500+ Antonyms and Synonyms List for Competitive Exams

Antonyms and Synonyms List for Competitive Exams

1. Agony misery, anguish Joy, Contentment
2. Abase humble, lower, disgrace humble, lower, disgrace
3. Abdicate forgo, renounce, step down keep, asset, defend
4. Abeyance postponement, inactivity revival. Action, continuance
5. Acumen Awareness, brilliance stupidity, Ignorance
6. Adhere Comply, observe Condemn, disjoin
7. Adroit skillful, nimble, artful clumsy, stupid
8. Abolish Abrogate, annual setup, establish
9. Abash Disconcert, rattle Uphold, discompose
10. Abound Flourish, proliferate Deficient, Destitute
11. Abate Moderate, decrease Aggravate
12. Abject Despicable, servile Commendable, Praiseworthy
13. Altruism self-sacrifice Egoism, self-interest
14. Abjure Forsake, renounce Approve, Sanction
15. Abortive Vain, unproductive productive
16. Absolve Pardon, forgive Compel, Accuse
17. Accord Agreement, harmony Discord
18. Acrimony Harshness, bitterness Courtesy, Benevolence
19. Adamant Stubborn, inflexible Flexible, Soft
20. Adherent Follower, disciple Rival, Adversary
21. Adjunct Joined, Added Separated, Subtracted
22. Alleviate allay, lighten, pacify irritate, intensify
23. Admonish Counsel, reprove Approve, Applaud
24. Adversity Misfortune, calamity Prosperity, Fortune
25. Ameliorate help, lighten aggravate, injure
26. Alien Foreigner, outsider Native, Resident
27. Allay Pacify, soothe Aggravate, Excite
28. Allure Entice, fascinate Repulse Repel
29. Ascend Climb Escalate Descend, Decline
30. Amplify Augment, deepen Lessen, Contract
31. Arraign Incriminate, indict Exculpate, Pardon
32. Audacity Boldness, Courage Mildness, Cowardice
33. Authentic Accurate, credible Fictitious, unreal
34. Awkward rude, blundering Adroit, clever
35. Axiom Adage, truism Absurdity, Blunder
36. Baffle Astound, Faze Facilitate, Clarify
37. Bewitching Alluring, charming Repulsive, Repugnant
38. Bleak Grim, Austere Bright, Pleasant
39. Brittle Breakable, crisp Tough, Enduring
40. Bustle Commotion, Tumult Slowness, Quiet
41. Barbarous Frustrate, perplex Civilized
42. Baroque Florid, gilt Plain, unadorned
43. Barren Desolate, Sterile Damp, Fertile
44. Barrier Barricade, Obstacle Link, Assistance
45. Base Vulgar, Coarse Summit, Noble
46. Batty Insane, silly Sane
47. Blatant shameless, glaring moral, hidden
48. Befogged Becloud, Dim Clear headed, clarify
49. Benevolent Benign, Generous Malevolent, Miserly
50. Benign Favorable, friendly Malignant, Cruel
51. Bawdy Erotic, Coarse Decent, Moral
52. Bind Predicament Release
53. Bleak Austere, Blank Bright, Cheerful
54. Berate castigate, rebuke compliment, flatter
55. Blunt Dull, Insensitive Keen, Sharp
56. Boisterous Clamorous, rowdy Placid, Calm
57. Bold Adventurous Timid
58. Blasphemous profane, insulting godly, pious
59. Busy Active, Engaged Idle, Lazy
60. Boor bear, barbarian gentleman, enthusiastic
61. Calculating Canny, Devious Artless, honest
62. Chimera delusion, illusion truth, fact
63. Calamity adversity, misfortune Fortune
64. Callous obdurate, unfeeling Compassionate, Tender
65. Calumny defamation, aspersion Commendation, Praise
66. Capable competent, able Incompetent, Inept
67. Captivate Charm, fascinate Disillusion offend
68. Captivity imprisonment, confinement Freedom, Liberty
69. Cease terminate, desist Begin, Originate
70. Cogent forceful, telling weak, invalid
71. Chaste virtuous, pure Sullied, Lustful
72. Chastise punish, admonish Cheer, encourage
73. Compassion kindness, sympathy Cruelty, Barbarity
74. Comprise include, contain Reject, lack
75. Concede yield, permit Deny, reject
