300+ TOP Australia GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Australia GK Quiz Questions

1. Sydney is the largest city of which country?


2. What is the Human Development Index (HDI) of Australia according to 2017?


3. What is the Per Capita Income of Australia according to International Monetary Fund 2017 report?

55,707 US $

4. Which city is the sixth-largest city in Australia?

Gold Coast, Queensland

5. Name the National Currency of Australia?

Australian dollar (AUD)

6. What is the primary securities exchange of Australia?

Australian Securities Exchange (located in Sydney, Australia)

7. According to Index of Economic Freedom (2017) what was the rank of Australia?


8. Which is the busiest airport in Australia?

Sydney Airport (at Sydney, New South Wales)

9. Australia got Independence from the United Kingdom on which date?

1 January 1901

10. Melbourne was founded on which date by British?

30 August 1835Australia GK Quiz Questions11. Before the 19th century what was the name of Australia?

New Holland

12. Parliament House of Australia, construction was started on which year?

Started in 1981 and completed in 1988

13. Where the Parliament House of Australia is located?


14. Launceston is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia. When the city was founded?

Founded by Europeans in March 1806

15. Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and was founded on which date?

13 May 1825

16. Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?

Malcolm Turnbull (since 15 September 2015)

17. Who is the Governor General of Australia?

Sir Peter Cosgrove (since 28 March 2014)

18. Which is the largest country in Oceania region?


19. What is the Capital of Australia?


20. Australia is officially known as which name?

Commonwealth of Australia

21. Victoria is a state in Australia. What is capital of this state?


22. Uluru is known as Ayers Rock located at where?

Southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia

23. kangaroo is the national animal of which country?


24. Which is the Australia’s highest mountain?

Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m or 7,310 ft)

25. How many states are there in Australia?

6 states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia)

26. What is the scientific name of Emu (national bird of Australia)?

Dromaius novaehollandiae

27. Australian National University is located at where in Australia?


28. What is the estimated population of Australia in June 2018?

24,967,100 as of 15 June 2018

29. What is the Sydney estimated population in 2017?

5,131,326 in June 2017

30. Till the June of 2018 what is the estimated population of Canberra?

406,057 (source:population.net.au)

31. How many times Commonwealth Games were organized in Australia?

5 times (1938 – Sydney, 1962 – Perth, 1982 – Brisbane, 2006 – Melbourne, 2018 – Gold Coast)

32. Who is the Governor General of Australia?

Sir Peter Cosgrove (since 28 March 2014).

33. What is the Capital of Australia?


34. Which is the Australia’s highest mountain?

Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m or 7,310 ft).

35. How many states are there in Australia?

6 states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia).

36. What is the scientific name of Emu (national bird of Australia)?

Dromaius novaehollandiae.

37. Australian National University is located at where in Australia?


38. What is the estimated population of Australia?

25.724 million as of January 2021 (source IMF).

39. Sydney Opera House was designed by whom?

Danish architect ‘Jørn Utzon’.

40. What is the nickname of Sydney Harbour Bridge?

‘The Coathanger’.

41. ‘Port Arthur’ town was named after whom?

George Arthur (Lieutenant Governor of British Honduras from 1814 to 1822).

42. How many times Commonwealth Games were organized in Australia?

5 times.

  1. 1938 – Sydney
  2. 1962 – Perth,
  3. 1982 – Brisbane,
  4. 2006 – Melbourne,
  5. 2018 – Gold Coast

