40 TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE and SOFTWARE Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. A computerized self-diagnostic for a ROM test uses:


2. Which of the following best describes static memory devices?


3. Which of the following memories uses a MOSFET and a capacitor as its memory cell?


4. A nonvolatile type of memory that can be programmed and erased in sectors, rather than one byte at a time is:


5. Select the best description of read-only memory (ROM)


6. The access time (tacc) of a memory IC is governed by the IC’s:


7. What is the principal advantage of using address multiplexing with DRAM memory?


8. How many storage locations are available when a memory device has twelve address lines?


9. Select the best description of the fusible-link PROM


10. Memory that loses its contents when power is lost is:


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