300+ [UPDATED] Autocad Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Which One Key Combinations Will Toggle Snap?

Either F9 or CONTROL and B

Q2. Which One Options Of The Undo Command Allows The Undo Facility To Be Disabled?


Q3. What Are The Features Being Corrected By Autocad?

  • AutoCAD identifies the problem and correct it by removing the corruption with the drawing parts.
  • It involves adding of the vertices to the poly-lines with a provision to add additional vertices.
  • The poly-line provides only the provision of using one vertex and the vertex can be added on run.
  • The corruption can be neglected or corrected by finding out the exact location of the poly-line that has zero vertices.
  • The objects can be deleted after there is no use of it or can be removed if there is no use of them in the system.

Q4. Which One Is The Maximum Number Of Layers Which Can Be Defined In An Autocad Drawing?

256 layers

Q5. One Effect Of Setting The Value Of Mirrtext=0 Is That?

text is displayed but not mirrored

Q6. The Command To Scale A Paper Space Viewport To Half The Drawn Size Is?

Zoom 0.5x

Q7. Which One Is A Correct Statement Regarding Autocad Blocks?

Blocks can only be inserted into a drawing if they already exist in that drawing.

Q8. What Is The Procedure To Copy The Dimension Styles From One Drawing To Another?

  • Copying the dimension of styles from one drawing to another requires setting up the particular dimension style.
  • Setting up the dimension style also requires the use of documents and creation of the styles while using the blank document.
  • The document is saved by using the document as a Drawing template and then new references gets created by the template document.
  • Templates define the system variables that can be consistent across all the platforms and provides the drawings like layer styles, units and blocks.
  • It can be copied by copying the styles on single case basis and the drawings can be done by seeing the current drawing.
  • Using of the design center makes it easy for the AutoCAD tools to allow the browsing and copying of the styles and other drawings activities.

Q9. Which One Is An Autocad Relative Polar Coordinate?


Q10. Which System Variables Controls The Accuracy Of Approximation Of A Spline Curve?


Q11. A House Measures 15000 Mm X 8000 Mm In Plan View. When Drawing The Plan View Only Which One Sets Of Limits Would Be Best To Use?


Q12. What File Formats Are Used In Design?

  • There is native format use such as .dwg for AutoCAD and it offers format that can be exchanged.
  • The format of file that can be exchanged has DXF extension and it offers data operability.
  • dwg format is included in AutoCAD and give the support. It gives a method to use active files.
  • It gives a way to approximate total file having extension .dwg that is created in association with other files.
  • It offers languages that are used and software localization part can be changed to meet the needs.

Q13. What Are The Different Ports Used In Different Os?

  • AutoCAD doesn’t have major improvements and some changes can be made to improve the capabilities of it.
  • It requires the improvements to be made on the ports so to provide the easy accessibility to the applications and devices.
  • The changes have been made to suit the environment and it included:
  • Canvas control: this is being done in an increased manner and it controls the area that is being defined by the canvas.
  • Associated arrays: this provides the arrays that are being associated with other arrays or other parts.
  • 3D model manipulation: that is being done by the tools used in the operating systems and allows easy portability of the application.

Q14. How Many Entity Colours Does Autocad Support?


Q15. The Special Character String That Causes Text To Be Underlined Is?


Q16. The Effect Of Freezing A Layer Is To?

make it invisible and prevent regeneration

Q17. What Are The Steps To Enable The Drag And Drop Feature In Autocad?

  • AutoCAD provides a way to drag and drop the elements by the use of noun and verb that allows the object to move from one place to another.
  • AutoCAD provides an option to rotate or erase the selected object and allows the action to be taken on the application.
  • The editing functions like MOVE and ERASE can be used to provide the erasing of the objects and noun/verb.
  • Open the system option dialog box and choose from there Noun/Verb and turn it on from the menu bar.
  • The selection tab can be selected by using the noun/verb selection of the options with the mouse clicks and opening of the menus.