43. Which is the largest country in Oceania region?


Australia GK Quiz Objective Questions with Answers pdf Download Online Exam Test

  1. The ANZUS Agreement of 1951 is a non-binding security agreement between Australia, the United States, and what guessable island nation?
    Answer: New Zealand
  2. Tooheys, Victoria Bitter and Coopers are all popular “bevvies” from which Southern Hemisphere country?
    Answer: Australia
  3. Behind Tasmania and Melville Island, Australia’s third-largest island is named for what animal, which is native to the country and also appears on its official Coat of Arms alongside an emu?
    Answer: Kangaroo
  4. What iconic Australian beach has the Icebergs ocean pool, the Hall Street area, and the Coogee Coastal Walk? It gets its name from an aboriginal word meaning “water breaking over rocks.”
    Answer: Bondi Beach
  5. An inlet of the Tasman Sea, home to the Sydney Opera House, the natural harbour of Sydney, Australia is Port ______ Bay. Fill in the one word blank, also the last name of the singer of the songs “Beat It” and “Thriller.”
    Answer: Port Jackson Bay
  6. Take the red pill and find out: Many of the futuristic locations in what iconic 1999 Keanu Reeves film are actually in Sydney, Australia?
    Answer: The Matrix
  7. A harbour adjacent to Sydney, Australia’s city centre, on the western outskirts of the city’s business district, is ______ Harbour. Fill in the one word “D” blank, a term of affection and the surname of the family that “Peter Pan” visits.
    Answer: Darling Harbour
  8. What nation has the world’s highest minimum wage, at $21.38 AUD per hour (or a little more than fifteen U.S. dollars)?
    Answer: Australia
  9. In 2010, what iconic Australian building prominently featured green lighting on its famously swooping white panels as part of its first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day? The building was designed by Dane Jørn Utzon, but completed by an Australian architectural team in 1973.
    Answer: Sydney Opera House
  10. After less than two years in his office, what prominent Australian politician disappeared in December 1967 and was never seen again?
    Answer: Harold Holt
  11. It was first developed in 1934 by Australian industrial chemist and inventor Thomas Mayne who named it after a famous ancient athlete known for his strength. In 2019, it was the subject of a stirring petition addressed to KLP Wellness that eventually had its own hashtag. What was this invention?
    Answer: Milo
  12. The Australian version of the United States’ “Burger King”, founded in 1971, is known as “______ Jack’s.” Fill in the one word blank, a term for needing or displaying the need for food.
    Answer: Hungry
  13. In January 2017, Serena Williams was pregnant with her first child when she had a very g’day racking up her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at a tennis open in what very southern nation?
    Answer: australiayti
  14. Known in part for playing the character of Wolverine over an 18-year span along with hosting the Tony Awards four times, what British-Australian actor and singer also taught physical education for a year in Uppingham School in England while he was still a teenager?
    Answer: Hugh Jackman
  15. What Melbourne native’s two biggest hits in the US are the 2001 dance tune “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and a 1987 cover of “The Loco-Motion?”
    Answer: Kylie Minogue
  16. Having nothing to do with Bruce Wayne, what city and capital of Victoria was once known as Batmania?
    Answer: Melbourne
  17. Tom Hanks quarantined in Australia after contracting COVID-19 while shooting a film in which he will play the manager of what “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?”
    Answer: Elvis Presley
  18. What is the “A” type of spirit which suggests Australian and New Zealand soldiers possess shared characteristics? The term rose in popularity based on soldiers’ actions on the battlefields of World War I.
    Answer: Anzac spirit
  19. There’s a Finnish rock band that formed in the 1980s led by Pertti Neumann that shares its name with an ancient lineage of dogs found in Australian. What is this band name?
    Answer: Dingo
  20. Home to the sand goanna, crest-tailed mulgara, and the southern marsupial mole, the Great Victorian Desert is located in what massive country?
    Answer: Australia
  21. A crowdsourced security platform, founded in Australia by Casey Ellis and later moved to San Francisco, CA, USA, is ______crowd. Fill in the one word blank, a three-letter synonym for insect.
    Answer: Bugcrowd
  22. The 1854 Eureka Rebellion in Australia was in part a protest following what get-rich-quick event of the 1850s?
    Answer: Gold rush
  23. Novak Djokovic’s refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19 rendered him unable to play in a January 2022 Grand Slam tennis tournament because he was deported from what country?
    Answer: Australia
  24. The smallest geographic area covered by a local council (the third division of Australian government after federal and state), is an only 1.5 sq km for the Shire of Peppermint Grove which is located within what larger Australian city?
    Answer: Perth
  25. Originally known as the Sheffield Shield and today known as the Marsh Sheffield Shield because of sponsorship, this first-class cricket competition crowns a domestic champion from the six states of what nation?
    Answer: Australia
  26. The elongated arch shape of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge has led locals to give it a nickname after what item that you might find in a closet?
    Answer: Coathanger
  27. A 243-kilometer stretch of road on the southern coast of Australia, between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford, opened in 1922, is the Great ______ Road. Fill in the one word blank, something that can be readily seen off the coast.
    Answer: Great Ocean Road
  28. Beginning in 1966, the Royal Australian Mint introduced a twenty-cent piece featuring what egg-laying mammal on its reverse side?
    Answer: Platypus
