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Asia Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. From which continent the Red Sea and the Suez Canal do separate Asia ?

Answer: Africa.

2. Bering Strait separates Asia from which continent ?

Answer: North America.

3. Which country is the smallest in Asia ?

Answer: Maldives.

4. Where the Painir Knot (Plateau) is situated ?

Answer: In Tibet, north to India.

5. The Tibet Plateau lies between which two major mountain ranges ?

Answer: The Himalayas and the Kunlun.

6. Which plateau of the world is known as the roof of the world ?

Answer: Tibet Plateau.

7. Which is the largest archipelago in the world ?

Answer: Indonesia.

8. What is archipelago ?

Answer: Group of islands.

9. Takla Makan desert is situated in which country ?

Answer: China.

10. Which two nations of Asia are the leading fishing nations ?

Answer: China and Japan.

11. What are the main cash crops of Pakistan ?

Answer: Cotton and Sugar-cane.

12. In which Asian country Sui fields of natural gas is found ?

Answer: Pakistan.

13. Which is the largest city of Pakistan ?

Answer: Karachi.

14. What is the official language of Pakistan ?

Answer: Urdu.

15. Which is the largest Port of Pakistan ?

Answer: Karachi.

16. Where is the Nankana Saheb, a Sikh Pilgrimage is situated ?

Answer: Near Lahore in Pakistan.

17. Which is the only Hindu country in the world ?

Answer: Nepal.

18. By which name the Mount Everest is known in Nepal ?

Answer: Sagarmatha.

19. Where the Pashupatinath temple is situated ?

Answer: In Nepal.

20. In which country the world’s largest delta Sundarban and formed ?

Answer: Bangladesh.

21. Which famous animal is found in Sundarban ?

Answer: Royal Bengal Tiger.

22. Which crop is known as ‘Sonar Bangla’ in Bangladesh

Answer: Jute.

23. Which is the largest port of Bangladesh ?

Answer: Chittagong.

24. In which country Khyber Pass and Bolan Pass are situated ?

Answer: Pakistan.

25. The Hindukush, the Sulaiman and the Kirthar mountain ranges are situated in which country ?

Answer: Pakistan.

26. Elburg, Zagros and Taurus mountain ranges are situated in which continent ?

Answer: Asia.

27. Where the Gobi desert is situated ?

Answer: In Mangolia.

28. In which country or countries the Thar desert is situated ?

Answer: India and Pakistan.

29. Which river is known as the sorrow of China ?

Answer: Huang Ho.

30. Which is the most hottest place in Asia ?

Answer: Jacobabad (Pakistan).

31. Baddu are the inhabitant of which country ?

Answer: Arabian countries.

32. Khirgiz are the inhabitant of which country ?

Answer: Central Asia.

33.Semaide are the inhabitants of which place ?

Answer: Ob-river valley.

34. Pakhtoons are the inhabitants of which country ?

Answer: They are inhabitated in the north-west of Pakistan.

35. Bhotias are the inhabitant of which place ?

Answer: These are the inhabitant of Himalayan Terrai.

36. Why the Sialkot city in Pakistan is famous for ?

Answer: Here the sports goods are manufactured.

37. Why the Kahuta in Pakistan is famous for ?

Answer: Here Pakistan’s first Atomic Power Plant is situated.

38. Which country of the world is known as ‘Country of earthquakes and volcanoes’ ?

Answer: Japan.

39. Which city of Japan is known as Manchester of Japan ?

Answer: Osaka.

40. On which cities of Japan the USA dropped atom bombs?

Answer: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

41. In which country the commune agriculture is famous?

Answer: China.

42. Which country is the largest producer of rice ?

Answer: China.

43. Which country of the world is the largest producer of wheat ?

Answer: China.

44. Which city of China is known as Manchester of China?

Answer: Shanghai.

45. Which is the largest sea-port of China ?

Answer: Shanghai.

46. Where Taiwan is located ?

Answer: Taiwan is an island off the south-east coast of China. It once a part of China. It is also known as the Republic of C

47. Where is the capital of Taiwan ?

Answer: Taipei.

48. When was the Myanmar separated from India ?

Answer: 1936 AD.

49. Where the Arakan Yoma mountain is situated ?

Answer: In Myanmar.

50. Where the Shan Plateau is situated ?

Answer: In-Myanmar.

