300+ TOP DAE KNITTING ENGINEERS Interview Questions and Answers

DAE KNITTING ENGINEERS Interview Questions for freshers and experienced :-

1) Explain shedding?
Shedding is the act of dividing the warp threads according to design into two parts, to allow the passage of shuttle/weft inserting element from one side of the loom to the other.

2) List down/what are the types of shedding mechanism?

  • Paddle/treadle shedding (used in hand loom)
  • Tappet shedding (used in power loom)
  • Dobby shedding (used in power loom, at past used in hand loom)
  • Jacquard shedding (both hand & power loom are used now)
  • Combined shedding

3) Write down the faults of picking?

  • Early picking
  • Late picking
  • Smash or Bang-off
  • Short picking
  • Harsh picking
  • Shuttle flying out
DAE KNITTING ENGINEERS Interview Questions and Answers

4) List some abbreviations?

  1. PPM = picks per minute
  2. PPI = picks per inch
  3. EPI = Ends per inch
  4. RS = Reed space

5) List down the types of needle?

  • Latch needle
  • Bearded needle
  • Compound needle

6) List down the weft knitting elements?

  • Needle
  • Sinker
  • Cam

7) List the basic knitted structure?

  • single jersey or plain
  • 1×1 rib
  • 1×1 inter lock
  • 1×1 purl

8) Explain back loop?
The loop where heads are above and hanks are below is called back loop.

9) Explain face loop?
The loop where heads are below and hanks are above is called face loop.

10) Explain warp & weft crimp?
The waviness of the yarns due to interlacing of warp and weft in producing fabric is called crimp.

11) Explain weave?
Interlacement of the ends and picks with each other produces a coherent structure. The repeating pattern of interlacing is called the weave.

12) List down/Classify the types of sett?

  • Warp sett (No. of warp/inch)
  • Weft sett (no. of weft/inch)

13) Explain basic weave structures?
(i) Plain
(ii) Twill
(iii) Satin

14) Explain let-off mechanism?
To unwind the equivalent length of warp sheet from the warp beams with the progress of take-up during weaving.

15) Explain pick spacing?
The space occupied by a pick in fabric.

16) Explain function of take-up mechanism?
To wind the already woven fabric on the cloth roller with the progress of weaving.

17) Explain object of beat-up mechanism?
To push the newly inserted weft yarn (last pick) to the fell of the cloth.

18) Actual production of a m/c is always less than that calculated production?

19) Explain picking?
To propel the shuttle or any other weft inserting elements.

20) List the types of power loom?

  1. Modern/shuttle less loom
  2. Conventional/shuttle loom

21) List the types of loom?

  • Hand loom
  • Power loom

22) Explain sizing?
Sizing is the process of giving a protective coating on the warp yarn to minimize yarn breakage during weaving.

23) What materials form the base of the size?
Starch or gum

24) Which are maximum numbers of warp threads controlling capacity in Jacquard loom?

25) Which types of design can be produced by Jacquard looms?
Any design

26) Dobby shedding mechanism can produce both square and rectangular size design?

27) What are maximum numbers of held frame controlling capacity in tapped shedding mechanism?

28) One picking tapped insert one pick?

29) Explain result of unequal shedding?
Wrong design & stitching

30) One shedding + one picking + one beating =?
One weaving cycle/ loom cycle/picks cycle

31) Where the semi-open shed is used?
Double lift dobby & Jacquard.

32) Where bottom & center close shed are used?
Hand jacquard looms to produce delicate fabrics.

33) Explain tertiary motion?
The tertiary motion are as follows-

  • Warp stop motion
  • Weft stop motion
  • Warp protector
  • Weft protector

34) Explain secondary motion?
The secondary motion are as follows:

  • Let off
  • Take-up

35) Explain primary motion?
The primary motion are as follows-

  • Shedding
  • Picking
  • Beating

36) Explain fabric?
Interlacement of two or more thread of yarn.

37) Where the open shed is used?
Tapped loom

38) Can we produce basic weave structures (i.e plain, twills satin) in tapped shedding?

39) Normally tapped shedding mechanism produces square design (e.g. 4×4, 6×6, 7×7, etc.)
Yes or no?

40) List down/ what are the different types of shed?

  1. Bottom close shed
  2. Center close shed
  3. Semi-open shed
  4. Open shed

41) List down the loom driving system?

  • Hand driving (hand loom) &
  • Electric motor driving (power loom)

42) What is other name of warp yarn?

43) Is weaving fabric produce by interlacing?

44) Tell me in which knitting, a fabric is produce by single yarn?
Weft knitting

45) Is knitting fabric produce by inter looping?

46) Tell me how many sets of yarn are used in weaving?
Two sets (warp and weft).

47) Is yarn preparation is needed in knitting?

48) List down the types/ classification of knitting?
Two types:

  • Warp knitting
  • Weft knitting.

49) Is sizing required in knitted fabric?

50) Tell me how many sets of yarn are used in knitting?
One set (warp or weft).

51) Explain knitting?
It is the process of producing fabric by transferring continuous yarns into interlocking loops, each row of loop hanging from the one immediately preceding it.

52) Explain weaving?
The process of interlacing two sets of yarns namely warp and weft, at right angle to make a fabric, according to design.

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