  29. In which city can you visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens? (Hint: It’s the capital of Tasmania)
    Answer: Hobart
  30. The car company Holden, which is now owned by General Motors, began in 1948 in which southern hemisphere country?
    Answer: Australia
  31. Two malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate make up what snack brand introduced to Australia in 1964 by Arnott’s?
    Answer: Tim Tam
  32. Which species of bird, found in Australia, is the second-largest living bird by height after the ostrich?
    Answer: Emu
  33. Along with the U.K., U.S.A., Canada and Australia, New Zealand is a member of which intelligence alliance known by a two-word name sometimes abbreviated to FVEY?
    Answer: Five Eyes
  34. Niue is a self-governing coral island in free association with what larger country? This larger country is to the east of Australia.
    Answer: New Zealand
  35. The ERC is an Australian committee that is chaired by the Prime Minister with the Treasurer as deputy chair. The group focuses on issues related to revenue and the Australian federal budget. What does the initialism ERC stand for?
    Answer: Expenditure Review Committee
  36. What tennis star, whose last name is the same as the Japanese city where she was born, won the women’s singles competition at the 2021 Australian Open?
    Answer: Naomi Osaka
  37. What medium to large sized owls can be found in Australia, New Zealand, and Flinders Island? Its dark colors, with little pockets of white, makes it look it was covered with some dark stuff, maybe from a chimney.
    Answer: Sooty Owl
  38. By a large gap, what is Australia’s biggest telecom company?
    Answer: Telstra
  39. What capital of Western Australia is over 1,300 miles from Adelaide, its nearest sizeable neighbor, making it one of the most isolated major cities in the world?
    Answer: Perth
  40. Mount Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain in Australia, is located in what state?
    Answer: New South Wales
  41. What city, the state capital of South Australia, shares its name with a character from the musical “Guys and Dolls?”
    Answer: Adelaide
  42. What tremendous three-word site off the coast of Queensland is the world’s largest coral system, composed of over 2,900 of its namesake items and 900 islands, spreading over 2,300 square kilometers? It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.
    Answer: great barrier reef
  43. A popular brand of beer in Queensland Australia sports four of them on the label, and the labels of Mexico’s Dos Equis (naturally) have two. What letter is this?
    Answer: X
  44. Which Australian Prime Minister once held the record for skolling a yard of ale? He downed a sconce pot (2 1/2 imperial pints) in 11 seconds at university.
    Answer: Bob Hawke
  45. Australia is the largest country in what region of the world that includes Polynesia and spans the Eastern and Western Hemispheres? It is also one of the three Superstates in George Orwell’s “1984.”
    Answer: Oceania
  46. In a 1977 referendum to choose the national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair” won with 3 million votes; what “dancing” tune came in second, with 1.9 million votes?
    Answer: Waltzing Matilda
  47. What festively-named island in the Indian Ocean roughly 200 miles south of Indonesia is one of Australia’s seven external territories?
    Answer: Christmas Island
  48. Joe Hockey, Scott Morrison, and Josh Frydenberg are the three most recent holders of what Cabinet-level position in the Australian federal government?
    Answer: Treasurer
  49. What is the largest city in Western Australia, which is actually closer to Bali, Indonesia than to the Australian capital Canberra?
    Answer: Perth
  50. What two-word name is given to the puffy, dark myrtle-green hats worn by Australian Test cricketers since about the turn of the 20th century?
    Answer: baggy green
  51. What is the name of the minor party in Australia that formed in 1992 and is a confederation of eight state and territorial parties? The group cites four core values: ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy and peace / non-violence.
    Answer: The Australian Greens
  52. As of November 2020, there have been 53 different people who have served as justices on the High Court of Australia. How many of these 53 have been women?
    Answer: 5
  53. Despite having less than 2,000 people living there, the Australian town of Coober Pedy is considered the “world capital” of what gemstone, the birthstone of October?
    Answer: Opal
  54. Before she encouraged you to “get physical,” which British-Australian actress was “hopelessly devoted to” John Travolta in “Grease?”
    Answer: Olivia Newton-John
  55. After 150 years, the last edition of The Herald was published in 1990 in Melbourne, Australia. At that time, it folded into The Sun News-Pictorial. Together, they formed which tabloid that still runs today?
    Answer: Herald-Sun
  56. In 2000, runner Cathy Freeman became the first person to light the Olympic cauldron and win a gold medal at the same Olympic Games – what distance was the event that she won to achieve this feat?
    Answer: 400 meters
  57. What Western Australian city is the center of Australia’s oil and gas industry, with the largest concentration of global oil and gas companies, and oil service companies in Australia?
    Answer: Perth
  58. Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Carrie Bickmore were the two hosts of an English-language international version of “So You Think You Can Dance” that was filmed and produced in Sydney. What country’s version of the show was this?
    Answer: Australia
  59. That’s not a box office gross. THIS is a box office gross: what 1986 film is the highest grossing Australian movie of all time?
    Answer: Crocodile Dundee
  60. What four-word phrase spoken by Ronald Reagan in Europe in 1987 received relatively little media coverage at the time but exploded into ubiquity two years later when the phrase became reality? The phrase eventually became shorthand for an entire speech and foreign policy achievement.
