300+ TOP Customer service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer service Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is Customer service?
Customer service is about the customer and the service that is offered to them. It will be the job of customer service agent to build a positive relationship with the customer. The agent also needs to make sure that customer’s experience with the company is a satisfying one which helps to increase the overall reputation of the enterprise.

2. Which relevant qualifications do you have for this job?
By asking this question, the interviewer looking at two aspects of qualifications.

  1. Qualifications obtained from a college setting
  2. Experience in the customer service field.

It will help them to determine how appropriate you are for the position for customer service job. Answer as per your actuals and do not fake anything.

3. What do you think about typical day in a Customer Service representative’s life?
Here are the daily activities of a Customer Service Agent-

  • Answering phone call
  • Resolving customer’s issues
  • Dealing with mismanaged payments
  • Providing customers with relevant information
  • Encourage them to select the right

4. What is the difference between good and great customer service?
This question should give a sense of how you consider your role for the customer service job. A good customer service only offer what customer is looking.

On the other hand, great customer service is ready to provide something more to the customer.

5. What do you do in the situation when you don’t know the answer to a question?
The main thing here is your honesty. Especially if you are handling a complex product or service and do not have much knowledge about the product.

Then it is much better for you to say, “I don’t know, but give me some time I will provide you every detail of this product”.

Alternatively, you could also ask the customer to allow you to call them back with the relevant information.

Or, you can say that “I am not 100% sure on that, but let me check with one of my senior and get back to you”.

6. What do you do when your customer points out major issue reading any product or service?
This question helps the interviewer to know your ability to empathize with a customer. You should say that “I apologize for the inconvenience caused to him. Then assure them that the issue would be solved very quickly as technical team is working on that issue”.

7. Tell us about a time when you assist any customer to resolve a specific difficult customer issue?
Here, you can speak from your own experience. However, if you do not have any direct experience for this job you can also talk about the related incidents like how you help resolve a disagreement in a team sport or role you had played in the family dispute.

8. What will you do when your co-worker is behaving rudely with the customers?
You should say that “It depends on the situation, like how long the co-worker has been working with the company. If somebody new, you should speak to them and tell them to maintain a more professional attitude”. However, If you feel that this it is repeatedly done, you can inform your team leader.

9. What is important – excellent product or friendly service?
Both are important because excellent product always sells, and friendly and fast services always help to make this task easier.

10. Are you a team player? What kind of team structure have you worked before?
You should always say that you are a team player and that you enjoy working as part of the team. Here, you can also talk about the team you had worked previously. You can also talk about the size of the team, what role you had and whom you were reporting.

Customer service Interview Questions
Customer service Interview Questions

11. What is “Customer Satisfaction”?
Every business depends upon the quality of the service offered to the customer. For that, you should have a clear understanding of the customer’s need and their issues. In Customer service field you need to think from their point of view to match up their demands and requirements.

12. Tell me about your experience with an irritating customer. How did you handle it?
Every customer service support representative faces the issue of irritating or abusing customers. You should say that “I will remain calm and provide as high a level of service as possible.”

13. How can you utilize customer’s feedback to ensure business excellence?
This question is asked to know how you have developed and improved your sales process skill. Feedback is taken for training, post-sale events or other process improvements.

14. Think about the company that has delivered excellent customer service, and explain why you like it?
You can tell about your recent experience like ‘I have recently visited the store of <company name> and a member of staff saw me looking confused. Their staff is helpful and talked me through the different materials, durability, and also suggested the size that might work best for me for purchasing shoes. I am impressed by his personalized advice.

15. What are Customer service tools that you know?
To provide proper Customer service, one should be familiar with:

Email: It is very much important for any customer agent to know how email works. It is also important to know using CCs, email groups, email templates and out of office messages.

Phone: The person should have the ability to hold a conversation with a customer and to resolve their issues over a phone call. This professional should also need to be multi-tasker as he or she needs to keep on talking with the customer while also looking up their order information.

Live chat solutions: Familiarity with live chat allows you to hold multiple conversations.

CRM tools:

Knowledge of CRM tool is essential in customer service job as It gives the ability to look up previous contact history and helps to know which you’re dealing with at the moment. It surely helps if you know how to navigate and use a CRM.

Social media: Socia media platform like facebook, twitter, Instagram are an important way of connecting to customers and provide services.

16. Are you ready for 24/7 job?
You can say that “I know the Job in the Customer service filed always be demanding regarding the work hours. It’s not a normal 9-5 job. If the company offers 24/7 customer service, I am ready to work any time of the day”.

17. Tell me about time how you helped your previous company to increase revenues?
The employees of a company not only work for his benefit but also for the benefit of the company. They can do by simply achieving sales targets and making customers happy with the product and service offered by the company. In my earlier company, I observed frequent calls about backup solutions. I propose an idea to bundle backup solutions with core solutions. This worked very well and sales of backups trebled.

18. How do you prioritize tasks while scheduling your work?
Time management is an essential skill. For a customer service agent it helps to deal with the target and heavy workload pressure. You should say that “I will prioritize my work with the help of my reporting person.”

19. What are your weaknesses?
You can say that “Every human being has some weaknesses so I am not an exception.” However, to get customer support job, you avoid mentioning things like aggressiveness, skills or fear of talking to people. On the contrast, you should talk about your tendency about your skill like over friendly with customers.

20. Will you lie for the company?
I have strong ethics. I will not lie to deceive or cheat customers for any company even if this costs my job.

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