300+ TOP DOJO Interview Questions and Answers

Dojo Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is Dojo?
Dojo is a JavaScript framework, an assembly of utilities written to ease development of client-side web applications. It is a tool for constructing dynamic web user interfaces.

2. What is the basic structure in Dojo?
The basic directory structure of the application is very simple and it will evolve later:

  • /index.html – The application entry point.
  • /app – The application module.
  • /app/main.js – The main script for app module.

3. Explain the function of Dojo/ready module?
The dojo/ready module has a function that records a callback that will run once the three conditions have met:

  • DOM is ready
  • All outstanding or remaining modules of requested code have completed loading
  • Other registered functions with a higher priority have completed.

4. What are the advantages or benefits of Dojo?

  1. Associative arrays
  2. Loosely typed variables
  3. Regular expressions
  4. Objects and classes
  5. Highly evolved date, math, and string libraries
  6. W3C DOM support in the Dojo

5. What are application support libraries in Dojo?
Application support libraries in Dojo consists of

  • I/O package provides routines, e.g., for AJAX binding
  • For drag and drop operations DND package provides routines
  • Useful routines are available for login, animation and storage.

6. What is the point in Dojo?

  • Dojo bases on the HTML and JavaScript
  • Developer has not to use any strange programming language
  • Dojo ups abstraction layer in a higher level
  • Developer has not to reinvent wheel when starting programming project

7. List out some of the Dijit Layout widgets?

  • ContentPane
  • LinkPane
  • Border Container
  • Tab Container
  • Split Container
  • Stack Container
  • Accordion Container

8. Give some components that comes along with Dojo framework.

  • DOJO Tree
  • DOJO Button
  • DOJO Calendar control
  • DOJO Grid
  • DOJO List box and many more..

10. History of Dojo.

  • Development was started by Alex Russell and Dylan Schiemann in 2004
  • The first Dojo code was written in Septemper 2004
  • Nowadays 40 000 downloads and over 40 developers and companies
DOJO Interview Questions
DOJO Interview Questions

11. Enlist Dijit layout widgets.

  • Border Container
  • Split Container
  • Stack Container
  • Tab Container
  • Content Pane
  • Link Pane

12. What are the condition necessary for a function that record callback?

  • DOM should be ready.
  • All the modules of requested code have completed loading.
  • Higher priority function should be executed first.

13. What are modules in DOJO?
In Dojo, Modules are individual codes that can be loaded separately. They are identified using a string that is similar to the file path where the code is defined. Example: my/module/class.

14. Describe Language Libraries in DOJO.
It is the wrapper for common idioms which consist of functional programming API’s


Example: dojo.lang.forEach, dojo.lang.map, dojo.lang.assert.

15. Difference between AJAX and DOJO?
Ajax is a technology like XML whereas Dojo is a JavaScript framework also the binding techniques in Dojo are under its abstraction layer.

16. Define Widget Toolkit in Dojo?
Widget is a user interface object that has a layout. In Dojo widgets are HTML+CSS bound JavaScript. Example: Tabs, Dialogue, Sorting Table etc.

17. Describe Environment Specific Libraries in Dojo?

  • Libraries provide routines for handling the environment.
  • Consist of svg, html, style and dom packages.
  • Provides some methods for arrange HTML document.
  • There are also methods for handling DOM trees and SVG models.
  • Those routines extend existing routines.

18. Write a code for widget in Dojo?
<!– … –>
<textarea dojoType=?Editor2?>


19. Describe Package System in Dojo?
Package System includes only needed files. Each JavaScript file can be named as package dojo.provide(dojo.string).

20. Explain Event System in Dojo?
Event system notifies when other function is called. Any DOM object can be connected to any function dojo.event.connect(”id”, ”onClick”, listenerObj, ”handleOnClick”);.

21. Describe Application Support Libraries in Dojo?
Application Support Libraries consist of routines where IO package provides routines e.g. for AJAX binding. There is also some useful routines in logging, storage and animation packages

22. Describe Package System in Dojo?
Package System includes only needed files. Each JavaScript file can be named as package dojo.provide(dojo.string).

23. What is the difference between JQuery and Dojo?


  • Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit or framework
  • Dojo has also got some built in functionality that are proven and well accepted
  • Dojo is HTML and JavaScript based tool kit
  • Dojo might not be as easy to use
  • Dojo provides the features of widget toolkit
  • Dojo requires higher network bandwidth
  • For creating bigger website and application, Dojo is preferred


  • JQuery is a JavaScript library
  • JQuery has built-in plugin, but the plugins might not be verified
  • JQuery supports almost all web languages
  • JQuery is simpler to use compared to DOJO
  • JQuery is customizable and used to create Ajax applications
  • It will work even at low network bandwidth
  • JQuery is perfect for small websites

24. Explain about the language libraries in Dojo?

Language libraries in Dojo includes

Wrappers for common idioms
Functional programming APIs

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