300+TOP Akamai Technologies Interview Questions Answers

1. Where Do You See Yourself In Coming Five Years?

Here your interviewer wants to know that how positively you are planning for your career and how hard you are working to achieve it.You need to describe what you be doing in coming years.Show how much motivated you are for plans and how this position will help you to achieve that goal. But everything you would with genuine reasons and proof, just don’t show off while answering any question.

Example I have a plan to start a big XYZ project on my own within 4-5 years in Y country so this position, working under a project manager will help me to learn all Do’s & Dont’s of a project. Therefore, I want to invest my five years in learning every aspect of this job and hope this job will help me in advance professionally for project management.

2. Tell Me About The Regrets You Are Having In Your Professional Life Till Now.?

We all make mistakes in our professional lives that make us regret when we think about them. Here you need to discuss about the regrets you had with how you cope up with them. Interviewer want to see if you blame others for your regrets, or if you follow a reasonable, logical process to learn and move on from a mistake.

Example Answer: My biggest professional regret was accepting jobs that were not in my chosen field simply to get the bills paid. In the long run it hurt me because that was time that I was not using to sharpen my skills. Plus I was then distracted and did not work to progress my chosen profession.

3. Did You Generate Any Projects That Required You To Go Beyond Your Job Description?

To create history you need to always go beyond your job description.If you want to succeed in what you are doing than you have to got beyond your limits.

Here are the steps to go beyond your job that you can share with you interviewer :

Don’t just come up with ideas. plan and implement them
Be the data king
Offer to help
Complain less
Be visible.

4. Tell Me Your Likes And Dislikes About Your Former Employer.?

While talking about dislikes just avoid saying about any criticism of your boss, management or co-workers.You need to be very careful and general. Don’t discuss about specific things.Share what you genuinely liked about your former employee and be careful with dislikes.In dislikes you can discuss that with what kind of employer you will love to work and what things you were missing in your former employer. Example My boss always used to provide new opportunities to everyone to prove themselves as an individual,helps to learn new things always but what i was missing is the appreciation because he was very busy with his things, he always forgot to appreciate employees work.

5. Hat Would Your Former Employer Say About You? ( For Experienced Employees )

Interviewer wanted to see that how you view yourself from others perspective, what sources you are having to describe yourself by the side of your last organisation.So you can use your performance reviews, awards, certificates or mails of compliments as a proof. Your answer should be in appealing way that in what things you are confident about what people can say about you and you also need to answer that why do you think they would say about you that.It just your opportunity to frame yourself in best manner that what best you can do for any company with the examples of you have had done. Example My employer would only say about what work i have done in my office and how i did it. He appreciated me many time for my punctuality. He always used to send compliment mails to me whenever i did some great work with the instruction that how can i improve myself to work more productive. He awarded me with XYZ Award when i achieved the highest level of target. He would surely say about my creativity also because i was one of them who always took part to organize many office parties, business meetings and organised it very creatively and i got the X certificate for that also.

6. Do You Think Sales Is A Tough Job?

Yes it is, convincing people to purchase your product is really very difficult.Sales is hard to master and perfect that very few will ever make it to the top tier of sales people. You must able to decide where to approach prospects and clients, how often to pursue different mixes of sales business to meet your sales goals. Same you need to discuss with your interviewer why you find sales difficult and how you overcome its difficulty.

7. Tell Me About The Sitution In Which You Anticipated Problems And Were Able To Influence A New Direction.

Here interviewer wants to see that how successful you anticipate problems and leads them to a new direction. Share the example of the situation when you faced typical problems and how anticipated them.Steps to anticipate problems effectively which you can use are : *Improve your planning *Keep your team on point *Take the time to define the problem properly *Pursure alternate directions *Challenge the definition from all angles *Iteratively the cause of the problem *Identify multiple possible soultions *Priortize potential solutions *Make a decision *Assign responsibility *Set measure for the solution.

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8. How Much Patience You Are Having To Teach Entry Level Workers? Tell Me Your Past Experience In It.?

If you have experienced things like this then you can share with your interviewer by giving examples.Freshers can avoid this by sharing different situations of maintain high level of patience.

