300+ TOP Bible Questions and Answers-MCQs GK Quiz

Easy Bible GK Questions

1. What is the first book in the Bible?


2. How many days did God take to create the world?


3. Who was the first man?


4. Who was the first woman?


5. When Saul conquered the Amalekites, what person did he keep as a prisoner instead of killing like God said to?

The king, Agag.

6. Where did Adam and Eve live at the beginning of the world?

Garden of Eden

7. Who were their three sons listed in the Bible?

Cain, Abel, Seth

8. Who did God tell to build an ark?


9. How many days and nights did it rain when Noah was on the ark?


10. What was God’s sign to Noah that he would never destroy the earth again?

A rainbow

11. How many brothers did Joseph have?


12. What did Jacob give Joseph that sparked jealousy from his siblings?

A coat of many colors

13. What did Joseph tell his brothers about his dreams that upset them?

The dreams said he would become greater and rule over them.

14. How did Moses’ mother save him from the Egyptian soldiers?

Put him in a basket in the river.

15. Through what did God speak to Moses in the desert?

A burning bush.

16. What did Moses say God commanded the Pharaoh to do?

Let his people go.

17. How many plagues did God send on Egypt?


18. What was the final plague that convinced Pharaoh to let the slaves go?

The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died.

19. When Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after the slaves, where did they meet at?

By the Red Sea

20. What did God through Moses to save the slaves?

Parted the Red Sea.

21. When the Egyptians tried to follow the Israelites through the Red Sea, what happened?

The water crashed on them and killed them all.

22. Where did God give Moses the Ten Commandments?

Mt. Sinai

23. What golden image did the Israelites make at Mt. Sinai?

A golden calf

24. Who was the first king of Israel?


25. When Daniel prayed to God after it was not allowed, where was he thrown into?

The lion’s den

26. Who was Jesus’ human mother?


27. Who was Jesus’ adoptive father on Earth?


28. Who was Jesus’ birth father?


29. Name the city where Jesus was born.


30. True or False: Because Jesus was God, he didn’t obey his parents’ rules.

False. Jesus obeyed his parents.

31. Who baptized Jesus?

John the Baptist

32. Who spoke from the sky when Jesus was baptized?


33. What did God say?

That he was pleased with his son.

34. Before Jesus started preaching, what was his job?


35. Name Jesus’ hometown


36. True or False: Jesus turned water into Pepsi.

False, Jesus turned water into wine.

37. Name the place where Jesus walked on water?

Sea of Galilee

38. True or False: Jesus stayed away from people with bad reputations?

False. He often ate with “sinners.”

39. True or False: Everywhere he went, people loved Jesus and believed his message?

False. Jesus was rejected many times.

40. How many disciples did Jesus choose?


41. Besides preaching, name an activity Jesus did while traveling in Galilee

Healing the sick and casting out demons.

42. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

43. Why did Jesus weep in that verse?

Because his friend Lazarus died.

44. How much bread and fish did Jesus use to feed more than 5,000 people?

Five loaves of bread—and two fish

45. True or False: Jesus’ said washing hands is never important.

False. He said dirty hands don’t make a person spiritually unclean. You can still get germs!

46. Jesus asked the children to stay back while he was teaching important things to grown-ups.

False–Jesus welcomed children.

47. What did Jesus do at the Last Supper to his disciples?

Washed their feet.

48. What did the woman pour on Jesus’ feet at the home of Simon the Leper?

Jar of expensive perfume

49. Name the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

Judas Iscariot.

50. Jesus didn’t know that he was going to be arrested and killed in Jerusalem

False. He knew and told his disciples before it happened.

51. Which disciple denied Jesus three times?


52. What happened after Jesus was buried in the tomb?

He rose again

53. What was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb?

A large stone

54. What day of the week did Jesus rise back to life?


55. How did Jesus leave Earth and go to Heaven?

He rose into the clouds.

56. How many books have the name John in them?


57. Name the person who received the 10 Commandments from God?


58. What is the 1st commandment?

You shall have no other gods before me.

59. What is the 2nd commandment?

You shall not make idols.