76. Concur approve, agree Differ, disagree
77. Consent agree, permit agree, permit
78. Consequence effect, outcome Origin, Start
79. Consolidate solidify, strengthen Separate, Weaken
80. Conspicuous prominent, obvious Concealed, hidden
81. Contempt scorn, disregard Regard, Praise
82. Contradict deny, oppose Approve, Confirm
83. Contrary dissimilar, conflicting Similar, Alike
84. Calm Harmonious, unruffled Stormy, turbulent
85. Callous Insensitive, indurate Kind, merciful
86. Camouflage Cloak, disguise Reveal
87. Candid Blunt, bluff Evasive
88. Captivate Beguile, bewitch Repel
89. Carnal Earthly, fleshly Spiritual
90. Catholic Generic, liberal Narrow- minded
91. Celebrated Acclaimed, lionized Unknown, Inglorious
92. Cement Plaster, mortar Disintegrate
93. Censure Rebuke, reprimand Praise, Acceptance
94. Cheap Competitive, Inexpensive Dear, unreasonable
95. Clandestine Covert, furtive Open, Legal
96. Classic Simple, Typical Romantic, Unusual
97. Coarse Bawdy, Boorish Fine, Chaste
98. Comic Clown, Jester Tragic, Tragedian
99. Compact Bunched, thick Loose, Diffuse
100. Cogent weighty, forceful Impotent, invalid
101. Compress Abbreviate, Shrink Amplify, Expand
102. Conceit Egotism, Immodesty Modesty
103. Concord Agreement, accord Discord
104. Condemn Castigate, Chide Approve, Praise
105. Confident Bold, Undaunted Diffident, cowardly
106. Consolidate Centralize, Fortify Weaken
107. Courtesy Generosity, Reverence Disdain, Rudeness
108. Creation Formation, foundation Destruction
109. Cunning Acute, Smart Nave, Coarse
110. Decay Collapse, decompose Flourish, Progress
111. Deceit deception, artifice Veracity, Sincerity
112. Decipher interpret, reveal Misinterpret, distort
113. Defile contaminate, pollute Purify, sanctity
114. Defray spend, pay Disclaim, Repudiate
115. Deliberate cautious, intentional Rash, Sudden
116. Demolish Ruin, devastate Repair, construct
117. Deprived spoil, divest Restore, Renew
118. Deride mock, taunt Inspire, Encourage
119. Disdain detest, despise Approve, praise
120. Dissuade Remonstrate, Counsel Incite, Persuade
121. Denounce Blame, boycott Defend
122. Dense Opaque, piled Sparse, brainy
123. Derogatory Sarcastic, critical Laudatory, appreciative
124. Despair Depression, misery Contentment, Hope
125. Destructive Catastrophic, pernicious Creative, Constructive
126. Docile Pliable, pliant Headstrong, obstinate
127. Dwarf Diminutive, Petite Huge, Giant
128. Eager Keen, acquisitive Indifferent, apathetic
129. Eschew abandon; shun Face, meet, like
130. Eclipse Diminution, Dimming Shine
131. Eccentric strange, abnormal Natural, Conventional
132. Ecstasy delight, exultation Despair, calamity
133. Efface destroy, obliterate Retain, Maintain
134. Eloquence expression, fluency Halting, Stammering
135. Encumbrance hindrance, obstacle Incentive, Stimulant
136. Endeavour undertake, aspire Cease, quit
137. Enormous colossal, mammoth Diminutive, negligible
138. Epitome precise, example Increment, expansion
139. Equivocal uncertain, hazy Obvious, lucid
140. Eradicate destroy, exterminate Secure, plant
141. Fabricate construct, produce Destroy, Dismantle
142. Fallacy delusion, mistake Veracity, Truth
143. Falter stumble, demur Persist, Endure
144. Fanatical narrow-minded, biased Liberal, Tolerant
145. Feeble weak, frail Strong, Robust
146. Ferocious cruel, fierce Gentle, Sympathetic
147. Feud strife, quarrel Harmony, fraternity
148. Fluctuate deflect, vacillate Stabilize, resolve
149. Forsake desert, renounce Hold, maintain
150. Fortitude boldness, valor apathy, fear
151. Fulminate castigate, vilify, protest help, support, assist