Q18. Describe Procedure To Create User Interface?

  • Command prompts are used to sketch dialog boxes and plots to create user interface.
  • The dialog boxes display is seen by making use of some external commands or PLOT command.
  • Set CMDDIA to 1 takes place that allows dialog boxes to run command and enter use spaces.
  • The creation of user interface needs the command line to show complete file so that it can be edited or customized very easily.


Q19. Which One Commands Allows Simultaneous Pan And Zoom?


Q20. What Are The Steps Need To Be Taken To Replace The Buttons On Toolbars With Smiley?

  • AutoCAD have the place for button icons in the toolbar and tool boxes that it gets replaced with the smiley.
  • AutoCAD provides the buttons for the template files that can be edited after customizing the toolbars.
  • The changes are being provided by the template files that can cause the menu resources and allow the creation of files according to the requirements.
  • To use smiley instead of buttons following steps are required and needed:
  • Open the AutoCAD menu and edit the button file using the bitmap file that is saved in the support path.
  • Move or copy the icon files that are used for different menus toolbars and open it according to the menus chosen.
  • The button properties can be seen and an editor dialog box will be given according to the save as button.
  • The directory is specified with the supported path and the Apply button properties are also being given for the AutoCAD properties.


Q21. Which Commands Will Not Place Some Form Of Text Within The Drawing?


Q22. Which One Commands Can Be Used To Turn The Grid Through 45 Degrees ?


Q23. Which Is An Autocad Font For Mathematical Symbols?


Q24. When Designing An Integrated Circuit Measuring 5 Mm X 5mm The Measurements Should Be Entered Using A Scale Of


Q25. What Are The File Formats Used In Design?

  • There is a use of native format like .dwg for the AutoCAD and it provides an interchangeable format.
  • The file format that is interchangeable has the extension as DXF and it provides the data operability.
  • AutoCAD includes the .dwg format and provide the support as well. It provides a way to use the files that are active.
  • It provides a way to estimate the total number of active .dwg files that can be made in collaboration with other files.
  • It provides languages that can be used and the localization part of the software can be modified to meet the requirements.

Q26. To Continue Drawing A Line From The Last Known Point, Enter


Q27. What Is The Function Of Vertical Integration?

  • AutoCAD uses the vertical integration program to enhance the architectural designing of 3D objects.
  • The 3D objects can include walls and other things that are associated with the data having intelligence and association with the simple objects like lines and circles.
  • The data is programmed such that it represents only the architectural products and the extracted files.
  • The information for the data and the actions on the like modifies and creates the relationship of an object.
  • It consists of the tools that allow the estimation and other objects related representation in the 2D drawings.
  • The elevations and sections used as a 3D architectural model specifies the standard calculations used in creating applications.

Q28. Which One Best Describes A “user Coordinate System”?

the pair of coordinate points which define the lower left and upper right corners of the drawing boundary

Q29. The Setvar Command Is Used To?

change the values of the system variables

Q30. When Is A Space Not Interpreted As The Enter Key?

The space is always an alternative to the enter key.

Q31. Which Shapes Cannot Be Drawn By The Polygon Command?


Q32. What Are The Steps Involved In Copying A Closed Drawing?

  • The copying of the closed drawing takes place from the toolbar provide in the design center of the AutoCAD.
  • Design center allows the modification of the drawing to be done using the graphical interface.
  • Open drawings are given to display the content and copy the closed drawings easily by using the Tree View option.
  • The drawing is involved with the drawing elements that can be copied with the defined objects that have the similar type.
  • Dim style gets copied from one to another and it provides a drag and drop feature that gets opened into an open document.


Q33. What Is The Procedure To Draw A Line More Than One Time And Save It Automatically?