    Answer: Tear down this wall
  61. Fans of what “B” Blue Heeler cartoon puppy, debuting in Australia in 2018 and later on Disney Junior, can get tiny figurines of the dog and his family?
    Answer: Bluey
  62. Sometimes called the “fire of the desert,” what is the national gemstone of Australia?
    Answer: Opal
  63. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Australia took home gold medals in both the men’s and women’s coxless four events in what water sport?
    Answer: rowing
  64. Also the name of a place in “The Wizard of Oz,” what nickname has been used for Sydney since the 1987 play of the same name by Australian playwright David Williamson?
    Answer: The Emerald City
  65. What beer company claims their name is “Australian for beer?”
    Answer: Fosters
  66. Which goose in northern Australia is the only living member of the Anseranatidae family and shares a name with a shiny-things-loving bird in the Corvidae family?
    Answer: Magpie
  67. Robert Menzies is well-known as having been the Prime Minister that served in the role for the longest period of time in Australia. However, this is one other man who served in the role for more than a decade. Who is it?
    Answer: John Howard
  68. What “T” zoo in Mosman, New South Wales, Australia was opened in 1916? Its name is an aboriginal word meaning “beautiful view.”
    Answer: Taronga
  69. What’s the only country to host the Summer Olympics in December?
    Answer: Australia
  70. What Australian is known for his “Red Curtain Trilogy,” which includes the films “Strictly Ballroom,” “Moulin Rouge!” and “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet?”
    Answer: Baz
  71. The Quiet Achiever is considered the world’s first practical long-distance solar-powered car powered entirely by photovoltaic solar cells. In which Southern Hemisphere country, which now hosts the Word Solar Challenge, was it built?
    Answer: Australia
  72. The ______ Botanic Garden in Sydney is 30 hectares of plant space, offering events and public recreation in the Farm Cove area. Fill in the one word blank, which suggests the garden has a connection to a monarch.
    Answer: Royal Botanic Garden
  73. Despite its name, Victoria Bitter is actually a lager. It’s also one of the oldest and best-selling beer brands from what country, where it’s been brewed since 1854?
    Answer: Australia
  74. Which southern hemisphere country do Australia play against in the Bledisloe Cup, a competition first held in 1932?
    Answer: New Zealand
  75. What Australian museum, offering both classic and modern art, is located in Hobart, Tasmania and shares its acronymic name with first name of Da Vinci’s “La Gioconda?”
    Answer: MONA
  76. What country is the band AC/DC from?
    Answer: Australia
  77. The scrub wallaby of Western Australia is also known by what six-letter name that’s worth 23 points in Scrabble before any double or triple scores?
    Answer: quokka
  78. When it first launched, Qantas provided service between the Northern Territory and which neighboring Aussie state?
    Answer: Queensland
  79. There are five countries that were represented at every modern Olympics since its beginning. Greece is one of them. Name two others.
    Answer: Australia, France, Great Britain, Switzerland
  80. As of June 2020, what AFL team has the fewest official members with only 13,000? They have fewer than half as many as the next-most-popular team.
    Answer: Gold Coast Suns
  81. Olivia Newton-John exhorts you to “let me hear your body talk” in the lyrics of what hit 1981 song with a one-word title?
    Answer: Physical
  82. The country has 40 public universities and the most research-intensive are collectively known as the Go8 (“Group of 8”). The country’s universities are modeled on the British system, there are other intermediate options that may be taken as preparatory steps before entering university. What is the country?
    Answer: Australia
  83. There are three conventional groups of mammals. The monotremes (including the platypus and echidna) are the oldest and the placentals (including humans) are the most recent to evolve. What third group evolved in between these two other groups?
    Answer: Marsupials
  84. In 1962, Australian Dawn Fraser became the first woman to swim what distance freestyle in less than one minute?
    Answer: 100 m
  85. The Morning Herald was founded in 1831 and is Australia’s oldest continuously published newspaper. In what city is it based?
    Answer: Sydney
  86. There are five countries that were represented at every modern Olympics since its beginning. Greece is one of them. Name two others.
    Answer: Australia, France, Great Britain, Switzerland
  87. Known as a “transport” in Canada, an “articulated lorry” in the UK, and a “single” in Australia, what number is often included in the name of this vehicle when it is described in the United States?
    Answer: 18 (18 wheeler)
  88. Most famous for its iconic trench coats, what British fashion company was founded in 1856 in Basingstoke, England?
    Answer: Burberry
  89. What “Zen Master” professional sports coach was born in Deer Lodge, Montana? This man later became iconic during coaching stints in Chicago and Los Angeles.
    Answer: Phil Jackson
  90. You could buy a pretty awesome loom with the paychecks what actor picked up for his roles as Agent Smith in “The Matrix” movies and Elrond of Rivendell in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy?
    Answer: Hugo Weaving
  91. Alex Dimitriades and Katherine Halliday starred as students at an inner-city Sydney school on the first season of what alliteratively named 1990s Australian teen drama?
    Answer: Heartbreak High
  92. An urn that does not actually contain any cremains is the prize for what Test cricket series that has been played since the late 19th century between England and Australia?
    Answer: The Ashes