152. Fragile weak, infirm Enduring, Tough
153. Gab talk, chat, gossip, chatter,
jabber, prattle, gabble
silence, taciturnity, muteness,
uncommunicative, quiet, reserved,
154. Gainsay deny, contradict, dispute,
controvert, reject
affirm, endorse, testify, ratify,
asset, vouch, declare
155. Grotesque odd, unnatural, ugly, absurd,
ludicrous, fantastic, bizarre,
normal, natural, usual,
156. Garnish flavour(food), decorate(food),
ornament, adorn, beautify,
spoil, deface, destroy, erase,
obliterate, ruin, harm, deteriorate,
157. Garrulous talkative, loquacious, prolix,
chattering, wordy, gibbering,
quiet, reserved, silent,
laconic, reticent, taciturn, shy,
158. Giddy dizzy, unsteady, light-headed,
doddering, shaky, uncertain,
fanciful, unbalanced, inconstant
steady, solemn, serious,
thoughtful, constant, stable, wise,
attentive, prudent
159. Gigantic huge, giant-like, monstrous,
immense, colossal, enormous,
vast, marvellous, great,
stupendous, mammoth, massive
small, little, short, dwarfish,
Lilliputian, diminutive, abridged,
limited, shortened
160. Glamour charm, attraction, fascination,
beauty, shine, magic, aura,
enchantment, spell, glow
repulsiveness, abomination,
darkness, gloominess
161. Gloomy dark, dismal, bleak, sad,
depressed, sullen, dejected,
depressing, lurid, morose
joyous, joyful, gay, merry,
rejoicing, happy, exulting, lively,
162. Gratify please, satisfy, satiate,
fondle, grant, coddle, placate
displease, dissatisfy, offend,
deprive, provoke, mock, taunt, ridicule, scoff, blame, censure,
vex, disgust
163. Hackneyed common, stale, trite,
common, quotidian, stereotyped
new, fresh, original, creative
164. Hamper shackle, clog, hinder, hinder,
impede, obstruct, deter, stop
release, accelerate, expedite,
accelerate, speed up, propel,
165. Hapless unfortunate, unlucky, woeful,
miserable, wretched, ill-fated
lucky, fortunate, privilege,
favoured, blessed, forfuitous
166. Harbour shelter, lodge, dwell eject, banish, remove
167. Harmony concord, agreement, accord discord, disagreement
168. Hazardous adventurous, bold,
dangerous, threatening
timid, safe, protected,
169. Heartily cordially, ardently insincere, cold
170. Heed mind, pay attention disregard, neglect
171. Herculean laborious, colossal, difficult slight, easy, simple
172. Homogeneous uniform, similar, pure heterogeneous, mixed
173. Hobby avocation, pastime, sport,
business, labour, livelihood,
174. Humane gentle, kind cruel, ungentle
175. Hostile bellicose, unfriendly cordial, friendly, tolerant
176. Humility humbleness, modesty pride, arrogance
177. Humorous comic, comical, funny,
jocular, witty
gloomy, dull, sedate
178. Husky beefy, stocky, brawny thin, lean, weak
179. Hypocrisy deceit, imposture honesty, sincerely
180. Hypocritical treacherous, disloyal, false,
candid, honest, loyal, moral,
181. Heinous atrocious, hateful,
abominable, odious,
reprehensible, nefarious, wicked,
profligate, immoral, bad, evil, vile,
outrageous, infamous, awful,
virtuous, moral, good,
praiseworthy, chaste, saintly,
ethical, spiritual, glorious,
elevated, dignified
182. Hiatus break, gap, interruption.
pause, opening, cleft, rift, space,
blank, void, interval, crevice,
mend, patch, repair,
improvement, correction,
183. Hideous ugly, frightful, ghastly,
dreadful-horrible, grim, corps-like,
cadaverous, repulsive
beautiful, lovely, attractive,
charming, delightful, lovable
184. Humbug deception, fraud, delusion,
trick, imposter, cheater, fraud,
deceiver, betrayer, beguiler,
entrapper, ensnarer
advisor, counsellor, assistant,
helper, assurer
185. Impalpable imperceptible,
incomprehensible, unknowable,
