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Arkansas Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which state is to the north of Arkansas?
a. Missouri
b. Texas
c. Rhode Island
d. Maine

2. Which state is to the south of Arkansas?
a. Vermont
b. Louisiana
c. New Jersey
d. Wyoming

3. Who founded Arkansas Post?
a. Joseph Francois Dupleix
b. Charles Joseph Patissier
c. Henri de Tonty
d. Rene Robert Cavalier

4. When was Arkansas separated from Missouri?

5. When did State Agricultural and Mechanical College change its name to Arkansas State University?

6. Which is the capital of Arkansas?
a. Pine Bluff
b. Hope
c. Fayetteville
d. Little Rock

7. Which is the highest point in Arkansas?
a. Mount Athos
b. Mount Magazine
c. Longs Peak
d. High Peak

8. What is the area of Arkansas?
a.21,482 sq. mi.
b.16,123 sq. mi.
c.53,187 sq. mi.
d.41,261 sq. mi.

9. Who of the following presidents of USA was born in Arkansas?
a. Benjamin Harrison
b. William Henry Harrison
c. Andrew Johnson
d. William Jefferson Clinton

10. Who was elected Arkansas’ governor in 1966?
a. Nelson Rockefeller
b. Michael Huckabee
c. Winthrop Rockefeller
d. Joseph Robinson

Arkansas Trivia Objective Questions with Answers Quiz Test Pdf Download

1. What is the capital of Arkansas?

Little Rock

2. Where does Arkansas rank compared to the rest of the states in size?

It’s the 29th largest

3. What is Arkansas’ state flower?

Apple Blossom

4. Where does Arkansas rank compared to the rest of the States in population?


5. What is Arkansas’ State Beverage?


6. Arkansas borders what state to the south?


7. Can you tell the established date of Arkansas?

June 15, 1836

8. What is Arkansas’ all-time record high temperature?

120 °F at Ozark on August 10, 1936.

9. Can you tell Arkansas’ state motto?

Regnat populus

10. What city in Arkansas has the most people?

Little Rock

11. What is Arkansas’ state Rock?


12. What is the official Arkansas state nickname?

The Natural State

13. What is Arkansas’ state fossil?


14. What is the predominant religion?


15. The name Arkansas is derived from the same root as the name for what other state?


16. Can you tell what is Arkansas’ highest point?

Signal Hill

17. The pronunciation of Arkansas with the final “s” being silent was made official in 1881, by the state legislature, after a dispute arose between Arkansas’s what?

Two U.S. senators

18. What is the all-time record low temperature in Arkansas?

-29 °F at Gravette, on February 13, 1905

19. Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was born in ___________?


20. The legislature passed a non-binding resolution in 2007 declaring the possessive form of the state’s name to be what?

Arkansas’s which has been followed increasingly by the state government.

21. Name Arkansas’ state Land mammal?

White-tailed Deer

22. The Mississippi River forms most of Arkansas’s what?

Eastern border

23. What is Arkansas State American Folk Dance?

Square Dance

24. Arkansas, like most other Southern states, is part of the what?

Bible Belt

25. Arkansas is known as _______ US state?


26. Where is the highest point in Arkansas at 2,753 feet?

Mount Magazine in the Ouachita Mountains.

27. What is known as the longest river in Arkansas?

Mississippi River

28. The Mississippi River has major tributaries that include the Arkansas River, the White River, and what?

The St. Francis River

29. What is the all-time record high temperature for Arkansas?

120 °F

30. Arkansas’ rank _________ as compared to the other states in population?


31. What State Park near Murfreesboro is the world’s only diamond-bearing area where the public can dig for diamonds?

Crater of Diamonds State Park.

32. Arkansas have ________ counties?


33. Arkansas has a dozen Wilderness Areas for outdoor recreation and are open to hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping totaling how many acres?


34. What is Arkansas’ state insect?


35. A US Forest Service survey found that 18,720,000acres or 56% of Arkansas’s total land area is what?


36. Name Arkansas’ state Musical Instrument?


37. In Little Rock, Arkansas in July, high temperatures average around 93 °F with lows around what?

73 °F

38. Arkansas borders _______ US State to the west?


39. How many Fortune 500 companies are based in Arkansas, including Walmart?


40. The name Arkansas means ___________?

South Wind

41. Arkansas is the only US State that produces ______________?


42. Between 40 and 60 inches per year of “what” are typical throughout the state?


43. Arkansas has ________ miles of railroad track?

2,750 miles

44. Before the arrival of the white man, Arkansas was inhabited by what tribes?

The Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw.

