300+ TOP Advertising & Sales Management MCQs and Answers

Advertising & sales Management Multiple Choice Questions

1. DAGMAR Model was developed by
a. w. stanton

b. p.drucker

c. k.davis

d. r.colley

2. Strategy of running an advertising campaign over long term is
a. continuous

b. intermittent

c. short

d. reminder

3. Advertising mainly impacts consumers
a. physically

b. intellectually

c. psychologically

d. sociologically

4. A self regulatory body in advertising is
a. ibm

b. asci

c. aida

d. ibf

5. Harmful/ Banned products of similar names are used inwhich advertising
a. rural

b. to children

c. surrogate

d. mass

6. Tata Tea Jaago Rey is an eg. Of which type of advertising
a. political

b. rural

c. green

d. social

7. Case study method analyses
a. reports

b. programs

c. cases

d. budgets

8. Job offer refers to
a. interview sheet

b. application

c. report

d. offer letter

9. Estimation of sales is facilitated by
a. budget

b. audit

c. control

d. report

10. In setting sales goals SMART means specific, realistic,achievable, timebound and
a. mean

b. measurable

c. mode

d. modern

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