intangible, vague, obscure,
Palpable, perceptible,
comprehensible, tangible, solid,
definite, material, knowable, clear
186. Impasse deadlock, standstill,
stalemate, stoppage, halt,
cessation, tie
progress, movement,
improvement, breakthrough,
headway, growth, passage
187. Ipeach accuse, blame, charge,
discredit, condemn, denounce,
censure, impugn, account,
admonish, chide, dishonour
vindicate, defend, approve,
protect, favour, support, admire,
praise, applaud, laud, eulogize,
honour, appreciate
188. Impeccable flawless, perfect, spotless,
immaculate, faultless, accurate,
irreproachable, unblemished,
pure, exemplary, innocent
faulty, defective, imperfect,
blameworthy, flawed, erroneous,
incorrect, wrong, fallacious,
invalid, weak
189. Imperative urgent, essential,
unavoidable, commanding,
compulsory, obligatory, mandatory,
requisite, exigent, peremptory,
authoritative, dictator
optional, discretionary,
deliberate, discretional, voluntary,
intentional, free
190. Imperil endanger, peril, zeopardize,
expose, venture, risk, hazard,
guard, watch,
preserve, safeguard, defent,
secure, shield
191. Imperious commanding, haughty,
arrogant, tyrannical, overbearing,
urgent, imperative, authoritative,
assertive, swaggering
obsequious, subservient,
servile, mean, abased, pliant,
soapy, oiy, sycophantic
192. Impertinent impudent, saucy, rude,
insolent, boor, inappropriate,
coarse, vulgar, abusive,
polite, meek, humble, gentle,
refined, courteous, polished,
respectful, submissive, pleasant
193. Impervious impenetrable, impregnable,
unaffected, uninfluenced,
impermeable, resistant, obdurate
penetrable, pregnable,
permeable, open, susceptible,
sensitive, exposed
194. Impromptu extempore, without
preparation, adlib, offhand,
spontaneous, improvised, off the
cuff, impulsive
rehearsed, premeditated,
deliberate, forethought, planned,
195. Improvident wasteful, imprudent,
incautious, heedless, careless,
prodigal, lavish, extravagant,
thriftless, unthrifty, spendthrift
provident, judicious, careful,
cautious, wary, sagacious, farsighted,
economical, thrifty,
vigilant, prudent
196. Imprudent unscrupulous, foolish,
indiscreet, unwise, rash,
impetuous, silly, heedless, hasty
prudent, wise, careful,
thoughtful, sagacious, heedful,
cautious, alert, cool, sensible
197. Inception start, beginning, origin,
initiation, opening, onset, outset,
end, close, finish, complete,
termination, completion
198. Incessant uninterrupted, continuous,
perpetual, eternal, unending,
ceaseless, unremittying, endless,
continual interminable
occasional, intermittent,
recurrent, periodic, accidental
199. Inclement severe, harsh, stormy,
unkind, cruel, merciless, pitiless
mild, soft, kind, benevolent,
generous, pitiful, merciful
200. Incongruous out of place, not
corresponding, disagreeing,
incongruent, inconsistent, absurd,
discordant, conflicting, different,
repugnant, discrepant
accordant, suitable, matched,
consistent, harmonious, agreeing,
compatible, homogeneous,
uniform, unchanging,
201. Infernal hellish, devilish, diabolical,
satanic, malicious, atrocious,
accursed, wicked, fiendish
heavenly, angelic, diving,
pure, cherubic, seraphic, holy,
sacred, consecrated
202. Infructuous flowerless, fruitless, good for
nothing, useless, barren, infertile,
Fruitful, productive, flowerful,
useful, fertile, profitable,
203. Inimical hostile, pernicious,
antagonistic, unfavourable,
opposed, contrary, pernicious,
destructive, harmful
favourable, friendly,
welcoming, sociable, kind
204. Innate inborn, natural, instinctive, inherent,
intrinsic, inbred, inwrought, immanent,
congenital, ingrained, native, latent, internal
