300+ TOP Adrian VI Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

(Adrian VI kept his baptismal name when he became pope. Some sources mention Boeyens as his surname.)

Adrian VI Quiz Questions

1. When was Adrian Dedel born?
A. 2 March 1459
B. 3 May 1460
C. 22 August 1455
D. 16 October 1462

2. Where was Adrian Dedel born?
A. Amsterdam
B. Rotterdam
C. The Hague
D. Utrecht

3. Which university did Adrian Dedel attend?
A. Louvain University
B. Parma University
C. Padua University
D. Florence University

4. Who was a student of Adrian Dedel and later became emperor?
A. Maximilian
B. Charles V
C. Philip II
D. Napoleon III

5. Of which diocese was Adrian Dedel bishop?
A. Utrecht
B. Worms
C. Tortosa
D. Madrid

6. When was Adrian Dedel appointed inquisitor general of Aragon?
A. 28 February 1496
B. 8 April 1502
C. 7 July 1512
D. 14 November 1516

7. When was Adrian VI elected pope?
A. 9 January 1522
B. 6 June 1524
C. 17 October 1518
D. 19 December 1520

8. Adrian VI was in Spain when he was elected pope. When did he enter Rome?
A. 19 January 1521
B. 26 June 1524
C. 29 August 1522
D. 31 October 1518

9. Which city fell to Turks in spite of efforts of Adrian VI to prevent it?
A. Tours
B. Naples
C. Constantinople
D. Rhodes

10. When did Adrian VI die?
A. 16 March 1526
B. 12 July 1530
C. 14 September 1523
D. 31 December 1528

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