9. Tell Me About All Your Weaknesses.?

Always mention the things in weaknesses which is actuly your strength at some point or about the weaknesses for which you are taking actions to improve them. You need to prepare in advance for this dreaded question. Interviewer is just trying to figure out if your weaknesses willl make hard for you to do a job or fit into the organistaion or not. They are also checking that are you able to handle tough questions like this one. Just tell your interviewer you recognize your weaknesses and what your plans to improve upon them.

10. How Do You Approach A Given Important Assignment?

This means tell them how good you are in approaching given assignments and how do normally handle this.Tell them how priortize the assignments first. Here you need to share the last given assignment, what was your procedure to do it, how you handle any difficulty and at the end what was the outcomes.In this way you need to answer question.

11. If You Got A Chance, What Would You Change From Your Past?

Nothing. You don’t need to show your interviewer that you have guilt or regret for the things you have done in your life. Everything happens for a reason so you should believe in experience everything fro bad as well good times and learn lessons from the past and should focus on the future and don’t need to repeat the past mistakes. Example I would not change anything from past because its made me who i am today. You have to remember : you need to crack some eggs to make omelets. And i crack some eggs.

12. What Did You Do To Typically Deal With The Conflict?

Here interviewer is looking for ability to deal with conflict effectively or do you have that ability or not. So be honest and give example of particular situation.

Here am sharing some steps to deal with conflict which you can use :

Ask questions
Analyze expectations
Recognize differing perspectives
Identify mistakes
Watch out for emotinal triggers
Focus on preventing escalation
Take action to control the situation.

13. Tell Me About The Situation When Actions Of Others Influence You Positively?

This is same as situation when others actions get positively influenced by you. This will show that are you able to influence others or your actions get influence by others. This indirectly means as a leader do you believe in influencing others or you believe in following others and get influenced by others. Your answer will decide that on what position you will get hired or you lead people or follow others.

14. How Much You Are Aware About A & J Gummers Limited?

You need to do some homework before your interview for this question.Research about the company’s background, rules and regulations, awards, policies, their competitiors , Branches,everything you need to research in advance to answer this effectively because interviewer must wanted to know that how much you are aware about their company.This will help you make a good expression with how much you know about the company.

15. Did You Work On Any Project Which Brought You The Most Motivation And Excitment?

Here you need to share anyone situation when working on project brings you the most motivation and excitment.No need to hyper in this question. Its up to you to how to answer this question.This is not that much big issue.

16. Describe Yourself As Best Candidate For Us.?

This is the another way of asking that why should we hire you.Firstly you need to know yourself better then only you can describe yourself.You Need to successfully commuicate to your interviewer that what you would bring to the job.Tell them what you can do for a company that someone else can’t.

17. How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Goals?

Planning plays a very important role in achieving goals or planning makes the goal half achieved.Your answer should mention that what you are going to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish that.Interviewer wants to find out that if you have progressed forward with your career goals to begin strategy for achieveing goals.Here you need to tie your answer as closely as possible to the job for which you are interviewing.

18. Do You Have Any Plan To Start Your Own Business?

This is the another way of finding out or stability at this job that will be able to work for long terms or you are having other plans for future so you need to be very carefull while answering this question. You can say that right now you only focusing on gaining experiences and polishing your skills thats it.Keep it short. Example Business can be started with a good knowledge, experience, hard work, smart work and resouces. As being a fresher first i need to gain knowledge and experience. Later, in future i will start my own business for sure.

19. Why Did You Choose This Career Field?

Employer wants to know about the reasons that why you are passionate about this field and what achievements you are getting In this field .So share the 3-4 most important positive point related to that field which motivates you to work in this field. Don’t be so detailed just first talk that field in short and then the reasons that why you did choose.You need to relate you answer with your interest, scope in that career, your skills and stability. Example This career prompt me with the knowledge and skills which i can use my whole life.As managing human assets is the precious thing in life.

20. Have You Ever Faced The Difficult Scheduling Problem? If Yes, What Was It?

You need to answer this confidently and honestly as possible. Here interviewer is looking for person who can work well, deliver on time as well as handle the difficult situation that he or she might come across in their professional life so he is just checking that do you find difficulty in scheduling, if yes then how you faced that difficulty.As every behavioural questions needs example as proof so here also you need to give example to explain the particular situation and how you have faced and what was the outcome.