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Andrew Johnson Multiple Choice Questions

1) When was Andrew Johnson first sworn in as President of USA?
a) 20 January 1865
b) 4 March 1865
c) 15 April 1865
d) 4 March 1873

2) When was Andrew Johnson born?
a) 1 March 1825
b) 4 April 1803
c) 18 February 1806
d) 29 December 1808

3) Where was Andrew Johnson born?
a) Greeneville
b) Raleigh
c) Sacramento
d) Georgetown

4) To which political party did Andrew Johnson belong before he joined Republican Party?
a) Democratic
b) Whig
c) Green
d) Conservative

5) Of which state was Andrew Johnson Military Governor in 1862-1865?
a) Texas
b) Tennessee
c) Louisiana
d) Maryland

6) Which bill vetoed by Andrew Johnson in 1866 was overridden by Congress by two thirds majority, the first in American history?
a) Civil Rights Bill
b) Hampstead Bill
c) Human Rights Bill
d) Animal Rights Bill

7) Which Act passed by Congress to strip the President of the power to remove federal officials without the Senate’s approval when Andrew Johnson was President?
a) Reconstruction Act
b) Freedmen’s Bureau Act
c) Refugee Act
d) Tenure of Office Act

8) Which codes allowed southern states to maintain slavery by another name?
a) Black codes
b) White codes
c) Green codes
d) Red codes

9) Who was the Secretary of War dismissed by Andrew Johnson?
a) William Dennison
b) Edwin Stanton
c) James Speed
d) James Harlan

10) Andrew Johnson was impeached. By how many votes was he acquitted?
a) Seven
b) Six
c) Three
d) One

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