300+ TOP FIREBASE Interview Questions and Answers

Firebase Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is Firebase?
Firebase is a platform which is used for building Web, IOS and Android applications.

It offers:

  • Real time database
  • Different APIs
  • Multiple authentication types
  • and Hosting platform

2. What are the features of Firebase?
Features of firebase are:

  1. Hosting
  2. Authentication
  3. Real-time Database

3. Who is the Founder of Firebase?
James Tamplin is the founder of Firebase.

4. What is Push Method in Firebase?
The push() method is used, When the data is pushed.

The push() method will create a unique id.

5. What is Key Method in Firebase?
By using the key() method, We can get any key from Firebase.

6. What is Set Method in Firebase?
The Set Method is used to write or replace data on a specified method.

7. What is Transactional data in Firebase?
The Transactional data is used to return some data from the database.

8. What is limitToFirst method in Firebase?
It is used to returns the specified number of items beginning from the first one.

9. What is limitToLast method in Firebase?
It is used to returns a specified number of items beginning from the last one.

10. What are the advantages of Firebase?
Features of Firebase are:

  • It offers simple control dashboard
  • Number of useful services to choose
  • Here, the data is real time which means that every change will update automatically
  • It is user friendly and simple
FIREBASE Interview Questions
FIREBASE Interview Questions

11. What are the filtering methods in Firebase?
Firebase filtering methods are:

  • startAt() method
  • endAt() method
  • equalTo() method etc

12. What are the different types of event types for reading data in Firebase?
There are several types of event types are:

  • value
  • child_added
  • child_changed
  • child_removed

13. What is off() method in Firebase?
The off() method is used to remove all callbacks with value event type.

14. Which method is used to create a user in Firebase Email/Password authentication?
createUserWithEmailAndPassword(email, password) method.

15. Which method is used to Sign-in the user in Firebase Email/Password authentication?
signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, password) method.

16. What is the use of on() method in Firebase?
on() method: This method is used to retrieve data.

17. What is the use of child_changed method?
child_changed: This is an event type which is triggered when the data has changed.

18. What is the use of child_removed method?
child_removed: This is an event type which is triggered when we want to remove data.

19. What is a Firebase Project?
Firebase Project: Firebase project is a container for apps.

Firebase project supports many features such as Database, Config and Notifications between your cross-platform apps.

20. What is the use of Sha-1 in Firebase?
Sha-1: Sha-1 is only required if you are using either Firebase Dynamic Links or Firebase Invites. It is used to simplify the Google Sign-In configuration with Firebase Authentication.

21. What are the supported browsers for accessing Firebase Console?
The supported browsers for accessing Firebase Console are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE.

22. Do I need to use other Firebase Services in order to use FCM?
No, you don’t need to use other Firebase Services. You can use FCM as a standalone component.

23. What is the use Firebase Analytics?
Firebase Analytics enables you to view:

  • Event logs in Firebase Crash Reporting
  • Notification effectiveness in Firebase Notifications
  • Deep link performance for Firebase Dynamic Links
  • In-app purchase data from Google Play
  • It is a part of the core Firebase SDK.

24. What are the full forms of FCM and GCM in Firebase?
FCM and GCM stands for Firebase Cloud Messaging and Google Cloud Messaging respectively.

25. What are the Real time database limits in Firebase?
The Real time database limits are:

  1. Simultaneous connections added are 100,000.
  2. Simultaneous responses sent from a single database are 100,000/second.
  3. The number of cloud functions triggered by a single write is 1000.
  4. The size of database write that triggers a function is 1 MB.

26. Which API clears the saved Dynamic Link to prevent it from being accessed twice?
getInvitation API.

27. What are the types of Firebase Database Rule?
There are four types of Firebase Database Rule:

  1. .read
  2. .write
  3. .validate
  4. .indexOn

28. What are the ports used by FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)?
The ports used by FCM are:

  • Usually uses 5228
  • 5229
  • 5230

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