300+ TOP John Locke MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

John Locke Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first step towards liberal democracy in Great Britain?

A. Enlightenment
B. Renaissance
C. Glorious Revolution
D. Modernism

Answer: C. Glorious Revolution

2. Who is considered the father of liberalism

A. J.S. Mill
B. John Locke
C. Roger Bacon
D. Angeles

Answer: B. John Locke

3. Locke assumed that the state is conventional rather than natural, as assumed earlier by

A. Thomas Hobbes
B. Socrates
C. Thomas Aquinas
D. Thomas Paine

Answer: A. Thomas Hobbes

4. John Locke has been considered the advocate of

A. Liberalism
B. Humanism
C. Liberal Democracy
D. Freedom of Thought

Answer: C. Liberal Democracy

5. “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” was a philosophical work written by

A. Thomas Hobbes
B. John Locke
C. J.S. Mills
D. Galileo

Answer: B. John Locke

6. “The Second Treatise of Government” by John Locke made him the father of which theory

A. Liberty
B. Liberalism
C. Political Philosophy
D. Human Nature

Answer: B. Liberalism

7. Lock was a materialist who believed that reality could be explained in

A. Ethical terms
B. Material terms
C. Rational terms
D. Natural terms

Answer: B. Material terms

8. Locke’s “Second Treatise” provides a theory of

A. Liberal Democracy
B. Limited Government
C. Paternal Power
D. Natural Law

Answer: B. Material terms

9. Locke’s naturalism was incompatible not only with the classical tradition of natural law but with that of natural

A. Power
B. Right
C. Essence
D. Consent

Answer: B. Right

10. “The Natural Power of Kings” is the work that defended the principle of absolute hereditary monarchy, written by

A. J.S. Mill
B. Sir Robert Filmer
C. Thomas Hobbes
D. Francis Bacon

Answer: B. Right

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