[CLASS NOTES] CIVIL Engineering LECTURE Notes pdf free Download


1. Design of Steel Structure

2. Environmental Engineering

3. Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines

4. Highway Engineering

5. Irrigation Hydrology

6. Railway Engineering

7. CE RCC & Pre stressed Concrete

8. Soil Mechanics

9. Strength of Material

10. Structural Analysis

11. Surveying

12. Transportation Engineering

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  1. HI Thx. for the notes.
    V v useful.
    Kindly upload the notes for the following subjects. or mail me at
    1) water resources systems
    2) advanced structural analysis
    3) geotechnical and foundation engineering.

  2. I need 8th sem civil engineering notes like advanced concrete technology
    Environmental impact assessment
    Earthquake resistance design of structure

  3. I need 6th semester of diploma syllabus of railway & bridge engineering notes. Plz sir help me to get the notes

  4. I need civil Engineering notes major courses(Highway;Rc;structural design;Geotechnical course)

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