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GK Quiz Questions on World Animals Mcqs

1. World’s smallest Turtle, less than 4 inches lived at where?

South Africa.

2. A group of Hyenas is known as what?


3. Is the female Hyenas are larger than male Hyenas?


4. There are how many species of Hyenas?


5. Hermit Crabs live particularly in which places?

Empty Snail Shells.

6. Camels were originated at where?

In North America.

7. Horses are born only in which season?


8. Horses are considered adults after which age?

Five years.

9. What is the natural food of the Horse?


10. Which is the world’s tallest Horse?

English Shire.

11. There are more than how many kinds of Mosquitoes in the world?


12. Mosquitoes have how many antennae?


13. Which animal has the widest hearing range in the world?


14. Animals those eat animals are called as what?


15. Which animals swims in an upright position?

Sea horse.

16. Which is the most-trafficked wildlife item around the world?

Elephant ivory.

17. Which part of the elephant is combination of their nose and upper lip to touch, grasp and smell?

Elephant’s Trunk.

18. Elephants can be distinguished by the shape of what?

Their Ears.

19. Why do baby elephants eat their mothers’ droppings?

To ingest essential gut flora.

20. In an Elephant’s trunk there are 150,000 muscle fascicles, specialized bundles of muscle fiber. How many muscle groups formed by these?

6 major muscle groups.

21. About how fast can a domestic Cat run in short bursts?

30 miles per hour.

22. Is Cats dream more than the Dogs?


23. Which animal is fastest-flying mammal?


24. How many breeds of cats are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association?

About 40.

25. Who were the first groups of animals to evolve functional wings for true flight?


26. The males of which group of birds are known for creating elaborately decorated structures in order to entice mates?


27. How many pounds of meat can a tiger eat at once?

40-60 pounds.

28. How many cubs does a tiger (Panthera Tigris) typically give birth to?


29. Lions do most of the hunting in which time?

At Night.

30. The largest Pigeon is more than how much long?

80 Centimetres.

31. Akita, a dog, is a national treasure of which country?


32. Which dog breeds originated in Tibet?

Lhasa Apso.

33. Dog’s nose is how many times more sensitive than a Human’s?

1,000 times.

34. Which breeds of dogs is known for making a yodeling noise instead of barking?


35. Dogs have how many bones in its spine?


36. Which is the smallest breed of Dog?


37. Prairie dogs (type of ground squirrel) are live where?


38. What’s the name of a mid-20th-century TV show that featured a talking horse?

Mr. Ed.

39. The winged horse Pegasus belongs to the mythology of which culture?


40. Butterflies have how many sets of legs?


41. Butterfly is Warm-blooded or Cold-blooded animal?


42. A hive of Bees must fly how much to produce a kilogram of honey?

More than 160,000 kilometres.

43. There are how many types of Butterflies and moths throughout the world?


44. Which Egyptian goddess is pictured as a cat or as a woman with the head of a cat?


45. Which lexicographer defined cat as “a deceitful animal, and when enraged, extremely spiteful”?

Noah Webster.

46. Which composer and lyricist wrote the musical Cats?

Andrew Lloyd Webber.

47. Which special physical trait does a so-called “Hemingway cat” possess?

Extra Toes.

48. There are how many species of Reptiles alive till today?

6,000 species.

49. Which animal is largest Lizard in the world?

The Komodo Dragon.

50. Is Snails and Slugs are similar animals?


51. In which country the extinct giant owl Ornimegalonyx Oberoi live?

In the Cuba.

52. What is the Scientific name of Snow Leopard?

Panthera Uncia.

53. Is Leopards are smaller than Tigers and Lions?


54. Which country have more Cows than any other place in the world?


55. Group of Bats is called as what?


56. A cluster of Jellyfish is called as what?


57. What kind of animal is a thick-knee?


58. A bunch of otters is called as what?


59. Great White Sharks have how many teeth?


60. The first Turtles evolved about how many times ago?

200 Million Years.

61. Each day how much food does an adult Giraffe eat?

65 kilograms.

62. Can Giraffes sleep standing up?


63. Giraffes are mostly live in which places?

East Africa.

64. Which type of Monkey stays awake at night?

Owl Monkey.

65. Dinosaurs existed for about how many years ago?

160 million years.

66. Which is most common terrestrial animal in the world?


67. Sleeping bats are likely to find at where?

In the Caves.

68. Most of the Bat eats what?


69. What is another name for the Panda?


70. Tree Frogs keeps from falling by what?

Suction cups on their feet.

71. Name the most deadly Australian animal?


72. What is the name for a Larval Fly?


73. World’s longest poisonous Snake is?

King Cobra.

74. Name the group of birds migrates the farthest when measured by body length?


75. Tuataras are found at where in the world?

Rocky islands of New Zealand.

76. How many antennae have Spiders?

Zero (Spiders don’t have any antennae).

77. World Largest bat is known as which name?

Flying Fox.

78. The Jaguarundi belongs to which group?


79. Most species of which group have 42 teeth?


80. The mountain lion, or cougar, of the Americas is also known as what?


81. The term black panther is most frequently applied to whom?

Leopards and Jaguars.

82. What kind of animal is a Hellbender?


83. In which group does the Quadrate bone separate the lower jaw from the skull?


84. Which group is made up of Chondrichthians, Agnathans, and Osteichthyians?


85. Lemurs those live in the trees use which type of motion to move when they’re on the ground?

A magical sort of sideways skipping motion.

86. What are fossilized feces called?


87. Why do guinea pigs eat some of their feces?

To obtain vitamins.

88. Why is whale excrement important to oceanic ecosystems?

It brings nutrients to surface waters.

89. How many pounds of salmon can a grizzly bear eat in a day?

80 to 100 pounds.

90. What is the largest number of eggs a green iguana (Iguana iguana) may lay?


91. Manatees can stay underwater for how much times?

20 Minutes.

92. A group of which animals is referred to as a wake?


93. The smallest Mongoose weighs is less than?

300 Grams.

94. Most baby animals are born in which season?


95. Which is the largest antelope in the world?


96. Which Bear has the longest claws of all Bears?

Grizzly Bear.

97. Is the Eels live in both fresh water and salt water?


98. The Chicken is originally from which country in Asia?


99. The size of a Wolf pack depends on the size of what?

There Prey.

100. There are how many known Spider Species in the world?

More than 35,000.

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