45. What is Arkansas population?

3.018 million

46. What famous explorer visited the state in 1541?

Hernando de Soto

47. Who was elected Arkansas’ governor in 1966?

Winthrop Rockefeller

48. In 2012, what percentage of the state’s population was white?


49. Name a U.S. President who was born in Arkansas?

William Jefferson Clinton

50. Napoleon Bonaparte sold Louisiana to the US in the year 1803, which included Arkansas, in a purchase known today as the what?

Louisiana Purchase.

51. When did State Agricultural and Mechanical College change its name to Arkansas State University?


52. On what date was the Territory of Arkansas organized?

On July 4, 1819.

53. Who founded Arkansas Post?

Henri de Tonty

54. When Arkansas applied for statehood, what issue was raised in Washington DC?

The slavery issue.

55. What did Arkansas vote to do when the Gulf states seceded from the Union in early 1861?

Arkansas voted to remain in the Union.

56. Who is this quote attributed to? “…the men are of the real half-horse, half-alligator breed such as grows nowhere else on the face of the universal earth.

David (Davey) Crockett

57. What do the three stars, below the word “ARKANSAS” on the Arkansas State flag, represent?

The three countries that the territory belonged to

58. Arkansas seceded after President Lincoln demanded Arkansas troops be sent to where?

Fort Sumter.

59. In what land region are the Arkansas Boston Mountains found?

The Ozark Plateau

60. Battles early in the Civil war that took place included the Battle of Cane Hill, Battle of Pea Ridge, and what other battle?

Battle of Prairie Grove.

61. Which famous baseball player was born in Lucas, Arkansas?

Jay Hanna (Dizzy) Dean

62. Who did President Dwight D. Eisenhower send, in September 1957, to Little Rock Arkansas?

1000 troops from the active-duty 101st Airborne Division to escort and protect the African-American students.

63. Where was Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, born?

In Hope, Arkansas.

64. What is the official state bird of Arkansas?

Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

65. How many total years did Bill Clinton serve as Governor of Arkansas?

12 years.

66. Arkansas’s capital city has been Little Rock since 1821 when it replaced what?

Arkansas Post

67. What is the motto of Arkansas?

The people rule

68. During the Civil War when the Union armies threatened the city in 1862 the state capitol was moved to Hot Springs and later where?


69. Arkansas has how many cities with populations above 50,000?


70. Arkansas played in the SEC Championship Game in which three seasons?

1995, 2002, 2006

71. How many people did Arkansas have according to the United States Census Bureau estimates on July 1, 2012?


72. What year did Arkansas play in its only BCS Bowl Game?

2011 (after the 2010 season)

73. European Americans are found mainly in the northwestern Ozarks and the central part of the state while African Americans live mainly in what parts of the state?

The southern and eastern parts.

74. In which year did Arkansas beat LSU in triple overtime by a score of 50-48?


75. What percentage of the population is employed in the agricultural sector in the state?

About 3%.

76. The all-time leading Arkansas quarterback with regards to career passing yards is:

Tyler Wilson

77. What is the most popular museum, with 604,000 visitors in 2012 in its first year?

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

78. WR Cobi Hamilton broke the single-game receiving yards record (303 yards) for Arkansas against which team:


79. What is one of the oldest sports in Arkansas?


80. Which individual was NOT a member of the 1964 Arkansas Razorbacks national championship team?

Billy Ray Smith

81. In 1915 the state created what to regulate and enforce hunting?

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

82. Where did legendary Arkansas coach and AD Frank Broyles play college football as a student-athlete?

Georgia Tech

83. When did the University of Arkansas first field a football team?


84. Frank Broyles coached for a single season as head coach of what school prior to becoming Arkansas’ head coach?


85. Arkansans when compared with the rest of the US, have a high incidence of premature death, infant mortality, cardiovascular deaths, and what?

Occupational fatalities.

86. In Arkansas’ first season in the SEC, head coach Jack Crowe was fired after Arkansas lost the first game of the season to what team?


87. Arkansas is typically ranked as one of the least healthy states to live in because of high obesity, smoking, and what?

Sedentary lifestyle

88. Which Arkansas head coach is credited with the most wins behind Frank Broyles?

Houston Nutt