60. What is the 3rd commandment?

You shall not misuse the name of the Lord.

61. What is the 4th commandment?

Observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

62. What is the 5th commandment?

Honor your father and mother.

63. What is the 6th commandment?

You shall not murder.

64. What is the 7th commandment?

You shall not commit adultery.

65. What is the 8th commandment?

You shall not steal.

66. What is the 9th commandment?

You shall not give false testimony.

67. What is the 10th commandment?

You shall not covet.

68. What does Jesus say is the first and greatest commandment?

Love God with all your heart, minds, soul, and strength.

69. What does Jesus say is the second greatest commandment?

Love your neighbor as yourself.

70. What is the last book in the Bible?


71. What four books tell about Jesus’ life on Earth?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

72. Which book did Jesus directly write?


73. Which book did David write most of?


74. True or False: The Bible was first written in the English language?


75. What were men trying to do at the Tower of Babel?

Build a tower to reach Heaven.

76. How did the 12 brothers get rid of Joseph?

Sold him to slave traders.

77. What did Joseph’s brothers tell their father had happened to him?

They said Joseph was killed by a wild animal

78. Where did the slave traders take Joseph?


79. Who bought Joseph?

Potiphar, captain of the Pharaoh’s guards

80. Who got Joseph thrown into prison by lying about him?

Potiphar’s wife

81. Who else was in prison with Joseph?

The Pharaoh’s cupbearer and chief baker.

82. What did Joseph do for them?

Interrupted their dreams.

83. Why was Joseph summoned out of prison by the Pharaoh?

To interrupt his dream.

84. What position of power was Joseph given by the Pharaoh?

Second in command of Egypt.

85. What catastrophe did Joseph predict by interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream?

A severe, seven-year famine.

86. Who came to Egypt that Joseph recognized because of the famine?

His brothers

87. What did Joseph tell the brothers to do next time they came back to Egypt?

To bring Benjamin back with them.

88. What was the giant’s name that David killed?


89. How did David kill Goliath?

A slingshot and a stone.

90. How many sling-throws did it take David to hit Goliath?


91. When David wanted to fight Goliath, what did Saul try to give him?

His armour

92. Who eventually came from the lineage of David?


93. True or False: Jesus was an only child.

False. Jesus had brothers and a sister.

94. How many of Jesus’ brothers are named in the Bible?


95. Is Jesus’s sister ever named in the Bible?


96. Who was Jesus’ most famous cousin?

John the Baptist.

97. Name one of Jesus’s brothers.

James, Joseph, Simon or Judas

98. What happened when Jesus went into the wilderness?

He was tempted by Satan.

99. How many people did Jesus feed with fish and bread?


100. How many lepers did Jesus heal?


Medium Bible Trivia

1. David wrote the entire book of Psalms.

False: The Psalms are a collection by many writers, but David contributed the most.

2. What is the shortest book in the Bible?

3 John.

3. How many books are in the Bible?


4. How many books in the Old Testament?


5. How many books in the New Testament?


6. Which New Testament book has Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?


7. Who was David’s son that became king?


8. In what language was most of the Old Testament given?


9. In what language was most of the New Testament given?


10. Which human author wrote the most books?

Paul wrote 13 books.

11. Which human author wrote the most words in the Bible?

Moses wrote 125,139 words.

12. What was most likely the first Gospel written?


13. What was most likely the last Gospel written?


14. What was most likely the first of Paul’s letters written?

1 Thessalonians.

15. What was most likely the last New Testament book written?


16. Who were Noah’s three sons?

Shem, Ham, Japheth.

17. How many people were saved on the ark?


18. How did God make people spread out across the earth?

Confused their languages.

19. Who did God call out of Ur to move to Canaan?


20. Who was Abram’s wife?


21. Even though Abram and Sarah were too old, what did God promise them?

A son.

22. When God showed Abram the stars in the sky, what did he promise?

That Abram would have more descendants than the number of stars.

23. Who was Abram’s handmaid?


24. What was Sarai’s idea for Abram to have a child?

For Abram to have a child with Hagar.

