300+ TOP Alcohol History Quiz Questions and Answers GK

Alcohol History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first distillation of alcohol occurred from 500 to 400 BCE in which country?
A. China

B. India

C. Saudi Arabia

Answer: B. India

2. Pulque, which is an alcoholic drink produced from fermented agrave, is a part of what civilisation in Central and South America?
A. Aztec

B. Inca

C. Maya

Answer: A. Aztec

3. It is said that the shape of our modern champagne glasses is derived from the mould of whose breasts?
A. Joan of Arc

B. Queen Victoria

C. Marie Antoinette

Answer: C. Marie Antoinette

4. The first corkscrew in the work was patented in what year?
A. 1795

B. 1815

C. 1845

Answer: A. 1795

5. The earliest evidence of alcohol production dates back to which period of history?
A. The Stone Age

B. The Bronze Age

C. The Iron Age

Answer: A. The Stone Age

6. “Alcohol” is a word derived from which language?
A. Latin

B. Arabic

C. Chinese

Answer: B. Arabic

7. What did Dom Perignon invent in the 17th century?
A. Champagne cork

B. Wine glass bottle

C. Beer

Answer: A. Champagne cork

8. The Manhattan cocktail, a blend of sweet vermouth and whisky, was first created by the mother of which famous politician?
A. John F. Kennedy

B. Winston Churchill

C. Joseph Stalin

Answer: B. Winston Churchill

9. When was the first time when beer was sold in cans?
A. 1935

B. 1940

C. 1945

Answer: A. 1935

10. Which of the following companies registered the first alcoholic trademark?
A. Bass Brewery

B. Anheuser-Busch InBev

C. Heineken

Answer: A. Bass Brewery

11. In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine?
A. Hermes

B. Bacchus

C. Hades

Answer: B. Bacchus

12. In 2018, the world’s oldest brewery was discovered in a cave in which country?
A. Jordan

B. Syria

C. Israel

Answer: C. Israel

13. What is considered to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world?
A. Mead

B. Cider

C. Pulque

Answer: A. Mead

14. Where was the first evidence of wine production discovered?
A. China

B. India

C. Japan

Answer: A. China

15. With which countries do people often associate cognac?
A. Germany

B. France

C. Italy

Answer: B. France

16. “Basically, I am for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayer, tranquillisers or a bottle of Jack Daniel’s”? Which actor said that?
A. Leonardo DiCaprio

B. Tom Hanks

C. Frank Sinatra

Answer: C. Frank Sinatra

17. In the 17th century, which type of wine was used to replace mercury in thermometers?
A. Gin

B. Vodka

C. Brandy

Answer: C. Brandy

18. When was the first time when beer was sold bottles?
A. 1750

B. 1850

C. 1950

Answer: B. 1850

19. “An alcoholic is someone who drinks more than his doctor”? Who said that?
A. Richard Burton

B. Oscar Wilde

C. Oliver Reed

Answer: A. Richard Burton

20. Brewing methods took place first from which civilisation?
A. Ancient Egypt

B. Ancient China

C. Ancient India

Answer: A. Ancient Egypt

21. Which of the following counties first produced sparkling wine for commercial purposes?
A. France

B. Spain

C. England

Answer: C. England

22. Gin, a type of distilled alcoholic beverage, was originally used for which purposes?
A. Medicines

B. Oral hygiene

C. Cleaning solutions

Answer: A. Medicines

23. In 1964, the Congress of the United States declared … to be the official alcoholic beverage of the country.
A. Vodka

B. Rum

C. Bourbon

Answer: C. Bourbon

24. The Prohibition, a nationwide ban on the production, sale, and importation of alcoholic drinks, was effective for how many years?
A. 5 years

B. 13 years

C. 21 years

Answer: B. 13 years

25. According to the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ turned water into wine in which occasion?
A. A war victory

B. A wedding

C. A birthday

Answer: B. A wedding

26. Throughout history, beer was often consumed by sailors to prevent which illness?
A. Diabetes

B. Scurvy

C. Heart attack

Answer: B. Scurvy

27. Which leading brewer established an offshoot firm which later became one of the largest industrial ceramic manufacturers in the world?
A. Molson

B. Anheuser-Busch

C. Coors

Answer: C. Coors

28. Which brewer has a lease of up to 9000 years on its brewing facilities?
A. Bass

B. Guinness

C. Newcastle

Answer: B. Guinness

29. Which is the first country to set 21 as the legal age for drinking?
A. The United States

B. England

C. France

Answer: B. England

30. Which of the following drinks was named after a popular hoax in the 19th century?
A. Daiquiri

B. Martini

C. Tom Collins

Answer: C. Tom Collins

31. Who is the first US president to brew his own beer in the White House?
A. Bill Clinton

B. Barrack Obama

C. Donald Trump

Answer: B. Barrack Obama

32. Who is often considered to be the patron saint of brewing?
A. Arnold of Soissons

B. Saint Amand

C. Arnulf of Metz

Answer: A. Arnold of Soissons

33. The only commercial endorsement of Ernest Hemingway in 1951 was for which alcoholic brand?
A. Ballantine Ale

B. Yuengling

C. Corona

Answer: A. Ballantine Ale

34. According to “The Code of Hammurabi” in ancient Babylonia, what would happen when a merchant attempts to dilute beer?
A. They were fined

B. They were put to death

C. They were put in jail

Answer: B. They were put to death

35. What did Johnnie Walker originally do before he started selling whiskey?
A. A farmer

B. A blacksmith

C. A grocery owner

Answer: C. A grocery owner

36. Which empire was mostly attributed to the international production and commercialisation of alcoholic drinks?
A. Roman Empire

B. Ottoman Empire

C. British Empire

Answer: A. Roman Empire

37. Which plant is distilled to produce tequila?
A. Pineapple

B. Agave cactus

C. Daisy

Answer: B. Agave cactus

38. Corona is a brand of beer from which country?
A. Spain

B. Mexico

C. Belgium

Answer: B. Mexico

39. Approximately how many minutes does the body need to break down one alcohol unit?
A. 60 minutes

B. 180 minutes

C. 300 minutes

Answer: A. 60 minutes

40. In which country can we find wine-growing regions, such as Swartland and Stellenbosch?
A. Australia

B. New Zealand

C. South Africa

Answer: C. South Africa

41. The Japanese wine Sake is made by fermenting which ingredient?
A. Potatoes

B. Beans

C. Rice

Answer: C. Rice

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