  93. In 2014, viewers of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” were no longer the only people to know Maddie Ziegler’s name. At just 11 years old, she literally took the leap to stardom after being featured in the music video for “Chandelier” by which Australian singer-songwriter?
    Answer: Sia
  94. In 2011, Australia’s Cadel Evans became the second non-European to officially win what multi-phase Euro sporting competition?
    Answer: Tour de France
  95. The 2022 Australian Rules Football Grand Final saw the Geelong Cats win their 10th VFL/AFL premiership by defeating the Sydney ______ 133 to 52.
    Answer: Swans
  96. Lake Hillier in Australia and Dusty Rose Lake in Canada are notable examples of lakes that have what color water?
    Answer: Pink
  97. On which river is the Tasmanian city of Devonport?
    Answer: Mersey
  98. Uluru, the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia is also known by what other name?
    Answer: Ayers Rock
  99. What city is the capital of Australia?
    Answer: Canberra (hint: it’s Australia’s largest INLAND city)
  100. “It’s Every Monkey for Themselves: A True Story of Sex, Love and Lies in the Jungle” is a memoir by what well-known Australian scientist about her time in Costa Rican jungles?
    Answer: Vanessa Woods
  101. As of June 3, 2020 how many living FORMER Australian Prime Ministers are there?
    Answer: Six
  102. What is the name of the trophy given annually by the AFL Players Association to the Most Valuable Player in the Australian Football League?
    Answer: Leigh Matthews
  103. At the ripe age of 67, who was the oldest Australian Prime Minister? We’re basing this on the age when they took office. This man was only Prime Minster for three weeks, operating in a caretaker capacity.
    Answer: John McEwen
  104. In the famous 1983 Australian court case Commonwealth vs Tasmania, the Federal Government won a 4:3 majority in a clash over the construction of what type of energy project?
    Answer: Hydroelectric dam
  105. Serving in two non-contiguous terms, what Australian politician holds the record as the longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history at over 18 years in total?
    Answer: Robert Menzies
  106. Australia has an official “Classification of Local Governments” in which they categorise local governing authorities based on the population, population density, and proportion of population that is classified as urban. UF is one of these categories, standing for Urban F______. What word fills in the blank?
    Answer: Fringe
  107. Although not legally married to former Prime Minister Gillard, what man is often considered the first male spouse of an Australian Prime Minister?
    Answer: Timothy “Tim” Mathieson
  108. The Australian constitution’s section 128 describes what procedure which requires a “double majority”? This means that both a nationwide majority as well as a majority of voters in a majority of states is required.
    Answer: Referendum on amendments
  109. What dark-red colored populist political party is focused on appealing to family farmers and ranchers only holds one seat in the nationwide parliament, but also holds 5% of the seats in the Queensland Parliament?
    Answer: Katter’s Australia Party (KAP)
  110. What country has won the most Cricket World Cups since 1975, last besting New Zealand 186-3 in 2015?
    Answer: Australia
  111. Though it is 335 km (208 mi) away, what town in the Northern Territory of Australia is the closest city to the iconic natural formation known as Uluru?
    Answer: Alice Springs
  112. Born in Killara, New South Wales, what supermodel of the 1980s was nicknamed “The Body?”
    Answer: Elle Macpherson
  113. What “W” farm is a historic site in Ridgefield and and Wilton, CT, commemorating the namesake impressionist artist who lived there, and was also visited by John Singer Sargent and others? It shares its name with the last name of the Australian director of “Dead Poets Society.”
    Answer: Weir Farm
  114. Get used to skyline shots from Kangaroo Point: the 2032 Summer Olympics will be hosted by what Aussie city in Queensland?
    Answer: Brisbane
  115. What country – whose national flag is comprised of the Union Jack, a seven-pointed Commonwealth Star and five stars representing the Southern Cross constellation – was previously named New Holland by Dutch explorers in the early 17th century?
    Answer: Australia
  116. “Kangaroo Route” refers to air routes flown between Australia and which other country? In a straight line, the distance between these countries’ largest cities is 10560 miles.
    Answer: United Kingdom
  117. Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA is home to a bronze sculpture of what famous tennis player, the only black player to ever win singles titles at the US Open, the Australian Open, and Wimbledon, the latter of which he won in 1975?
    Answer: Arthur Ashe Monument
  118. What dessert, popular in both New Zealand and Australia and named for a famous Russian dancer, is made from crisp meringue, whipped cream, and fresh fruit?
    Answer: Pavlova
  119. Which alliteratively named Australian river is sometimes known as the Barcoo River after one of its tributaries?
    Answer: Cooper Creek
  120. In February 1942, which northerly Australian city was bombed by Japanese aircraft resulting in over 200 casualties?
    Answer: Darwin
  121. In 1996 Lockheed Martin began its sponsorship of the Fincastle Maintenance Trophy, an award that is competed for by aircrew from the Royal Air Forces of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and which other country?
    Answer: New Zealand
  122. The San Diego Zoo’s website hosts a popular live cam of Biarrung and Eve, the only two captive animals of what monotreme species outside Australia?
    Answer: Platypus
  123. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is located in what appropriately-named sea, which lies between Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands, and which gives its name to a WWII-era naval battle?
    Answer: Coral Sea
  124. In what nation can you find the Coober Pedy, an opal mining town where summers are so hot, most of the town is built underground?
    Answer: Australia
