DIODES and APPLICATIONS Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. With full-wave rectification, current through the load resistor must be:

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2. If the frequency of the applied ac signal to a half-wave rectifier is 60 Hz, the frequency of the pulsating dc output will be


3. DC power should be connected to forward bias a diode as follows:


4. Providing a constant output regardless of ac input or load resistance changes is the function of a:


5. The conduction band is closest to the valence band in


6. At any given time in an intrinsic piece of semiconductor material at room temperature


7. An IC regulator receives an overload; it will:


8. When a diode is destroyed it has infinite impedance. When damaged by heat it will probably:


9. List three diode packages:


10. With a half-wave rectified voltage across the load resistor, load current flows for what part of a cycle?


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