Sweden
B. England
C. Poland
D. Bavaria

4. What was Ottobano Fieschi’s mission as legate?
A. Building schools
B. Building churches
C. Peace between Henry III and barons
D. Founding a university

5. Which statute mentions Ottobano Fieschi as a witness?
A. Statute of Limitations
B. Statute of Marlborough 1267
C. Statute of Westminster 1931
D. Statute of Westminster 1290

6. Who created Ottobano Fieschi Orsini cardinal?
A. Urban VIII
B. Sixtus III
C. Innocent IV
D. Gregory IV

7. When was Adrian V elected pope?
A. 9 March 1285
B. 3 June 1272
C. 11 July 1276
D. 1 December 1280

8. Whose conclave regulations did Adrian V revoke?
A. Gregory X’s
B. Boniface V’s
C. Innocent III’s
D. Pius X’s

9. When did Adrian V die?
A. 18 August 1276
B. 22 May 1298
C. 10 April 1296
D. 21 November 1294

10. Where did Adrian V die?
A. Anagni
B. London
C. Viterbo
D. Roquemaure

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