51. What the Buddhists temples are known as in Myanmar?

Answer: Black Pagoda.

52. What country of the world is known as the country of the Black Pagoda ?

Answer: Myanmar.

53. Which nation is known as “Pearl of the east” ?

Answer: Sri Lanka.

54. Between which two countries Palk strait is located?

Answer: India and Sri Lanka.

55. Which Island of Japan is the largest ?

Answer: Honshu.

56. In which country the great wall is located ?

Answer: China

57. This famous island in the Arabian Sea is a part of Yemen. Which island?

Answer: Socotra.

58. Write the exact location of Manchuria:

Answer: North-eastern corner of China.

59. Mongolia’s great desert is called:

Answer: Gobi Desert.

60. The oil pipeline runs to Mediterranean ports from this Iraq city. Which city?

Answer: Kirkuk.

Asia Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4 (Quiz 61-80.

61. The capital of Saudi Arabia:

Answer: Riyadh.

62. Three Japanese cities have almost begun to merge each other, as they are so large, Name them:

Answer: Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto.

63. The capital of Mongolia is:

Answer: Ulaanbaatar.

64. The Isthmus of Kra is a narrow neck of land in which one country ends and another extends. Name them?

Answer: Myanmar and Thailand.

65. This Malaysian town is the crossing point to Singapore. Which town?

Answer: Johor Bahru.

66. Which are the two straits that ships bound for the Black Sea from the Mediterranean have to pass through?

Answer: The Dardanelles and the Bosporus.

67. Phosphates is most important resource of this country: Which is it?

Answer: Jordan.

68. Which is the centre most of the three major rivers of Asian Russia?

Answer: Yenisei River.

69. Which Chinese province has some of the largest reserves of coal and iron ore in the world?

Answer: Shanxi.

70. In which republic Tashkent belongs?

Answer: Uzbekistan.

71. Name the countries once formed the territory called French Indochina?

Answer: Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam.

72. Which part of Egypt is in Asia?

Answer: Sinai Peninsula.

73. The Euphrates is one of Iraq’s major rivers. Which is the other?

Answer: Tigris.

74. What do Makassar Strait separate?

Answer: Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

75. Which sea separates European and Asian Turkey?

Answer: Sea of Marmara.

76. The U.A.E separates two parts of a country. Which country?

Answer: Oman.

77. Of which country is Sarawak a part?

Answer: Malaysia.

78. This country considers the Yalu as its most navigable river. Which country?

Answer: North Korea.

79. The old capital of the Philippines was:

Answer: Quezon City.

80. With the export of which cash crop was the Port of Mokha long associated?

Answer: Coffee.

Asia Quiz Questions and Answers Part 5 (Quiz 81-100.

81. This Gulf country is an island. Which country?

Answer: Bahrain.

82. The West Bank is claimed by Israel as its own. Which is this area west of?

Answer: River Jordan.

83. What is the mountain chain just South of the Caspian sea?

Answer: Elburz.

84. Which is the town which gives Israel access to the Red Sea?

Answer: Negev.

85. The Southernmost of the major islands in the Philippines?

Answer: Mindanao.

86. In which Soviet republic is the ancient town of Samarkand?

Answer: Uzbekistan.

87. Which is Tokyo’s port?

Answer: Yokohama.

88. The biggest oil refining centre in Iran:

Answer: Abadan.

89. Dairen and port Arthur are known as:

Answer: Luda.

90. The mountain in Sri Lanka which is sacred to people of all faiths:

Answer: Adam’s Peak.

91. The best known place in the Chagos Archipelago:

Answer: Diego Garcia.

92. Pakistan has borders with two countries of Asia. Which are they?

Answer: Afghanistan and India.

93. The largest natural harbour of Sri Lanka?

Answer: Trincomalee.

94. Which country has largest Gurkha population?

Answer: Nepal.

95. On which river is the Tarbela Dam?

Answer: Indus.

96. In which country was Gan, once an important air base?

Answer: The Maldives.

97. The two major coastal towns on either side of the Gulf of Martaban?

Answer: Yangon and Mawlamyine.

98. The hill station of Pakistan’s capital?

Answer: Murree.

99. The Southernmost group of islands in the-Maldives?

Answer: Addu/ Atoll/ Seenu.

100. Nepal Shares its northern border with this country. Which country?

Answer: China.

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