25. Who was the first son Abram had?


26. What was Abram’s name changed to?


27. What was Sarai’s name changed to?


28. What was the second son Abraham had?


29. Who did Abraham have his second son with?


30. Where did Hagar and her son go after they left Abraham’s?

Into the desert.

31. Who did Abraham send to find Isaac a wife?

His oldest servant.

32. Who did the servant choose?


33. What were Isaac’s sons’ names?

Jacob and Esau

34. Who was born first?

Esau came first, with Jacob grabbing his heel.

35. How did Esau provide food for the family?

He hunted

36. Who did Isaac favor of his two sons?


37. What did Jacob do most of the time?

Stay at home with his mother.

38. What did Esau receive in exchange for his birthright?


39. As Isaac was dying and blind, who suggested that Jacob should steal Esau’s birthright?


40. How did Esau respond when his birthright was taken?

Threatened to kill Jacob.

41. When Jacob met Laban, which daughter did he want to marry?


42. Who did Laban trick Jacob into marrying?


43. What did Laban make Jacob do to finally marry Rachel?

Work another 7 years.

44. Who was the first son Jacob had with Rachel?


45. What did God change Jacob’s name to before his meeting with Esau?


46. What did Moses do after he killed an Egyptian?

Fled into the desert.

47. When Moses confronted the Pharaoh, what did his staff turn into when he threw it on the ground?

A snake

48. How did Moses’ mother save him from the Egyptian soldiers?

Put him in a basket in the river.

49. What did God send to feed the Israelites in the desert?

Quail and manna.

50. What did the spies sent into Canaan see that made them scared?

Giants in the land.

51. Who were the only two Israelites allowed to go into the Promised Land after many years?

Joshua and Caleb

52. What city did God make the walls fall so Joshua and the Israelites could conquer it?


53. After they took over the Promised Land and Joshua died, who ruled Israel?


54. Who was the woman judge who led Israel to victory?


55. Who was the judge who defeated the Midianites with only 300 men using torches and horns?


56. Who was the judge who took a Nazarite vow from birth and fought against the Philistines?


57. With what did Samson kill 1,000 Philistines?

A donkey’s jawbone.

58. How did Samson die?

Pushing over the temple pillars, killing himself and many Philistines.

59. Who anointed Saul as King?


60. Who was the enemy who took the Ark of the Covenant?


61. What happened to the idol which was beside the Ark in the enemy’s temple?

It fell over and broke.

62. When the people demanded Saul make a sacrifice to God, what did he do?

Made the sacrifice.

63. What was Saul’s punishment for disobeying?

God took away his kingdom.

64. Who was the king of Israel anointed by Samuel after Saul?


65. What did David do as a job as he worked for his father?

He was a shepherd.

66. When the Philistines came to attack the Israelites, who mocked God and challenged them?

Goliath the Giant.

67. Who was Saul’s son that David befriended?


68. What did Saul throw to try to kill David?

A spear.

69. What did Jonathan do to save David’s life from Saul?

Warned him that Saul would try to kill him.

70. What foreign country did David run away to?

The Land of the Philistines.

71. Did Saul give up on chasing David when David went into the wilderness?


72. How many times did David spare Saul’s life?


73. Where did David spare Saul’s life the first time?

A cave.

74. Where did David spare Saul’s life the second time?

In a campsite, where Saul was sleeping.

75. What last judge of Israel died after Saul made a temporary peace with David?


76. What prophet did Saul ask to speak to?


77. How did Saul die?

Fell on his own sword.

78. How many of his sons died in battle?

All of them.

79. Who was David’s captain of his army?


80. When David stayed in Jerusalem, what woman did he see and commit adultery with?


81. Who was Bathsheba’s husband?


82. When Bathsheba got pregnant, what did David make happen to Uriah?

Have him killed in battle.

83. What prophet came to rebuke David?


84. What happened to Bathsheba’s child?

The child died.

85. When Bathsheba and David had another child, what did they name him?


86. Who was David’s son that started a rebellion against him?


87. What capital city did David abandon?


88. When David and Absalom’s armies battled, what happened to Absalom’s hair?

It got caught in a tree.

