300+ TOP Alter Ego Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Alter Ego Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. Robert Galbraith is the alter ego of which famous author?
A. Dan Brown

B. R. R. Martin

C. J. W. Rowling

Answer: C. J. W. Rowling

2. What is the daily job of Clark Kent, who moonlights as Superman?
A. An actor

B. A businessman

C. A newspaper reporter

Answer: C. A newspaper reporter

3. What does “alter ego” mean in Latin?
A. Original I

B. Other I

C. Normal I

Answer: B. Other I

4. Which of the following is true about alter ego?
A. It is a person’s normal personality

B. It is distinct from a person’s normal personality

C. Only people with bipolar disorder have it

Answer: B. It is distinct from a person’s normal personality

5. Captain Marvel has the wisdom of Solomon and the power of Zeus. Who is his alter ego?
A. Bill Beck

B. Joseph Williams

C. Billy Batson

Answer: C. Billy Batson

6. Steve Rogers is the alter ego of which superhero?
A. Iron Man

B. Hulk

C. Captain America

Answer: C. Captain America

7. How many alter egos does Edmond Dantes, the main characters in the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas”, assume after escaping from the fortress Chateau d’lf?
A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

Answer: B. 3

8. When was the term “alter ego” first coined?
A. 1st century

B. 5th century

C. 7th century

Answer: A. 1st century

9. In the 18th century, the existence of alter ego was first fully recognised when Anton Mesmer used which technique to separate the alter ego?
A. Cognitive behavioural therapy

B. Hypnosis

C. Expressive therapy

Answer: B. Hypnosis

10. In 2002, which singer shed her whole image and called herself Xtina?
A. Christina Perri

B. Christina Grimmie

C. Christina Aguilera

Answer: C. Christina Aguilera

Alter Ego Quiz Questions

11. In the series “Friends”, Regina Phalange is the alter ego of which main character?
A. Rachel Green

B. Phoebe Buffay

C. Monica Geller

Answer: B. Phoebe Buffay

12. Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of which superhero?
A. Batman

B. Superman

C. Spiderman

Answer: A. Batman

13. Where does Matt Murdock get his power and become Daredevil?
A. A magical drink

B. A radioactive material

C. A genetic mutation

Answer: B. A radioactive material

14. What is the daily alter ego of Wonder Woman?
A. Princess Diana of Themyscira

B. Linda Lee

C. Selina Kyle

Answer: A. Princess Diana of Themyscira

15. Why did Beyonce create her alter ego Sasha Fierce?
A. To hide her identity

B. To do a social experiment

C. To help with stage shyness

Answer: C. To help with stage shyness

16. Jo Calderone is a male alter ego of which pop star?
A. Madonna

B. Mariah Carey

C. Lady Gaga

Answer: C. Lady Gaga

17. What is the real identity of Iron Man?
A. Tobias Wadenka

B. Tony Stark

C. Tom Cruise

Answer: B. Tony Stark

18. The alter ego Borat Sagdiyev of the English comedian Sacha Cohen comes from which country?
A. Pakistan

B. Nepal

C. Kazakhstan

Answer: C. Kazakhstan

19. Which musician creates an alter ego called Chris Gaines, a fictional rock star?
A. Garth Brooks

B. Alan Jackson

C. Tim McGraw

Answer: A. Garth Brooks

20. In the famous novel “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson, Hyde and Jekyll refer to a single person with opposite identities. What are these identities?
A. A policeman and a killer

B. A doctor and a psychopath

C. A firefighter and an arsonist

Answer: B. A doctor and a psychopath

21. In the movie “Fight Club”, where did the Narrator first “meet” his alter ego “Tyler Durden?
A. In a support group

B. On a flight

C. In a restaurant

Answer: B. On a flight

22. What is the name of Sonic the Hedgehog’s alter ego?
A. Black the Hedgehog

B. Dark the Hedgehog

C. Shadow the Hedgehog

Answer: C. Shadow the Hedgehog

23. In the movie, Miley Stewart is a teenager who lives a double life as which artist?
A. Miley Cyrus

B. Hanna Montana

C. Lilly Truscott

Answer: B. Hanna Montana

24. What is the best-known alter ego of the American rapper Eminem?
A. Ken Kaniff

B. Aristotle

C. Slim Shady

Answer: C. Slim Shady

25. What is special about Nicki Teresa, the alter ego of Nicki Minaj?
A. She wears a colourful dress

B. She wears a colourful pair of shoes

C. She wears a colourful headdress

Answer: C. She wears a colourful headdress

26. In the TV series “Breaking Bad”, what is the alter ego of Walter White?
A. Sondernberg

B. Heisenberg

C. Hamberg

Answer: B. Heisenberg

27. The term “alter ego” was first coined by which Roman philosopher?
A. Cirero

B. Favorinus

C. Phaedrus

Answer: A. Cirero

28. Which of the following is an alter ego of Madonna?
A. Madame X

B. Lady Y

C. Girl O

Answer: A. Madame X

29. Jonny Kilroy is the alter ego of which famous athlete?
A. Messi

B. Michael Jordan

C. Tiger Woods

Answer: B. Michael Jordan

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