300+ TOP Boston Marathon MCQs and Answers | Quiz

Boston Marathon Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Boston Marathon honour?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Declaration of American Independence
c) Paul Revere’s ride
d) British surrender at Yorktown

2. On which day Boston Marathon is held?
a) Independence Day
b) Patriot’s Day
c) Environment Day
d) Victory Day

3. Which is the starting point of Boston Marathon?
a) Plymouth
b) Worcester
c) Hopkinton
d) Springfield

4. When was the first Boston Marathon held?
a) 1917
b) 1914
c) 1906
d) 1897

5. Who won the first Boston Marathon?
a) John McDermott
b) Spyridon Louis
c) Carl Schuhmann
d) Paavo Nurmi

6. When was the length of Boston Marathon increased to 26 miles 385 yards
a) 1910
b) 1918
c) 1927
d) 1936

7. Who was the first woman to complete Boston Marathon?
a) Kathy Switzer
b) Roberta Gibb
c) Constantina Tomescu
d) Catherine Ndereba

8. When did Boston Marathon first officially admit women runners?
a) 1972
b) 1934
c) 1936
d) 1897

9. Who won Boston Marathon in 2006?
a) Michael Rotich
b) Daniele Caimmi
c) Daniel Njenga
d) Robert Cheruiyot

10. Who of the following fell down due to the impact of bomb blast and then got up and completed the race during Boston Marathon 2013?
a) Allan Panter
b) Bill Iffrig
c) Steve Silva
d) Roupen Bastajian

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