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Anne Morrow Lindbergh Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was Anne Spencer Morrow born?
a) 11 March 1908
b) 22 June 1906
c) 5 September 1910
d) 4 December 1905

2. Where was Anne Spencer Morrow born?
a) Eastport
b) Lubec
c) Pittsburg
d) Englewood

3. Which school did Anne Spencer Morrow attend?
a) Boston Grammar School
b) St. Agatha’s School
c) The Chapin School
d) St. Lucy’s School

4. Which college did Anne Spencer Morrow attend?
a) Smith College
b) William and Mary College
c) St. Philip’s College
d) Morning Star College

5. When did Anne Spencer Morrow marry Charles Lindbergh?
a) 16 January 1928
b) 27 May 1929
c) 28 July 1932
d) 7 November 1924

6. Which was Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s first book?
a) Listen! The Wind
b) The Steep Ascent
c) Earth Shine
d) North to the Orient

7. When was Anne Morrow Lindbergh booklet The Wave of the Future published?
a) 1940
b) 1936
c) 1933
d) 1932

8. What did the Roosevelt administration say about The Wave of the Future?
a) Way to peace with honour.
b) Great booklet.
c) The bible of every American Nazi, Fascist, Bundist and Appeaser.
d) Piece of literature.

9. Which Anne Morrow Lindbergh book was published in 1955?
a) Dearly Beloved
b) Bring Me a Unicorn
c) The Flower and the Nettle
d) Gift from the Sea

10. When did Anne Morrow Lindbergh die?
a) 7 February 2001
b) 2 April 1998
c) 1 August 2002
d) 4 November 2004

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