100+ TOP Concrete Technology LAB VIVA Questions and Answers

Concrete Technology LAB VIVA Questions :-

1.    List out various tests on Cement?
2.    List out various tests on Fine Aggregate?
3.    List out various tests on Coarse Aggregate?
4.    List out various tests on Bitumen?
5.    What do you know about NDT?
6.    List out various equipment used in NDT?
7.    Vicat Apparatus is used for?
8.    Initial Setting Time of Cement?
9.    Final Setting Time of Cement?
10.  List out Grades of Cement available in Market?
11.  Apparatus used for Soundness of Cement?
12.  Equipment used for Abrasion Test?
13.  Equipment used for Attrition Test?
14.  Workability Means?
15.  List out Workability Tests?
16.  Slump value required for RCC Slab?
17.  What is Segregation of concrete?
18.  List out various sizes of Coarse Aggregate used in Concrete?
19.  Equipment used to test Compressive Strength of Concrete?
20.  Size of Concrete Cubes?
21.  What is the standard w/c value for nominal mix of concrete?
22.  Density of Concrete?
23.  No. of Cube samples required for testing Compressive Strength for 100 m3 of concrete?
24.  List out Shape Tests on Coarse Aggregate?
25.  Aggregate Impact value of material A is 15 and that of B is 35. Which one is better for surface course?
26.  The abrasion value found from Los Angeles test for two aggregates A and B are 50% and 38% respectively. Which aggregate is harder?
27.  Two materials have abrasion values 3 and 10 respectively. Which one is harder and why?
28.  Define flash and fire points of Bitumen?
29.  Define specific gravity?
30.  What do you understand by the term 80/100 bitumen?
31.  What is softening point?
32.  If material A has softening point of 56 and B has 42 which binder is good and why?
33.  List the factors that affect the result of a ductility test?
34.  Explain the significance of ductility test?
35.  Explain the term viscosity?
36.  Explain aggregate crushing value. How would you express?
37.  Aggregate crushing value of material A is 40 and that of B is 25. Which one is better and why?
38.  How is aggregate impact value expressed?
39.  Aggregate impact value material A is 20 and that of B is 45. Which one is better for surface course? Why?
40. Explain ductility of Bitumen and its significance?

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