400+ TOP AUTOCAD LAB VIVA Questions and Answers


1. What is meant by AutoCAD?
AutoCAD is one of the cad system software introduced in dec 1982 by Autodesk ltd in Sausallia,California of USA. It has hit the technical world like shock wave revolutionizing the manner of drawing preparation.

2. What is the diff between CAD & CADD?
CAD- Computer aided design

CADD- Computer aided design and drafting

3. What are the applications of CAD?

  • Product Drawings
  • Drawings of Operation Cards
  • Solid Modelling
  • Design of Forging and Trimming Dies
  • Design of Tooling, Equipment and Gages.

4. Define absolute co-ordinates?
Design of machine elements, CNC machine tools, robotics etc Panel design and circuit layout Mapping ,building plans, contour plotting and structural drawing Interior design and modeling from rejinpaul.com Values locating a point in space that describe its displacement from origin (0,0,0)point of the drawing.

5. Define polar co ordinates.
Values are locating a point in space that describes its location relative to the last point picked as defined by an angle and s distance.

6. Define angular dimension?
A dimension that measures the angle between two lines or the angle inscribed by an arc segment.

7. Define aligned dimension?
A linear dimension measuring the distance between two points. The dimension line for an aligned dimension is parallel to a line between points.

8. What is Bylayer?
A value that can be assigned to colours and line types so that objects receive their colour and line type properties according to the layer they are on.

9. What is command line?
A text window at the bottom of the screen that’s displays command: prompt. This is where you see what you are entering through the keyboard. Also called the command window.

10. What is command: prompt:
A prompt at the command line, when no commands are currently running.

11. What is cross hair cursor?
A form of the cursor that consists of a horizontal line and a vertical line intersecting at their midpoints, resembling the crosshair in a sighting device.

12. Define current UCS?
A group of settings and values that control the appreance of dimensions.

from rejinpaul.com The user co-ordinate system that is active in a drawing. It determines the positive X,Y and Z direction.

13. What is. dwg?
The file extension and format for the standard AUTOcad drawing.

14. Define graphics window?
The appearance of your screen when AUTOcad is running. It consists of the drawing area and surrounding toolbars, menu bars the command window and the status bar.

15. Define line type?
The style of appearance of a line. AUTOcad styles include continues, dashed, dash dot. And so on.

16. What is a hatch patterns?
A pattern of lines dots and other shapes that fills in a closed area.

17. Define MIRROR?
A command that makes a copy of selected objects and flips the copy around a specified line to produce a reciprocal image of those objects.

18. What is an ortho mode?
An on/off setting that, when on forces lines to be drawn and objects to be moved in a horizontal or vertical direction only.

19. What are the advantages of CAD?
Greater productivity of the designer, improvement of design quality Easier design, calculation and analysis, quicker rate producing drawings, more accuracy of drawings, colour graphics is possible.

20. What is an object snap mode?
Any of a set of tools precisely picking strategic points on an object, including end point, midpoint, center, and so on. It is casually called osnap.

21. Define block?
The description of an association of Auto “CAD” objects that is stored with the drawing file and include a name, an insertion point, and a listening of objects in the association.

22. Define relative co-ordinates?
Values are locating a point in space that describes its displacement from last point picked in the drawing rather than from the origin.

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1. What is meant by engineering drawing?
2. What is meant by solid geometry?
3. How many axes do Cartesian coordinate system has?
4. What is meant by CAD?
5. What are the different softwares used for CAD?
6. What are the important hardware systems used for CAD?
7. What is absolute coordinates?
8. What is the difference between chamfer and Fillet?
9. Which is the direction for positive angle?
10. Which is the direction of negative angle?
11. What is meant by Cartesian coordinate system?
12. What is meant by dimensioning?
13. What is an ortho mode?
14. What is the use of OFFSET command?
15. What is the difference between UNDO & REDO?
16. What are the different methods for drawing an arc?
17. How to activate isometric axes in CAD?
18. Which is the latest version of SolidsWorks?
19. What is the use of extruded feature in Solidsworks?
20. How can we make a hole in a solid rectangle using Solidsworks?
21. How do you change a dimension value in solidsworks?
22. Is it possible to make a feature using an overdefined sketch?
23. What are the advantages of CAD software’s?
24. What do you meant by GUI?
25. States some of the tool bars used in CAD?
26. States some of the commonly used commands in Cad software’s?
27. What is the usage of ZOOM command?
28. What is need for setting LIMITS?
29. Differentiate First angle & Third angle Projection?
30. Differentiate orthographic and isometric projections?
31. What are the applications of CAD?
32. Define polar co ordinates.
33. Define aligned dimension?
34. What is. dwg?
35. Define MIRROR?
36. What is a hatch patterns?
37. What is an object snap mode?
38. Define block?
39. Define relative co-ordinates?
40. What is the use of TRIM command?
41. What are the uses of Layer?
42. How can explode a Block?
43. What is the use of ARRAY command?
44. What is the use of EXTEND Command?
45. Define a polyline?
46. What is meant by a context menu in a CAD software?
47. Name the main components of a CAD GUI?
48. What is the use of MIRROR command?
49. What is the difference between linear dimension and aligned dimension?
50. What are the advantages of CAD software?