  125. What 1990 film, set in the Australian Outback, was the first animated sequel ever released by Disney Studios?
    Answer: The Rescuers Down Under
  126. If Edward Barton was the first in 1901, and Robert Menzies the longest-serving at over 16 years, then in 2010 who became the first (and to date only) woman?
    Answer: Julia Gillard (Barton and Menzies being the first and longest-serving Australian Prime Ministers)
  127. Ninox strenua is the largest owl on the continent of Australia and a territorial hunter. The males of the species are strong and dominant, thus living up to the owl’s common name—which is what?
    Answer: Powerful
  128. In 1967, Harold Holt disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach. His body was never found but he was presumed dead. At the time of his disappearance, which country was he Prime Minister of?
    Answer: Australia
  129. Which island that’s part of New South Wales and is a World Heritage site is home to just over 380 people and puts a limit on tourists (about 400), so there’s really never more than 800 people on it at one time?
    Answer: Lord Howe Island
  130. Before becoming Prime Minister in 2022, which electoral division in New South Wales had Anthony Albanese represented in parliament since 1996?
    Answer: Grayndler
  131. Known as macropods from the Latin term for ‘large foot’, Kangaroos are mostly native to which Southern hemisphere country?
    Answer: Australia
  132. Wembley Stadium in London was rebuilt and opened in 2007. However the project numerous delays and financial bailouts. Which Australian construction company was tasked with building this new stadium?
    Answer: Multiplex
  133. It must have lots of things you could “put on the barbie”. With a 2.6 million liter tank, Reef HQ (formerly Great Barrier Reef Aquarium) is the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium – on which island nation would you find it?
    Answer: Australia
  134. A delicacy in some indigenous cultures, the larva of a cossid moth known as a witchetty grub is native to which country?
    Answer: Australia
  135. What are the two words inscribed on the Victoria Cross, which is the highest award for military bravery given to soldiers from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other Commonwealth countries?
    Answer: For Valour
  136. After being officially proclaimed as a city in 1911, what is the largest city in Australia that is not on any of the coastlines?
    Answer: Canberra
  137. Where did the British fleet first land when they arrived to establish their penal colony in Australia in 1788? The location is now part of the present-day city of Sydney.
    Answer: Botany Bay
  138. Constructed in 2005 in Queensland, at 1,056 feet tall and with 78 floors, what’s the name of the tallest building in Australia? (Bonus fact: It was also the tallest residential building in the world until 2011!)
    Answer: Q1
  139. Breaking a winning streak of 132 years by the New York Yacht Club, a boat from which country (which also the country’s name in the boat name) beat the boat ‘Liberty’ in the 1983 America’s Cup?
    Answer: Australia
  140. Although most of the world’s supply are grown in Hawaii as a result of its volcanic soil, the Macadamia tree is actually native to which other country?
    Answer: Australia
  141. What three-time Grand Slam-winning tennis player is the only African American man to win a singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open?
    Answer: Arthur Ashe
  142. During the great 2022 Australian Open visa kerfuffle, Australia’s prime minister met with the PM of what Eastern European country to discuss Novak Djokovic?
    Answer: Serbia
  143. What Swedish fast-fashion brand acquired half of its brand name after the 1968 acquisition of hunting apparel retailer Mauritz Widforss?
    Answer: H & M
  144. Which Australian rapper became the second act after the Beatles to rank at number one and number two simultaneously in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with their first two entries?
    Answer: Iggy Azalea
  145. The natural light display named Aurora Australis is also known by what more common name?
    Answer: Southern Lights
  146. Called “the fittest woman on earth” for having won five CrossFit Games championships in a row, Tia-Clair Toomey has also represented what southern-hemisphere nation in weightlifting at the Olympic Games?
    Answer: Australia
  147. The “New Parliament House” in Canberra was built and opened in what decade? The building was opened by Elizabeth II and cost more than A$1.1 billion to build.
    Answer: 1980s
  148. Peter Garrett served in various roles of the Australian government from 2004 to 2013, but may be better known as the lead singer of what rock band known for politically charged songs like “Beds Are Burning” and “The Dead Heart?”
    Answer: Midnight Oil
  149. What “K” word is a nature reserve in Australia’s Northern territory, containing aboriginal sites such as Nourlangie and Ubirr? Its name is a tribute the Aboriginal language Gagudju.
    Answer: Kakadu
  150. What “G” National Park in Victoria, Australia is a nature preserve home to sandstone mountains, as well as echnidas and wallabies? It also has trails leading to MacKenzie Falls, as well as views of the Victoria Range.
    Answer: Grampians National Park
  151. Of all the currently-active teams in the Australian Football League, which was founded first? The club traces its roots to an 1858 letter from Tom Wills.
    Answer: Melbourne Demons
  152. What is the coffee drink, similar to a caffe latte but with a thinner, more velvety layer of foam, that was first described in Australia in the 1980s but is also claimed as a local invention by New Zealanders?
    Answer: Flat White
  153. Spanning more than 1,800 miles, the World Solar Challenge is an every-other-year car race for solar-powered vehicles across what country?
    Answer: Australia
  154. What 2021 security pact unites the United States, the UK, and Australia against potential threats from Asia, including supplying Australia with nuclear submarines? Its five letter name is derived from the three member nations.