superfluous, redundant,
superficial, extrinsic, unnatural,
learned, acquired, superimposed,
casual, external
205. Innocuous harmless, safe, innoxious,
innocent, inoffensive, beneficial,
salubrious, tonic, wholesome,
healthy, hygienic
harmful, injurious, poisonous,
noxious, deleterious, malefic,
maleficent, toxic, deadly
206. Inopportune inconvenient, unsuitable,
untimely, unseasonable,
unfavourable, inauspicious,
inappropriate, unfit
timely, convenient, suitable,
seasonable, opportune, fortunate,
auspicious, favourable, felicitous,
appropriate, propitious, fit, happy
207. Inqiuistive curious, eager for knowledge,
searching, scrutinizing, prying,
inquiring, intrusive, meddlesome,
careless, supine, negligent,
indifferent, bashful, backward,
208. Insidious treacherous, crafty, cunning,
artful, foxy, vulpine, tricky, elusive,
wily, feline, sly, knave
open, frank, aboveboard,
candid, sincere, honest, plain, fair,
honourable, guileless, naïve
209. Insolent insulting, offensive,
presumptuous, abrasive,
impudent, rude, unmannerly,
arrogant, bold, haughty,
bumptious, saucy
fawning, abject, servile,
slavish, parasitic, beggarly,
abased, cowardly
210. Insolvent bankrupt, ruined,
impoverished, penniless, destitute,
impecunious, moneyless
solvent, opulent, affluent,
wealthy, independent, rich
211. Integral complete, whole, entire,
necessary (for completeness),
basic, essential, full, undivided,
fundamental, intrinsic,
additional, unnecessary,
extra, redundant, superfluous,
spare, reserve, more, ancillary,
auxiliary, supplementary
212. Intervene interfere, intrude, meddle,
inhibit, obstruct, impede, hinder,
hamper, interpose, step in,
intercede, arbitrate, mediate
keep off, shun, hang back,
refrain from, ignore, avoid, stay
away, turn back to.
213. Intimate close, familiar, private,
personal, detailed, deep,
affectionate, friendly, confidential
distant, remote, formal,
conventional, ceremonious,
strange, unfamiliar
214. Intractable uncontrolled, unbridled,
unrestrained, stubborn, obstinate,
free, refrectory, firm, stiff,
unyielding, ungovernable,
unmanageable, indocile, unruly
docile, meek, mild, humble,
gentle, yielding, submissive, calm,
quiet, obedient
215. Intrinsic innate, inborn, instinctive,
natural, real, true, not learned,
genuine, honest, syngenic, radical,
extrinsic, extraneous,
external, foreign, unnatural, by
chance, fortuitous, casual,
accidental, ventitious
216. Inundate flood, overflow, overspread,
deluge, swamp, drown, submerge,
engulf, overwhelm
drain, dry, empty, pump out,
evacuate, remove, draw off, tap
217. Invidious pinching, odious, hateful,
malignant, obnoxious,
troublesome, painful, irksome,
envious, wearisome, annoying
pleasant, pleasurable,
delightful, gratifying, consoling,
comforting, soothing, cordial,
delectable, attractive, benevolent
218. Invigorate strengthen, encourage,
vitalise, animate, enliven, brace,
refresh, stimulate, vivify,
embolden, harden, energize
weaken, Debilitate, enervate,
devitalize, attenuate, injure,
cripple, reduce
219. Itinerary guidebook, route, guide,
circuit, time table, journey, plan,
schedule, programme, course,
tour, trip
220. Jeopardy danger, risk, loss, harm,
trouble, endangerment, hazard,
peril, risk, venture, exposure,
insecurity, liability, precariousness,
protection, safety, security,
certainty, surety, preservation,
conservation escape, refuge,
221. Jeremaid lamentation, mourning,
wailing, moaning, moan, lament,
grief, dirge, complaint, pliant,
rejoicing, exultation, revelry,
pleasure, gratification,
exhilaration, delight, cheer,
222. Jubiliant rejoicing, exultant, gay,
