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1. What does the term “archery” mean in Latin?
A. Arrow

B. Bow

C. Precision

Answer: B

2. What is the name of the fin-shaped part of an arrow that is often made from bark, feathers, or other light materials?
A. Nock

B. Crest

C. Fletching

Answer: C

3. What is the role of the arrow’s fletching?
A. To improve the aesthetic appearance of arrows

B. To keep arrows stable

C. To increase the speed of arrows

Answer: B

4. Which of the following archer is the first one to win 3 World Cup Final titles?
A. Brady Ellison

B. Clint Barton

C. Oliver Queen

Answer: A

5. What is the name of the centre of a target in archery?
A. Bearseye

B. Bullseye

C. Horseseye

Answer: B

6. What is the colour of the target’s bullseye in archery?
A. Yellow

B. Red

C. Black

Answer: A

7. Since 1984, which country has dominated archery in the Summer Olympics Games by winning 23 out of 34 gold medals?
A. The United States

B. Italy

C. South Korea

Answer: C

8. Which kind of archery shot is competed by archers at the Paralympic and Olympic Games?
A. Clout archery

B. Target archery

C. Field archery

Answer: B

9. From which country did the Daikyu longbow originate?
A. Japan

B. China

C. Mongolia

Answer: A

10. What are the targets in field archery?
A. Flags placed at long distance in an open field

B. Paper targets placed in a wooded course at different distances

C. Foam animals set in a wooded course at unknown and known distances

Answer: B

11. In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of the moon, archery, and hunting?
A. Artemis

B. Athena

C. Aphrodite

Answer: A

12. How many points can you get when shooting at the centre ring of the target?
A. 6

B. 8

C. 10

Answer: C

13. What is the only type of bow allowed to be used at the Olympic Games?
A. Recurve bow

B. Traditional bow

C. Compound bow

Answer: A

14. What is the international governing body of the sport of archery?
A. International Archery Council

B. World Archery Federation

C. International Association of Archery

Answer: B

15. What is the standard range to shoot arrows in Olympic archery?
A. 50 metres

B. 60 metres

C. 70 metres

Answer: C

16. What do two whistle blasts mean in archery?
A. Archers start shooting

B. Archers to the shooting line

C. Archers go get arrows

Answer: B

17. How many points do archers get when the arrow is on the common line of the two different circles?
A. The lower point

B. The higher point

C. The average of the two points

Answer: B

18. What is the name of the container used for holding arrows in archery?
A. A holder

B. A quiver

C. A box

Answer: B

19. What is the main goal in flight archery?
A. To shoot as far as possible

B. To shoot as many arrows as possible in a specific amount of time

C. To shoot as high as possible

Answer: A

20. During a competition, when can an archer go forward and collect the arrows?
A. After shooting the last arrow in the quiver

B. After hearing 3 whistle blasts from the Judge

C. After 5 minutes since the last shot

Answer: B

21. Where should we move the sight when the arrow is dropping low?
A. Down

B. Up

C. Right

Answer: A

22. In addition to protecting the body, what is the other main use of a chest guard in archery?
A. To prevent the string from being damaged when hitting the chest

B. To improve the overall appearance

C. To prevent your clothing from deflecting the string

Answer: C

23. What is a drying firing in archery?
A. To shoot when it is not raining

B. To shoot at dry grasses

C. To draw and release without an arrow

Answer: C

24. Which kind of footwear is not recommended for archers when shooting due to injury concerns?
A. Sneakers

B. Boots

C. Sandals

Answer: C

25. In the individual events at the Olympic Games, how long do archers have to shoot each arrow?
A. 20 seconds

B. 40 seconds

C. 60 seconds

Answer: B

26. What are Vegas, Worcester, Bray, and Portsmouth in archery terms?
A. Outdoor target archery rounds

B. Indoor target archery rounds

C. Field archery rounds

Answer: B

27. What is the name of the traditional type of shooting in England in which an archer shoots an angled target on the ground or an upright flag?
A. Slap shooting

B. Punch shooting

C. Clout shooting

Answer: C

28. Which of the following fictional characters in “The Lord of the Rings” is an archer?
A. Legolas

B. Boromir

C. Aragorn

Answer: A

29. In English folklore, how did the legendary heroic archer Robin Hood win an archery competition?
A. He shot the target every time

B. He split the competitor’s arrow

C. He shot a rat from a distance

Answer: B

30. What happens when an archer fires the arrow out of sequence or after the allowed time?
A. The highest scoring arrow of that end is deducted

B. 10 points are deducted from the scorecard

C. The archer can repeat one time

Answer: A

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