  • AutoCAD allows the file to be written in multiple instances of the processes and it limit the resources that needs to be used as well.
  • When a new line needs to be drawn the process opens up another file in a new session to write the file.
  • AutoCAD allows saving multiple drawings to be saved for each session and it can be used to create the application.
  • The files are saved by using the file extension as .dwg and it can be modified using the browser.
  • The file extension needs to be hidden and it needs to show allowing the selection of the option as well.
  • The file modification takes place by checking the AutoCAD operations and opening up of the drawing.

Q34. The Maximum Number Of Commands Whose Effect Can Be Undone By The Undo Command Is?

all commands issued since the drawing was last loaded into the drawing editor

Q35. Which One Commands Can Be Used To Change The Value Of A System Variable?


Q36. If The System Variable Mirrtext Is Set To 1, Text Is?


Q37. What Is The Main Purpose Of Auto Cad?

  • AutoCAD is used to create the computer aided designs or software applications including drafting.
  • AutoCAD develops the application in both the 2D and 3D formats and provide the information to the application.
  • AutoCAD provides tools to design the softwares used in the industry, architects and project management.
  • It provides an easy way to design the software with the designs and architect it according to the need.

Q38. Which Statements Is True For Autocad?

ZOOM ALL makes all objects visible irrespective of the layer visibility state.

Q39. The “select Object” Option “previous” Is Best Described By

Picks the previously picked group of objects

Q40. The Special Character String That Is Used To Print The Diameter Sign Is?


Q41. Which One Best Defines A “prototype” Or “template” Drawing?

a me of setting the initial drawing environment for new drawings

Q42. The Shortcuts Or Command Alias That Allows Us To Key In L And Autocad Responds With Line Are Stored In A File Named


Q43. What Is The Procedure To Create User Interface?

  • The user interface can be created by using the command prompts to draw the plots and dialog boxes.
  • The displaying of the dialog boxes can be seen by the use of PLOT command and the external database (ASE) commands.
  • Setting of CMDDIA to 1 takes place that enables the dialog boxes to run the command and enter the spaces of use.
  • The user interface creation also requires the command line to display the entire file so that it can be easily customized or edited.

Q44. Why Autocad Software Is Used?

  • The shape and design of the products that is required to be created is offered by AutoCAD software.
  • This software offers features that are user friendly and very flexible with some specific tools to develop applications and the workflow is documented.
  • Aggregating and importing models is involved in it and most commonly permits to develop design without making any changes in the original model.
  • It offer some specific tools to present formats by designing layouts in detail and views can be used in drawings automatically.
  • Also, it has some specifications to develop detail design layouts and automatically views are drawn by making use of original model.

Q45. Autocad Has Had The Dreaded Model Space And Paper Space Since R

it converts 2D drawings to 3D

Q46. What Is The Use Of Variants In Auto Cad?

  • AutoCAD uses lots of variants including the releases that provide capabilities to build an application.
  • The 3D capability that is being provided by the AutoCAD gives fewer rises to the releases of the applications.
  • Variants are used to increase the variations present in the application or the package used in particular program.
  • AutoCAD provides variants that help in creation, visualization and rendering of the 3D models that provide the 3D printing as well.
  • Variants provide a way to use different functionalities of the function in the application and execute it according to the needs.

Q47. The Effect Of Qtext Being On Is To?

speed up drawing regeneration by replacing text with rectangles

Q48. Causes Attributes To Be Set To Their Defaults?


Q49. When Using Autocad For The Design Of A Mechanical Component Measuring 1000 Mm By 500 Mm, The Dimensions Would Normally Be Entered At A Scale Of?

1:10 in A4 size drawing

Q50. What Are The Uses Of Auto Cad?

  • AutoCAD software is used to draw and design the documents and the applications with easy customization options.
  • AutoCAD provides a platform to be used by professionals to create the designs and 3D models.
  • It allows the creation of the professional technical drawings and conceptual designs used for representation of the logics.
  • It allows the drafter to provide the finishing touches and designing with the detailing and linking to the online data.
  • It provides suppliers or operational professionals to review the drawings and modify it according to the requirements.