celebrating, boastful, joyous,
cheerful, happy, delighted
gloomy, sorrowful, downcast,
dejected, sad, disappointed,
joyless, despondent, cheerless,
melancholy, unhappy
223. Judicious wise, prudent, thoughtful,
sensible, discreet, intelligent,
circumspect, sagacious, cautious,
discerning, wary, well-guided, welljudged, rational
silly, foolish, idiotic, fatuous,
irrational, maudlin, nonsensical,
anile, puerile, inept, injudicious, illadvised,
224. Juvenile young, youthful, immature,
boyish, childish, girlish, babyish,
adolescent, undeveloped, tender,
growing, callow, juvenescent,
infantile, green
old, senile, anile, hoary,
decrepit, withered, senescent,
doting, old-womanish, wrinkled,
venerable, antiquated,
225. Juxtapose place side by side, associate,
dissociate, separate,
226. Keen sharp, strong, deep,
sensitive, acute, responsive, acrid,
bitter, eager, poignant, vivid, lively,
sagacious, witty
blunt, dull, thick, lazy, stupid,
pointless, insipid, sluggish,
slothful, careless
227. Knave scoundrel, villain, criminal,
rascal, rogue, fraud, miscreant,
moralist, hero
228. Kudos honour, glory, grace, praise,
credit, fame, renown, prestige,
acclaim, encomium, appreciation
disgrace, dishonour, discredit,
shame, humiliation, disrepute,
ignominy, opprobrium
229. Lampoon Satire, obloquy, tirade,
invective, reproach, abuse,
innuendo, jermaid
approval, approbation, praise,
applause, adulation, encomium,
eulogium, acclaim
230. Latent hidden, invisible, concealed,
dormant, unknown, secret,
imperceptible, implicit,
unperceived, unseen, recondite,
torpid, mystic, cryptic
obvious, distinct, clear, open,
plain, exposed, evident, explicit,
perceptible, visible, undisguised,
231. Lethal fatal, harmful, deadly, deathly, mortal, poisonous,
noxious, dangerous, devastating,
Harmless, innocuous, safe,
non-toxic, inoffensive, innocent,
232. Lavity thoughtlessness, farivolity,
jocular, lightness, flippancy, gaiety, buoyancy
solemnity, austerity, gravity, sobriety, thoughtfulness, seriousness
233. Licentious immoral, lascivious, libertine, libidinous, wanton, profligate, lustful, corrupt virtuous, chaste, moral, upright, pure
234. Lissome limber, lithe, elastic, flexible,
supple, plaint, ductile, limp, flaccid, flabby, soft
stiff, hard, tense, rigid,
inflexible, tight, solid, thick, taut,
unbending, unyielding
235. Ludicrous ridiculous, comical, odd,
funny, farcical, bizzare, outlandish, absurd
serious, solemn, sad,
pensive, terrible, mornful, grim,
236. Lugubrious mournful, dismal, gloomy,
sad, sorrowful, complaining,
doleful, depressing Melancholy
cheerful, gay, happy, jovial,
jubiliant, lively, vivacious, joyous, merry
237. Lurid shining, dazzling, glaring,
gruesome, horrible, appalling,
revolting, violent, intense, grisly,
shocking, vivid, sensational,
bloody, loud
dull, dim, dark, pleasant,
pleasing, calm, scerene
238. Luscious tasty, sweet, attractive,
palatable, fragrant, juicy, adorned,
voluptuous, delicious, succulent,
ambrosial, aromatic, appetizing,
delightful, pleasurable,
dry, revolting, abhorrent,
abominable, hideous, disgusting,
nauseous, nauseating,
239. Lustre/Luster brightness, glory, fame,
honour, grandeur, brilliancy,
glossiness, gloss, glow,
Darkness, gloom, obscurity,
murkiness, murk, shadow, shade,
dimness, dishonour, disgrace
240. Macabre horrible, gruesome, grim, ghastly, violent, fatal, deathly, fearful, grisly, repulsive, lurid,
pleasing, attractive, lovable, alluring, enticing, captivating,
241. Machiavellian intriguing, insidious, sly,
subtle, wily, tricky, crafty, deceitful,
naïve, artless, simple, plain,
ingenuous, upright, truthful,