    Answer: AUKUS
  155. Susan Kiefel is the current Chief Justice of Australia’s High Court. Prior to Kiefel’s appointment in 2017, how many women had previously held this role?
    Answer: Zero
  156. Because of Texas’s size, it has multiple different climates in different regions of the state. One of these regions is considered a humid subtropical zone with a climate similar to Taiwan, the Philippines, and much of the Southern parts of Queensland, Australia. What region of the state is this?
    Answer: Piney Woods
  157. Bordered by territories controlled by Norway, Chile, and New Zealand, the largest territorial claim in Antarctica is controlled by what country, which is relatively close geographically?
    Answer: Australia
  158. Anthony Albanese has been the Prime Minister of what A-word country since May of 2022?
    Answer: Australia
  159. The Mullagh Medal goes to the Player of the Match for Australia’s traditional Boxing Day face-off at MCG in what sport?
    Answer: Cricket
  160. Scott Morrison won the 2019 Australian federal election with just over 50% of the vote. What was the official turnout in the election? We’re looking for the % of the eligible population that cast a vote. Responses accepted if within 2% of the correct answer.
    Answer: 0.92
  161. Sia Isobelle Furler, better known by the stage name “Sia”, is famed for her split white and black hair, large bows, and songs such as “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills”. What country is she from?
    Answer: Australia
  162. What is the full name of Australian boy band 5SOS?
    Answer: 5 Seconds of Summer
  163. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Melbourne is the ______ capital of the world. These sneaky, orange animals have a density of between 6-23 per square kilometer in the city’s urban area. What animal fills in the blank?
    Answer: Fox
  164. In what year did William Cooper establish the Australian Aborigines League, an organization that pushed the Australian government to recognize Aboriginal people as British subjects with the same rights as other Australian citizens? Responses accepted if within five years of the correct answer.
    Answer: 1935 (1930 – 40 accepted)
  165. What was the name of Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s 1992 speech in which he acknowledged that European settlers were responsible for a great number of atrocities against the indigenous Aboriginal people?
    Answer: The Redfern Speech
  166. The inaugural women’s international Test cricket match was between the English side and what other country in December 1934?
    Answer: Australia
  167. Nicknamed “The Don”, what legendary Australian cricketer, who played in the first half of the 20th century, finished his career with an astonishing Test batting average of 99.94?
    Answer: Don Bradman
  168. What Australian mammal is the only animal known to produce cube-shaped feces?
    Answer: Wombat
  169. The second-smallest Australian state by area, the capital of the Seychelles and the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia share what name?
    Answer: Victoria
  170. Which Australia-based startup gives social media influencers a “one-stop shop” for sharing all their content and online profiles with followers, or even directing them to causes they support or brands they work with? (Hint: The name sounds like a tall plant in a “digital forest” that’s covered with hypertext).
    Answer: Linktree
  171. What is the “B” term that can be used to describe the Australian government (along with many other democracies) in which the legislature has legislators in two separate assemblies, chambers, or houses?
    Answer: Bicameralism
  172. What alliteratively named Australian film franchise features a character nicknamed “Goose,” played by Steve Bisley, in its initial 1979 installment?
    Answer: Mad Max
  173. Which sea off the northeast coast of Australia contains many islands and reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef?
    Answer: Coral Sea
  174. The only owl that the International Ornithological Committee recognizes as having a single word name, the morepork (scientific name Ninox novaeseelandiae) is native to which two island countries?
    Answer: Australia and New Zealand
  175. What American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army was born in Little Rock, AR?
    Answer: Douglas MacArthur
  176. Which Australian state features a red lion against a white circular background on the right side of its state flag?
    Answer: Tasmania
  177. Make no mistake about it, the fault line between New Zealand’s North and South Island that separates the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates shares its name with which animated resident of Jellystone Park?
    Answer: Boo Boo
  178. As federal agent Aaron Falk, Eric Bana returns to his arid hometown of Kiewarra to dig into the death of a childhood friend in what hit 2020 Aussie mystery film based on a hit Robert Connolly novel?
    Answer: The Dry
  179. What “c” is genus of large flightless bird, the largest species of which is only smaller than the ostrich and the emu, that is found in the tropical forests of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia? These birds are considered dangerous due to being able to kick powerfully with their sharp claws.
    Answer: Cassowary
  180. What Emily Weiss-founded cosmetics brand known for pop-up experiences opened their first permanent showroom at 123 Lafayette St. in New York? A second location followed the next year in Los Angeles.
    Answer: Glossier
  181. Toolka is the indigenous Wemba Wemba name of the Cape Barren goose in the southern portion of what very southern island nation?
    Answer: Australia
  182. The most recent Summer Olympics in which Costa Rica won a medal was in what country?
    Answer: Australia
  183. The Andamooka Opal is also called the Queen’s Opal because it was given to which British monarch when she visited South Australia in 1954?
