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Alan Hodgkin Quiz Questions

1. When did Alan Hodgkin get Nobel Prize for Medicine?
a) 1971
b) 1958
c) 1963
d) 1984

2. When was Alan Hodgkin born?
a) 5 February 1914
b) 24 May 1912
c) 4 September 1907
d) 25 December 1916

3. Where was Alan Hodgkin born?
a) Edinburgh
b) Banbury
c) Liverpool
d) Chelsea

4. Which college did Alan Hodgkin attend?
a) Corpus Christi College
b) St. John’s College
c) Trinity College
d) Lucy Cavendish College

5. For whom did Alan Hodgkin conduct radar research?
a) British Air Ministry
b) British Overseas Airlines Corporation
c) Central Intelligence Agency
d) Military Intelligence 5

6. When was Alan Hodgkin research professor for the Royal Society?
a) 1970-1975
b) 1952-1969
c) 1944-1949
d) 1980-1985

7. Where was Alan Hodgkin chancellor?
a) University of Leicester
b) London School of Economics
c) Oxford University
d) St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School

8. For what did Alan Hodgkin win Nobel Prize?
a) Discoveries of capillaries
b) Discoveries about nerve cell membrane
c) Work on Anaphylaxis
d) Work on typhus

9. When did Alan Hodgkin die?
a) 19 March 1994
b) 17 May 2010
c) 3 August 2008
d) 20 December 1998

10. Where did Alan Hodgkin die?
a) Ipswich
b) Cambridge
c) Manchester
d) Glamorgan

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