honourable, honest
242. Maim wound, injure, cripple,
mutilate, disfigure, mangle, spoil, lame, disable, incapacitate, hurt, harm, impair, mar
cure, heal, remedy
243. Manifest Reveal, show, display, prove, appear, divulge, disclose, upxover,
unveil, define, explain, undisguise, open
conceal, hide, bury, veil, cover, cloak, obscure, puzzle,
mystify, twist, intricate
244. Marvel wonder, astonishment,
amazement, bewilderment,
miracle, prodigy, freak,
monstrosity, genius, glory, phenomenon, sensation, spectacle, admiration
unconcern, remoteness,
245. Massacre carnage, slaughter, butchery,
killing, murder, destruction, ruin,
slaying, ruin, slaying, blood-bath,
extermination, genocide
246. Masticate chew, grind, eat, manducate gobble, swallow, gulp, gorge,
bolt, engulf, engorge, devour
247. Melancholy dejection, depression,
sadness, gloom, discontentment,
sorrow, spiritlessness, dullness, dolesomeness
cheerfulness, happiness, merriment, liveliness, freshness, vivaciousness
248. Mellifluous sweet-sounding, sweet,
dulcet, euphonic, euphonious,
mellow, silvery, soft, smooth, harmonious, tuneful
discordant, dissonant, harsh,
jarring, unharmonious, repugnant,
contradictory, contrary
249. Memoris autobiography, recollections,
experiences journals, diary,
reminiscences, annals, chronicles,
250. Menace danger, threat, evil intention,
intimidation, trepidation, revenge,
vengeance, forecast
peace, peacefulness, quiet,
tranquillity, quietness, poise,
equanimity, repose
251. Merriment happiness, cheerfulness,
joyfulness, joy, pleasure, mirth,
hilarity, laughter, cheer, fun,
merrymaking, festivity, conviviality,
revelry, glee
gloom, gloominess,
melancholy, sadness, depression,
dejection, sorrow
252. Mendacious Untrue, false, lying,
untruthful, dishonest, pretentious,
fabricated, concocted, distorted,
ture, various, real, frank,
faithful, honest, trustworthy,
sincere, alert
253. Metamorphosis transformation, change,
conversion, transmutation,
transfiguration, alteration,
modification, change over rebirth,
254. Mirth Merriment, Happiness,
Laughter, joy, joyfulness, bliss,
cheerfulness, pleasure, glee,
levity, jollity, hilarity, pleasure,
revelry, festivity, merrymaking,
melancholy, unhappiness,
gloominess, gloom, sadness,
depression, despondency,
dejection, blues, sorrow, misery,
low spirits
255. Miscontruse misinterpret, misapprehend,
misunderstanding, mistranslate,
misrender, misconceive
Interpret, explain, construe,
decipher, define, decode,
elucidate, render, expound,
translate, unfold, unravel
256. Mulish obstinate, stubborn,
pertinacious, headstrong,
obdurate, recalcitrant, intractable
decoile, obedient, submissive,
yielding, meek, mild, gentle,
tractable, biddable
257. Mundane worldly, earthly, common,
ordinary, imaginative, temporal,
carnal, mortal, secular
Heavenly, celestial, eternal,
infinite, supernatural, unearthly,
diving, blessed, angelic, holy,
258. Munificent generous, kind-hearted,
liberal, helpful, philanthropic,
charitable, lavish, open-handed,
free-handed, prodigal, profuse,
ample, unselfish
miserly, penurious,
parsimonious, close-fisted,
niggardly, avaricious, illiberal,
chary, cautious
259. Nefarious extremely wicked, unlawful,
impious, mean, heinous, wicked,
sinful, vile, base, immoral, corrupt,
shameless, vicious, evil
virtuous, good, right,
righteous, upright, moral,
praiseworthy, noble, innocent,
260. Nemesis destiny, goddess of
vengeance, fate, destruction, punishment, vengeance,
retribution, revenge
forgiveness, remission, mercy, pardon, absolution,

List of Antonyms and Synonyms for Competitive Exams in English