    Answer: Queen Elizabeth II
  184. The Federation Star, which is found below the Union Jack on the Australian Flag, has how many points? It has one point for each state of Australia, and one point representing the combined territories.
    Answer: Seven
  185. Alaska is typically considered the seventh-largest country subdivision in the world by area. Two of the larger subdivisions are found in Russia and two in Australia. Name either of the other countries with a subdivision larger than Alaska.
    Answer: Canada (Nunavut) or Denmark (Greenland)
  186. “Gutharraguda,” which means “two bays,” is the indigenous name for what Western Australia body of water known for its dugong population?
    Answer: Shark Bay
  187. The state flag of Western Australia contains a yellow circle in which appears a black version of what majestic, long-necked bird that is native to the area?
    Answer: swan
  188. First described in 1801 and noted for its relatively small size, the Southern Boobook owl is native to which continent?
    Answer: Australia
  189. FRACO and FRANZCO are the specialist qualification to practice ophthalmology in what pair of neighboring nations?
    Answer: Australia and New Zealand
  190. In 2021, what “Q” national airline of Australia auctioned off two lie-flat airplane seats? In the movie “Rain Man”, Ray discusses how this airline had never crashed.
    Answer: Qantas
  191. By what two-word, alcohol-based name is Australia’s first and only military coup known? This military coup took place in 1808.
    Answer: Rum Rebellion
  192. Reflecting the sport they play and a mammal the continent is known for, what is the official nickname of the Australian men’s national football team?
    Answer: Socceroos
  193. Held on November 6, Australia had a hotly-contested referendum in WHAT YEAR that asked whether Australia should become a republic with a President appointed by Parliament? Malcolm Turnbull headed the “Yes” campaign which was ultimately defeated.
    Answer: 1999
  194. Besides Australia, what country takes up the highest percentage of a continent’s area?
    Answer: Brazil
  195. What French fashion designer coined the term “cocktail dress” for the 1950s mid-calf dress designed for semi-formal events?
    Answer: Christian Dior
  196. What type of tree was widely planted in Australia as an erosion-control measure but is now regarded as an invasive weed across extensive ares of the country and is considered a ‘Weed of National Significance’? Hint: the tree is often referred to by an alliterative nickname.
    Answer: Willow
  197. There are three former clubs of the Australian Football League, but only one of them was founded in the last 100 years. What is this club that spent ten years in the VFL/AFL?
    Answer: Brisbane Bears
  198. Which Victorian city, now named after a British Prime minister, was briefly known as Batmania in honor of its awesomely named founder John Batman?
    Answer: Melbourne
  199. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, what Mexican state sounds like it might contain Australian mammals but is actually named for a lawyer who fought for Mexican independence?
    Answer: Quintana Roo
  200. Women’s suffrage was legalized at the federal level in Australia in what year? A few clarifications are in order. First, the act continued to exclude “aboriginal natives” so it was not truly universal suffrage. Second, this legislation was passed as Commonwealth Franchise Act ______. The year in which it was passed fills that blank. We’ll accept responses within five years of the correct answer.
    Answer: 1902 (1897 – 1907 accepted)
  201. Beating out Australia, India, and Turkey, what north hemisphere country is the world’s largest grower of lentils and produces more than half of the world’s total lentil exports?
    Answer: Canada
  202. Set on the fictional Australian sheep station of Drogheda, what 1977 novel by Colleen McCullough was adapted into a miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward?
    Answer: The Thorn Birds
  203. Being one of the most popular sports down under, how many points is a goal worth in Australian Rules Football football? It is the same number of points as a converted try in rugby league.
    Answer: Six
  204. Since 2016, the fronts of Australian $100 banknotes have displayed a picture of what operatic soprano and Richmond, Victoria native who is also the namesake of a peachy dessert?
    Answer: Dame Nellie Melba
  205. When Barbie broke up with Ken in 2004, she was briefly paired with what other B-doll, a surfer from Australia?
    Answer: Blaine
  206. Australian hard rock band AC/DC’s first show in the US was in what legendary Austin venue?
    Answer: Armadillo World Headquarters
  207. Which movie of 1993 starring Liam Neeson in the titular role and directed by Steven Spielberg is based on a novel of 1982 by Australian Thomas Keneally?
    Answer: Schindler’s List
  208. What woman’s forename is included in name of the world’s largest working cattle station, which is located in the state of South Australia?
    Answer: Anna
  209. Using the International Monetary Fund (2018) as your source, choose the continent (excluding Antarctica of course) with the highest GDP per capita. Now choose the country within that continent with the highest GDP per capita. What is the country?
    Answer: Australia
  210. What 2016 romantic drama film stars Michael Fassbender as Tom Sherbourne, a World War I hero who works as a lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock off the coast of Australia?
    Answer: The Light Between Oceans
  211. The hair on the top of the head is combed back to create a pile of loose hair and unteased hair is lightly combed over the pile to give a smooth, sleek appearance. Last but not least, the outer hair’s ends are curled or combed. This creates what common hairstyle of the mid 20th century?
    Answer: Bouffant
  212. Although they’re not associated with water, Australia’s kookaburras are a member of what larger group of birds, notable for their short legs and long, sharp beaks?
    Answer: Kingfishers