300+ TOP Autumn Quiz Questions and Answers GK Quiz MCQs

Autumn Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following plants loses their leaves during autumn?
A. Oaks

B. Conifers

C. Palm trees

Answer: A. Oaks

2. Autumn is the name of a character in which romantic movies?
A. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, … and Spring (2003)

B. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

C. Before Sunset (2004)

Answer: B. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

3. Which of the following celebrations is associated with autumn?
A. Easter

B. Thanksgiving

C. Halloween

Answer: C. Halloween

4. Which of the following facts is NOT true about autumn?
A. Temperatures begin to decrease

B. Days start to get shorter

C. Winds start to blow more frequently

Answer: C. Winds start to blow more frequently

5. A lack of which pigment turns the leaves of some trees to yellow, orange, or red during autumn?
A. Flavonoids

B. Betalains

C. Chlorophylls

Answer: C. Chlorophylls

6. Which of the following fruits is typically harvested in autumn?
A. Mango

B. Banana

C. Pumpkin

Answer: A. Mango

7. The Oktoberfest, which is held annually during autumn in Munich (Germany), is the world’s largest festival of what?
A. Beer

B. Rock music

C. Book

Answer: A. Beer

8. What is the name of the 2000 American romantic drama starring Winona Ryder and Richard Gere?
A. Autumn in London

B. Autumn in New York

C. Autumn in Paris

Answer: B. Autumn in New York

9. Which species of butterfly migrates from North America to the West or South during autumn?
A. Monarch

B. Orange-tip

C. Painted lady

Answer: A. Monarch

10. Which of the following dishes is a classic dessert in autumn?
A. Pineapple custard

B. Carrot pudding

C. Apple pie

Answer: B. Carrot pudding

11. In poetry, which kind of emotions is typically associated with autumn?
A. Anger

B. Contentment

C. Melancholy

Answer: C. Melancholy

12. Which season comes before autumn?
A. Winter

B. Spring

C. Summer

Answer: C. Summer

13. What is the other name of the Moon Festival, a traditional celebration in some East Asian countries?
A. Early-Autumn Festival

B. Mid-Autumn Festival

C. Late-Autumn Festival

Answer: B. Mid-Autumn Festival

14. Which agricultural activity is mainly associated with autumn?
A. Planting

B. Seeding

C. Harvesting

Answer: C. Harvesting

15. Which British species of birds are known for singing their autumn song?
A. Robin

B. Woodpigeon

C. Blackbird

Answer: A. Robin

16. According to Greek mythology, when did autumn begin?
A. When the Goddess of Spring, Persephone, cried

B. When Persephone was abducted by Hades

C. When Persephone was killed

Answer: B. When Persephone was abducted by Hades

17. The word “autumn” originated from the word “automne” in which language?
A. German

B. French

C. Spanish

Answer: B. French

18. Autumn is also called fall in North America. Where did the meaning of the word “fall” originate from?
A. The fall of Napoleon

B. The fall of tree’s leaves

C. The fall of London during the war

Answer: B. The fall of tree’s leaves

19. What does the term “susurration” mean?
A. The pleasant smell of autumn leaves

B. The brilliant yellow of autumn leaves

C. The whispering sound of autumn breezes through fallen leaves

Answer: C. The whispering sound of autumn breezes through fallen leaves

20. When does autumn begin in the southern hemisphere of the Earth?
A. January

B. February

C. March

Answer: C. March

21. When does autumn begin in the northern hemisphere of the Earth?
A. September

B. November

C. December

Answer: A. September

22. Which type of depression is also known as autumn anxiety as it tends to cause people to have low moods and anxiety during this season?
A. Major depressive disorder

B. Seasonal affective disorder

C. Bipolar depression

Answer: B. Seasonal affective disorder

23. In the United Kingdom, November Internationals or Autumn internationals are an event in which sport?
A. Cricket

B. Rugby union

C. Baseball

Answer: B. Rugby union

24. Which national holiday in the United States is usually considered to mark the end of summer and the beginning of autumn?
A. Independence Day

B. Labor Day

C. Memorial Day

Answer: B. Labor Day

25. What was the autumn season once called in England between the 12th and 13th centuries?
A. Hunt

B. Herd

C. Harvest

Answer: C. Harvest

26. What is the nickname for the seeds of sycamore, ash, and maple plants due to how they fly in the air during autumn?
A. Spiral seeds

B. Spinning seeds

C. Helicopter seeds

Answer: C. Helicopter seeds

27. Which poet by the prominent English poet John Keats starts with “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”?
A. To Autumn

B. For Autumn

C. In Autumn

Answer: A. To Autumn

28. Complete the famous saying by the French philosopher Albert Camus: “Autumn is a second … when every leaf is a …”
A. Spring / flower

B. Summer / sunflower

C. Winter / snowflake

Answer: A. Spring / flower

29. Which animal starts to bury acorns in autumn for retrieving later in the winter?
A. Hedgehog

B. Squirrel

C. Rabbit

Answer: B. Squirrel

30. Unlike other types of flowers that bloom in spring, which of the following starts blooming early in the autumn?
A. Lily

B. Chrysanthemum

C. Amaryllis

Answer: B. Chrysanthemum

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