89. Who killed Absalom?


90. Because he killed Absalom, what was Joab’s punishment?

He got demoted as captain.

91. What was David’s second sin recorded in the Bible?

He took a census of the people in his nation.

92. Which books of the Bible record David’s time as king?

1st and 2nd Samuel

93. During his time as king, who was David’s main enemy?


94.What trait did Solomon pray for from God when he became king?


95. What did Solomon build for the Lord?

A temple.

96. What famous queen came to visit Solomon?

Queen of Sheba.

97. How many wives did Solomon have?


98. Did Solomon always follow the Lord?

No. He turned away from God.

99. Who convinced Solomon to turn from God?

His wives.

100. What happened to the kingdom after Solomon’s rule?

It split into two.

Hard Bible Questions

1. True or False: The Bible is the most popular book ever written.


2. Which books of the Bible record all the kings?

1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles

3. Which books of the Bible did Solomon write?

Song of Solomon and Proverbs and some Psalms

4. How many kings of Judah were there?


5. How many kings of Israel were there?


6. Who conquered Judah and took Daniel to their country?

The Babylonians.

7. Who was the last king Daniel served under in the Bible?

King Nebuchadnezzar’s.

8. What happened to the kingdom after Solomon’s rule?


9. What were Daniel’s three friends (Babylonian names)?

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego.

10. When they refused to bow to an idol, where were they thrown?

Into a fiery furnace.

11. Who returned to Israel to build up the walls of Jerusalem?


12. What Israelite saved her people from being murdered and was a wife of the king?


13. How did Esther get to talk to the king?

Went in to talk without being summoned first.

14. Who let the Israelites return to their homeland?


15. John the Baptist wore clothes made of goat hair.

False. It was camel hair.

16. At first, Jesus’ family tried to stop his ministry and said he was crazy.


17. Jesus said his true family was anyone who obeys God.


18. Which member of the Jewish ruling council came to ask Jesus questions at night?


19. What was Matthew before he followed Jesus?

A tax collector.

20. Jesus would sometimes “spit” as part of his healing miracles.

True. The Bible describes him spitting three times.

21.How many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus came to visit?

Four days.

22. Who helped pay the bills for Jesus and the disciples ministry?

Several women who Jesus had healed.

23. Name the demon Jesus cast out in the region of the Gerasenes?


24. True or False: While on Earth, Jesus had the power to raise dead people back to life?


25. What was Peter and Andrew doing when Jesus called them to follow him?


26. Name the two Old Testament people who appeared when Jesus was transfigured?

Elijah and Moses

27. What problem did Bartimaeus have that Jesus fixed?

He was blind.

28. True or False: When Jesus went to the Temple, he always used his inside voice.

False. Jesus yelled at money chargers to drive them out.

29. True or False: Jesus said only big money offerings were important to God.


30. What garden did Jesus go to when he prayed after the Last Supper?

Garden of Gethsemane.

31. True or False: The Jewish leaders tried to set Jesus free.

False. They wanted him to be crucified.

32. Who gave Jesus a crown made of thorns?

A Roman soldier.

33. Name the Roman Governor who sat over Jesus trial?


34. What did Pilate do to “cleanse himself” of the crucifixion?

Washed his hands.

35. Who cut off a soldier’s ear when Jesus was being arrested?


36. How many people saw Jesus after he came back from the dead?

More than 500.

37. What was another name for the Apostle Paul?

Saul of Tarsus

38. Who preached at Pentecost?


39. Who was Saul?

He persecuted Christians.

40. What happened when he was on the road to Damascus?

He had a changing experience with Jesus.

41. What was his name changed to?


42. Who was exiled to an island?


43. True or False: Ananias and Sapphira died after lying to the Apostles about their offering.


44. How many deacons were chosen to help the apostles to distribute food to widows?


45. Which Apostle took the Gospel to the city of Samaria?


46. Which Apostle shared the Gospel with an Ethiopian official on the road to Gaza?


47. True or False: Peter raised a woman named Dorcas from the dead.


48. Where did Peter stay during his ministry in the city of Joppa?

In the house of Simon the tanner.

