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April Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. The April Fools’ Day on April 1st every year is an official city holiday in which city?
A. Basel, Switzerland

B. Odessa, Ukraine

C. Sevilla, Spain

Answer: B. Odessa, Ukraine

2. The month of April is believed to be named after which Greek goddess?
A. Artemis

B. Athena

C. Aphrodite

Answer: C. Aphrodite

3. Which politician became the first Prime Minister of Britain on April 3rd, 1721?
A. Sir Robert Walpole

B. Spencer Compton

C. Henry Pelham

Answer: A. Sir Robert Walpole

4. What is the birthstone for April?
A. Garnet

B. Blue Topaz

C. Diamond

Answer: C. Diamond

5. Along with the sweet pea, which flower is a symbol of April?
A. Lily

B. Daisy

C. Sunflower

Answer: B. Daisy

6. Which are the two possible signs of the zodiac for those people who are born in April?
A. Capricorn and Aquarius

B. Aries and Taurus

C. Gemini and Leo

Answer: B. Aries and Taurus

7. Which American activist was assassinated on April 4th, 1968?
A. Martin Luther King Jr.

B. Malcolm X.

C. Helen Keller

Answer: A. Martin Luther King Jr.

8. Which of the following famous people was NOT born in April?
A. Emma Watson

B. Queen Elizabeth II

C. Adele

Answer: C. Adele

9. How many days are there in April?
A. 28

B. 30

C. 31

Answer: B. 30

10. Which of the following is a song about the month of April by Frank Sinatra?
A. April In Paris

B. April In London

C. April in New York

Answer: A. April In Paris

11. What is the season in the southern hemisphere of the world during April?
A. Spring

B. Summer

C. Autumn

Answer: C. Autumn

12. In which European country do people celebrate King’s Day on April 27th every year?
A. Sweden

B. The Netherlands

C. Spain

Answer: B. The Netherlands

13. Which Christian festival typically takes place in April?
A. Epiphany

B. Lent

C. Easter

Answer: C. Easter

14. The major league of which sports starts every April in the United States?
A. Baseball

B. Basketball

C. Football

Answer: A. Baseball

15. The arrival of which bird in April is a common signal that spring has come?
A. Songbird

B. Cuckoo

C. Blue jay

Answer: B. Cuckoo

16. Which major marathon race is held annually in April?
A. Tokyo Marathon

B. Boston Marathon

C. Berlin Marathon

Answer: B. Boston Marathon

17. On April 28th, 1770, James Cook became the first European explorer to arrive in which country?
A. Australia

B. New Zealand

C. Papua New Guinea

Answer: A. Australia

18. April 2 is the World Awareness Day of which mental condition?
A. Depression

B. Borderline Personality Disorder

C. Autism

Answer: C. Autism

19. Which popular board game is celebrated on April 13?
A. Monopoly

B. Candy Land

C. Scrabble

Answer: C. Scrabble

20. On which day of April did the Titanic ship hit the iceberg?
A. 2

B. 14

C. 29

Answer: B. 14

21. Which fast food company opened its first restaurant on April 15th, 1955?
A. McDonald’s


C. Subway

Answer: A. McDonalds

22. First organised in 1970, which annual event takes place on April 22 to raise people’s awareness of environmental problems?
A. Earth Day

B. Earth Hour

C. World Environment Day

Answer: A. Earth Day

23. Complete the first line in the poem “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot, “April is the … month.”
A. Coldest

B. Cruelest

C. Shiniest

Answer: B. Cruelest

24. Which international organisation was founded on April 7, 1948?
A. World Trade Organisation

B. World Meteorological Organisation

C. World Health Organisation

Answer: C. World Health Organisation

25. On April 18th, 1906, which city was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed more than 3,000 people?
A. San Francisco

B. Kyoto

C. Bali

Answer: A. San Francisco

26. 23 April is the feast day of which Christian saint?
A. Saint George

B. Saint Joseph

C. Saint Peter

Answer: A. Saint George

27. Which English writer died on April 23rd, 1616?
A. Jane Austen

B. Emily Bronte

C. William Shakespeare

Answer: C. William Shakespeare

28. Which space mission was launched on April 11, 1970, and returned to Earth only after 5 days due to a technical problem?
A. Sputnik I

B. Voyager 1

C. Apollo 13

Answer: C. Apollo 13

29. Which historical event involved the United Kingdom took place on April 2nd, 1982?
A. The United Kingdom joined NATO

B. War broke out with Argentina over the Falkland Islands

C. King George VI passed away

Answer: B. War broke out with Argentina over the Falkland Islands

30. In April 1970, the advertisements of which products were banned in the United States?
A. Condoms

B. Cigarettes

C. Alcohol

Answer: B. Cigarettes

31. In which country does the fiscal year for most companies begin on the first day of April?
A. South Korea

B. Japan

C. China

Answer: B. Japan

32. How many nations in the European Union accepted the Euro as their official currency in April 1999?
A. 5

B. 11

C. 15

Answer: B. 11

33. On April 26th, 1986, which nuclear plant was exploded, leading to the evacuation of everyone within a 300-mile radius?
A. Fukushima

B. Forsmark

C. Chernobyl

Answer: C. Chernobyl

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