300+ TOP Agronomy MCQs and Answers Quiz Exam

Agronomy Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which element is a part of cytochrome oxidase?

A. Mg
B. Fe
C. Mo
D. All of these

2. In an average well decomposed FYM(Farmyard manure) contains­

A. 0.5% N2
B. 0.2% P2O5
C. 0.5% K2O
D. All of these

3. Which of the following contains highest nutrients?

A. Compost
C. Droppings of sheep & goat
D. None of these

4. What is the drawback of poultry manure?

A. It ferments very quickly
B. It has less nutrient content
C. It smells badly
D. None of these

5. Trench method of FYM preparation is also known as­

A. Pit method
B. Dr. C. N. Acharya method
C. Heap method
D. None of these

6. Which of the following is suitable method for application of FYM?

A. To Mix with seeds
B. Foliar
C. To spread uniformly on the surface of soil
D. None of these

7. The system of composting is­

A. Bangalore method
B. Indoor method
C. Activated compost process
D. All of these

8. Muriate of potash is­

A. K2SO4
B. (K2SO4. MgSO4) 6H2O
D. All of these

9. Which of the following is not a straight fertilizer?

A. Nitrogen fertilizer
B. Phosphate fertilizer
D. Potash fertilizer

10. Which is the most important green manure crop?

A. Sunhemp
B. Dhaincha
C. Pillipesara
D. All of these

Agronomy MCQs

11. Which group is required for chlorophyll synthesis?

A. Mo, Ca
B. Ca, K
C. Cu, Ca
D. Fe, Mg

12. Which element is common to nucleic acids, phospholipids, ATP and ADP?

A. Ca
B. B
C. Zn
D. P

13. Which of the following are critical elements?

A. N, P, K
B. O, N, H
C. Zn, Fe, Cu
D. Cl, Fe, H

14. The formula for balanced salt solution of mineral elements for plant growth was given by ?

A. Knop
B. Hoagland
C. Watson
D. Hill

15. Deficiency of which element in soil causes chlorosis in plants ?

A. Iron
B. Magnesium
C. Carbon
D. Sodium

16. Total amount of water present in the soil is called ?

A. Combined water
B. Holard
C. Podsole
D. None of these

17. The smallest 3D volume of a soil needed to give full representation of horizontal variability of soil is termed as­

A. Solum
B. Gleys
C. Podsol
D. Pedon

18. Formation of soil is known as­

A. Humification
B. Pedogenesis
C. Sedimentation
D. All of these

19. The Planning Commission divided the country in how many agro climatic zones?

A. 8
B. 15
C. 20
D. 24

20. Who among the following divided the world in 6 Biogeographical regions ?

A. Charles Darwin
B. Alfred Russel
C. Lamarck
D. Aristotle

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