49. What did Peter’s vision about the unclean animals mean?

That all people can be made clean through Jesus.

50. : In what city were Jesus’ followers first called “Christians”?


51. True or False: Peter was rescued from prison by an angel.


52. Who went with Paul on his early mission trips?


53. True or False: Paul had a vision of a man calling him to come over to Carthage.

False. The man was from Macedonia.

54. True or False: God sent an earthquake to rescue Paul and Silas from prison in Philippi.

True. They didn’t escape but stayed in jail to share the good news

55. What did the Philippian jailer say to Paul after he heard the Gospel?

“What must I do to be saved?”

56. How did Paul and Silas respond?

“ Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”

57. What was Paul’s goal in his missionary journey?

To take the gospel everywhere and finally to preach in the capitol Rome

58. Where can you find the 10 commandments in the Bible?

Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5.

59. What is the introduction to the Commandments?

I am the LORD your God who brought you out of Egypt.

60. Where is the Fruit of the Spirit found in the Bible?

Galatians 5

61. Which human author wrote Galatians?


62. True or False: Bananas are a Fruit of the Spirit?

False. Even though bananas can seem like a gift from God, they are not considered a spiritual fruit in Galatians 5.

63. Name any of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

64. True or False: The opposite of the Fruit of the Spirit are called “the works of the flesh.”


65. Where in the Bible can you find the Lord’s Prayer?

Matthew 6.

66. Who taught the Lord’s Prayer?


67. How many requests are in the Lord’s Prayer?


68. What is the 1st petition?

Hallowed be your name.

69. What is the 2nd petition?

Your kingdom come.

70.What is the 3rd petition?

Your will be done on Earth

71. What is the 4th petition?

Give us our daily bread.

72. What is the 5th petition?

Forgive our debts

73. What is the 6th petition?

Don’t lead us into temptation.

74. What is the 7th petition?

Deliver us from evil.

75. True or False: The more words we say makes our prayers better.

False. Jesus said God already knows what we need.

76. Which disciple looked after Mary after the death of Jesus?

John the Evangelist.

77. What was the name of the man who requested Jesus’ body for burial?

Joseph of Arimathea

78. It is “better to obtain wisdom” than what?


79. What reward did Jesus say the twelve apostles would get for forsaking everything and following him?

Jesus told them “You will sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

80. What was the name of the woman who hid the spies at Jericho?


81. What happened to the kingdom after Solomon’s rule?

It split into two.

82. In which book of the Bible do we find “Nebuchadnezzar’s image”?


83. Which angel told Daniel the meaning of his vision of the ram and the goat?


84. What should we “seek first”?

The Kingdom of God.

85. Fearing that Saul wanted to kill him, what lie did David ask Jonathan to tell his father if asked why he wasn’t at the king’s table for the New Moon feast?

David wanted Jonathan to tell him that he had gone to Bethlehem for a family gathering.

86. Of what, specifically, was man not allowed to eat in the Garden of Eden?

Apples aka the Forbidden Fruit.

87. Which tribe of Israel received no inheritance of land?

the Levites.

88. Who was king of the southern kingdom when the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria?


89. What was the name of Abraham’s nephew?


90. Which missionary was described as having known the holy scriptures from an early age?


91. Who escorted the slave with the letter to Philemon?


92. Who was the father in law of Caiaphas, the high priest at the time of Jesus death?


93. What happened to King Nebuchadnezzar before being restored as king?

He went mad and lived as a beast.

94. Who was Paul with when he wrote the letter to Philemon?


95. When the disciples saw Jesus walking on water, what did they think he was?

A ghost.

96. Who was to be named Zacharias, after the name of his father, until his mother intervened?


97. What did the shepherds do after they had visited Jesus?

Spread the news about Jesus’s birth.

98. What did Melchizedek give to Abram?

Bread and wine.

99. Who went up yearly to worship God in Shiloh, and one year prayed to God for a baby?


100. Which two tribes of Israel were not named after sons of Jacob?

Ephraim and Manasseh.

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