300+ TOP Arthur Miller MCQs and Answers GK Quiz

Arthur Miller Multiple Choice Question

1. When was Arthur Miller born?
a) 5 January 1924
b) 17 May 1921
c) 4 September 1918
d) 17 October 1915

2. Where was Arthur Miller born?
a) Philadelphia
b) New York
c) Buffalo
d) Santa Barbara

3. Which university did Arthur Miller attend?
a) Michigan
b) Cornell
c) Princeton
d) Notre Dame

4. When did Arthur Miller write Death of a Salesman?
a) 1944
b) 1949
c) 1952
d) 1956

5. Which Arthur Miller play was based on witchcraft trials in Salem in 1692?
a) The Crucible
b) The Man Who Had All the Luck
c) All My Sons
d) The Archbishop’s Ceiling

Arthur Miller GK Questions

6. When was Arthur Miller married to Marilyn Monroe?
a) 1942-1946
b) 1948-1952
c) 1956-1961
d) 1962-1964

7. For which film did Arthur Miller write the screenplay?
a) The Seven Year Itch
b) Some Like It Hot
c) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
d) The Misfits

8. When was Timebends published?
a) 2000
b) 1987
c) 1996
d) 1984

9. When did Arthur Miller die?
a) 10 February 2005
b) 4 April 2008
c) 7 August 2003
d) 1 November 2004

10. Where did Arthur Miller die?
a) Paris
b) London
c) Roxbury
d) Datchet

11. What was Arthur Miller’s most famous play?
a. Death of a Salesman
b. The Crucible
c. All My Sons
d. A View from the Bridge

Answer: a. Death of a Salesman

12. Which of the following was NOT a common theme in Arthur Miller’s plays?
a. The American Dream
b. The dangers of conformity
c. The Holocaust
d. The corruption of power

Answer: c. The Holocaust

13. Who was Arthur Miller married to from 1956 to 1961?
a. Marilyn Monroe
b. Elizabeth Taylor
c. Audrey Hepburn
d. Grace Kelly

Answer: a. Marilyn Monroe

14. Which of the following is NOT a play written by Arthur Miller?
a. The Glass Menagerie
b. All My Sons
c. The Crucible
d. A View from the Bridge

Answer: a. The Glass Menagerie (This play was actually written by Tennessee Williams, not Arthur Miller.)

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