100+ TOP Mary (Tudor) Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Mary Tudor Quiz Questions

(Mary Tudor is also known as Mary I.)

1. When was Mary (Tudor) queen of England?
A. 1547-1553
B. 1558-1603
C. 1553-1558
D. 1485-1509

2. When was Mary (Tudor) born?
A. 18 February 1516
B. 29 April 1485
C. 11 August 1518
D. 8 December 1522

3. Where was Mary (Tudor) born?
A. Barcelona
B. Paris
C. Greenwich
D. Edinburgh

4. Who annulled the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?
A. Thomas Cromwell
B. Thomas Cranmer
C. Thomas Wolsey
D. Richard Rich

5. Who forced Mary (Tudor) to be lady-in-waiting to infant Elizabeth?
A. Anne Boleyn
B. Anne of Cleves
C. Catherine Howard
D. Catherine Parr

6. Whom did Mary (Tudor) marry?
A. Francis II
B. Leopold II
C. Philip II
D. Ferdinand II

7. Who led a revolt against Mary (Tudor)?
A. Thomas Boleyn
B. Stephen Gardiner
C. Thomas Howard
D. Thomas Wyatt

8. What made Mary (Tudor) unpopular?
A. Levy of poll tax
B. Persecution of Protestants
C. Levy of ship money
D. Dissolution of Parliament

9. When did Mary (Tudor) die?
A. 8 January 1509
B. 1 May 1603
C. 6 July 1553
D. 17 November 1558

10. Where did Mary (Tudor) die?
A. Bosworth
B. London
C. Glamorgan
D. Cardiff

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